Are we really here? And where is here?

Physicists are revealing that what we perceive as reality may not be what we think.

We may think we are our bodies and our minds, but we would be wrong according to many new findings in science.

Each of us is actually individual states of consciousness that exists within one unified field – the field of consciousness.

I’ve been thinking a lot about consciousness and reality since I  wrote my last post – Constant Craving: The Mystic Experience, and wondering why our perception of the world changes when we have a mystical experience?

Many of you commented that you’d had a mystical experience and felt during it a connection to and love for all of life. As I said in that post, when we have these momentary connections to all life we’re actually plugging-in to the over-arching reality that our narrow every day reality is a fragment of. (Yes, I know it can be a bit confusing.)

To make it simpler for us regular folk to understand, scientists explain our reality as being like different programs all open at the same time on a computer.

For example, say I’m an open program  (my consciousness) on the computer screen. If you were sitting in front of the computer at that time it would appear that I’m separate (my program) from the other programs because mine is the only one on the screen. In actuality though, all the programs are open at once, whether they are being viewed or not, and are all part of the same data base; the same unified field of zeros and ones on your computer.

Because we experience our lives in the context of being in a physical body, we are like that one open program on the computer screen – we experience ourselves as separate from the other “programs.” Our awareness of separateness is a perceptual illusion. Our perception of reality is like the fish in the ocean not knowing what water is. We are those fish, and when we awaken, even if for a moment to our true reality it’s as if we’ve come up for air – we see there is a vast world beyond the environment of the ocean we’ve been swimming in. We exist in our own ocean – an ocean of consciousness. And, like the fish swimming in the ocean who aren’t aware of the water, we aren’t aware of the existence of consciousness that’s all around us.

So, why does our perception of reality change when we have a mystical experience?

Because for a split second we’ve transcended the ego and the false fears it uses to hypnotize us. We see clearly that we are pure consciousness when the ego recedes to the background. We’re also intuitively aware that we’re pure consciousness that’s been encapsulated within a body for a short time. When the body dies we rejoin the rest of the ocean of consciousness. Just as a wave cannot be separated from the ocean – each of us is an interconnected thread in the fabric of consciousness.

Can we do anything to encourage more awareness of our oneness?

1. Go within – meditate – everyday. Make it a habit to detach from the outside world and focus your attention on the feeling of oneness. If you have trouble meditating and stopping the flow of thoughts read these simple instructions from my earlier post on how to meditate.

2. Realize that reality isn’t physical or outside of us – it’s created by the thinker within. We create our reality by the thoughts we think. And right now we, the human race is collectively dreaming our reality into being. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

3.  Recognize that the emotion of fear is what reinforces the perception of separation. When we perceive reality as threatening we develop an us versus them mentality which only strengthens the illusion of separateness. This is where you need to face the fears directly to get to their source. Once you alleviate the fears begin focusing on love. Love is the opposite of fear – and always the answer, and as John Lennon said: Love is all there is.

Are there other ways you know of to develop an awareness of our unity? Let us know. Leave a comment.

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