Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Carol Lesh

Have you ever wanted to make amends with a friend, but were too upset to pick up the phone?

Or, have you experienced the agony of searching for a lost pet? Is there a loved one, or pet that has crossed over that you’d like to contact?

You can communicate with these friends, relatives and pets every time you fall asleep by traveling to the astral plane. The astral plane is the dimension where the soul exists when the earthly body dies.

We may think that when we’re sleeping we only sleep and dream, but actually, we do something more. We also go to the astral plane — a dimension where there’s no time or space, where we meet others on a soul-to-soul level. Being able to say things to specific people or animals is very simple. Just set an intention to see them on the astral.

Set the intention to travel to the astral plane

It’s as easy as saying to yourself any time during the day, “Tonight on the astral, I intend asking John Smith to call me,” or “Tonight on the astral, I intend asking Fido to come home.” Use the present tense to tell your subconscious and astral body what you want to accomplish because there’s no time or space on other dimensions.

Reunite lost pets with owners

I’ve reunited lost dogs and cats with their owners, gotten friends to call me, and helped my son get a close friend to call him. I’ve also visited people in my soul family in order to experience closeness, love and joy when my earthly life wasn’t so full of positive events. Our soul family is a group of people, some incarnate and some not, we have been with since we became individual souls.  I didn’t even remember having asked for this experience, but 3 weeks after I set the intention to share love and laughter with people in my soul family, an old friend told me she’d seen me in a dream a few weeks ago, in a pink Cadillac convertible with 5 guys having a great time. It was only when she remembered her “dream” about me, that I even remembered I’d set that intention.

Many years ago, a friend wanted to get rodents out of her walls, as she lived in a basement apartment and could hear them at night. I told her to set an intention before going to sleep to ask the King of Rats to please have his friends leave her home. It worked! Findhorn, a famous garden in Scotland, did the same thing to get the moles to leave.

Patch up damaged relationships

If there’s an uncomfortable situation you want to discuss with someone, remember to communicate your pain or sadness with that person, not your anger. I’ve found out the hard way that it only results in more anger and resistance. What’s under your anger is sadness or pain, so keep an open heart and communicate how you feel, asking to resolve your differences. The result can be very healing. We always want to do things for the Highest Good.

Remember not to be attached to the outcome.

We can’t control others, we can only try to mend fences, share our deep feelings, forgive, express our love and remind lost pets that they can find the road home, that their owners deeply miss them. When we come together in love, it’s always for the Highest Good.

So have fun, feel free to email me with any questions and let me know how it goes!!  Enjoy the ride.

Carol Lesh has been practicing Transcendental Meditation since 1969.  TM opened her up to a spiritual path which includes graduating from the Berkeley Psychic Institute in 1980 where she learned to give readings and energy healing, and Reiki in 1985.  She has gone on to learn the Reconnection Healing Technique and OneSong Healing.  She leads healing circles at Edgar Cayce Conferences in Northern California and is a spiritual medium, healer, counselor and mentor.  Carol can be reached by email: caroll26@sbcglobal.net

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