Do you find reasons to be happy every day?

I try to.

It can be as simple as the sun coming out after days of rain, or that no trees fell on my house during the big storm last week. In any case, I usually do this a couple times during the day – whenever I notice anything that makes me happy. Right now, I’m happy that I’m working from home today and that I was able to meditate for an extra half hour this morning. As a result of this extra half hour of meditation I was more relaxed and I got several new ideas for posts I want to write. What could be better than that? I’m doing a little jig of joy over it right now!

Positive thinkers are luckier people

You might think these are small and insignificant things, but according to studies on luck positive thinkers lead luckier lives. I may not have won the lottery – yet – but, overall I feel pretty fortunate most of the time. There’s a saying I’ve read that goes something like this, “If you looked at another person’s life and had to choose between their problems and your own – you’d take yours every time.” It’s true. My life may not be perfect, but compared to other people’s it’s pretty good.

Four traits of lucky people

Professor Richard Wiseman wrote a great book on the subject titled, The Luck Factor. In it he discusses the four basic principles to creating good fortune.

Professor Wiseman says that becoming a luckier person is only a matter of changing our thinking. Try incorporating some or all of Wiseman’s four characteristics of a lucky person into your life, and then see what happens. I’ll bet you become luckier.

These are  taken directly from his website:

1. Maximize Chance Opportunities
Lucky people are skilled at creating, noticing and acting upon chance opportunities. They do this in various ways, including networking, adopting a relaxed attitude to life and by being open to new experiences.

2. Listening to Lucky Hunches
Lucky people make effective decisions by listening to their intuition and gut feelings. In addition, they take steps to actively boost their intuitive abilities by, for example, meditating and clearing their mind of other thoughts.

3. Expect Good Fortune
Lucky people are certain that the future is going to be full of good fortune. These expectations become self-fulfilling prophecies by helping lucky people persist in the face of failure, and shape their interactions with others in a positive way.

4. Turn Bad Luck to Good
Lucky people employ various psychological techniques to cope with, and often even thrive upon, the ill fortune that comes their way. For example, they spontaneously imagine how things could have been worse, do not dwell on ill fortune, and take control of the situation.

Do you recognize any of these traits in yourself?

I never thought about it until now, but I use all four of Professor Wiseman’s principles in my life.

I rely on my intuition to guide me in decision-making. I always see the silver-lining behind the dark clouds. I get excited about what it is I’m doing and jump in with both feet. Sometimes I fail, but I pick myself up and get over it quickly and move on to the next thing. And, I really enjoy making connections with people and finding out how much we have in common. One of my favorite things is to travel to seminars and conferences and meet new people and make new friends. Some of my closest friendships evolved from seminars.

I’m on my way out the door to buy a lottery ticket…

Which principles do you use? Do you think of yourself as lucky? Has using any of these principles resulted in greater fortune in your life?

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