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Evidential mediumship reading – A gift of healing for those who are grieving. Connect and communicate with your loved ones who have passed.


I’m an astrologer, eft practitioner, evidential medium and a clairvoyant and have been on a spiritual quest since childhood.

If you’re missing someone who’s made a transition book a reading and reconnect to their love for you – which never dies.

Let the wisdom they’ve gleaned from their transition gently guide you now and book an evidential mediumship reading now.

I had known Angela as a business acquaintance for several years. Being neither a believer nor a disbeliever in ethereal beings, I attended her reading one evening, perhaps more out of curiosity than anything. I was stunned when, within minutes of her reading, I realized she was clearly describing my sister, who had passed several years earlier. Her physical description, the memories she brought up of our childhood, and the more recent events leading up to her death left me speechless. I was not just amazed; I was also comforted, and literally felt a warmth come over me during the entire reading. Angela’s emotionally supportive personality is very consoling, and I believe she is truly gifted.” –Erin Moran

Clients rave about my readings because I help identify trends that will arise in the future from which they can create better more successful lives. (Want to read more of what clients are saying about my services?  Click here)

Let me use my own highly developed intuition to provide powerful, transformative insights for you.

I started reading the Tarot when I was 11 and casting astrology charts at 12. I knew about things that were going to happen or about people, that there was no way to explain, which pushed me to study and learn what the mind was capable of. I’ve studied spiritual and hands on energy healing modalities, astrology, EFT, trained with numerous famous and professional mediums, studied under several Spiritual teachers, and Eastern gurus and stayed at Ashrams, and have been a meditation instructor.

Here’s what my clients are saying….

“When Angela did an intuitive reading for me, she went right to the heart of what she saw for me, and to my delight, what she saw was where I was intending to head. Having her share her vision of what she sensed unfolding for me was such a rush! It gave me a surge of energy and confidence that has made staying on my path a whole lot easier than before.

Angela is a warm, perceptive, intelligent and discerning woman who clearly senses energy, and her own energy is very appealing. I’ve always been pretty aware of the vibes people have, and I either respond immediately or not at all to people I interact with. I liked Angela immensely from our very first encounter.

Not only did Angela give me that kick in the pants, “Yes, you’re on your path,” message, she also had some great practical advice for the unfolding of the path. Talking with her is like brainstorming on steroids. I got off the phone fired up and full of ideas.” –Ande Waggener



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Re: Mediumship Readings – PLEASE READ. Please DO NOT give me any details about whom you wish to hear from. I don’t want to know their name, their relationship to you or how they died, etc. The less I know the better the reading will be.

*My calling plan covers only the continental USA & Canada for land lines. All other appointments will be via Skype. Preferred method of communication is via land line if at all possible unless you do not have a land line. (Microwaves from cell phones can interfere with the reading, not to mention the sound quality of the call can be less than optimal.)




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  1. Hell Angela my wife is a sensitive and thinks she might be a medium how does she tap more in to her gift. Thanks

  2. Hello Angela my wife is a sensitive and she might think she is a medium how does she tap into that role and start to understand her gift. Thank

  3. Hi Angela,
    I have way too many experiences in my life but never pondered the thought that too could be a medium, it kind of freaks me out. We’ll let me try and keep my story as simple as I can.
    As a child I was never afraid of the dark but what was in the dark I seen shadows to small gust of winds on my ear more like a breath in order to sleep well I would have to wrap my self in my quilt hands feet everything in except my head, I sometimes would feel someone sit on my bed as I would sleep. Another is when I was 18 got married moved to Florida in my apartment as I was cooking dinner, I seen from the corner of my eys what I thought was my husband standing at the entrance of the kitchen so I spoke to him a lot then as I asked him a question he never replied so I turned around and no one was there I went to my husband to tell him it was rude to just leave me talking to myself to my surprise he told me he never moved from the bed and didn’t hear a word that I was saying. Another time was as I layer in bed sleepless I felt as if my husband got off the bed I could hear the bag he stepped on at the foot of the bed I then could hear and feel the foot steps in the carpet as he got to me I suddenly felt his had over my mouth and I could talk so I started to rock my body as I’m rocking my body I felt something behind me and I grabbed and was trying to scream but all that came out was a loud Humm then my husband woke up and grabbed me all of a sudden there was no hand and no one was standing in front of me, I realized my husband had never gotten off the bed so it left me with the question as to who was it like, I then really started to block everything out of my mind my dreams daily activities weard things like stuff going missing I dismissed everything for I thought I was going crazy and did not want to be labeled as a crazy person but just recently after years of blocking everything out my enxiety has gotten worst and more things are becoming vivid like my garbage can lid would move as if someone threw something away and no one is home but my or we will be watching tv and my door will start rock back and forth or things in my kitchen will fall on the floor but they were nowhere where they can fall my 3 yr old son will point to the wall in his room and tell me someone is calling him I’m starting to get really freaked out it went from not being able to be alone at night to not being able to be home alone at all I can’t look across the room without seeing shadows from the corner of my eye I’m starting to feel like something is trying to get my attention but I’m too scared to try l and I don’t even know how to try please help!

  4. Hello everyone I’m just opening up about being a medium I have been experiencing many encounters with spirits in the last week they want to communicate with me but I am choosing to block them out but yesterday I had to force two not so kind man and woman out of my home and as they were departing I was hit by the female and since then the spirits keep coming but so far the ones that are coming and going are peaceful so wish me luck..

  5. Hello

    I am a Reiki Practioner and believe developing medium abilities. I can see a clients body and emotional state before they arrive , also when I lay my hands on them I see events and here words usually from a person that has deceased. It is always a pleasant feeling . I would like to know how do I work with this gift .


  6. is it possible to change the loss time in our lives to be self aware of ourselves to always do what we wanted? falling into depression stop many things I have had trouble in believing but am ready to try and take a strong step into faith but my thoughts are all over on what to believe.

    • Kendrick,
      I’m not a therapist trained to treat diagnosed clinical depression.
      If your depression is mild however you might want to try meditation.
      I offer several types of training that might help you.

  7. Hi angela ive been working as a healthcare giver…ive noticed that i usually have this strong feeling when someone is about to die specially when i smell their scent or have goose bumps and a strong urge to cry when im near my patients…im kind of scared…a friend of mine says it like being an angel of death..

  8. Hi Angela; I hope to have a reading with you soon. I am wondering if the experiences I have are because I am an empath. I need to understand; i am considered a bit eccentric because of some of my issues. It is tiring. Thanks so much.

    • Dear Journie,
      Thank you so much for sharing your comment with us.
      Please do read the book and see if you can identify some of your issues.

  9. Hi Angela,
    I have stumbled upon your site after months and months of searching for answers. I am a very spiritual person. Raised pretty religious…. Which prevented me from looking further into the experiences of the paranormal that I have has since near infancy (I was 2/3 years old when I heard my first disembodied voice, calling my name). I am 27 years old now and am currently living in an old bed and breakfast on a lake, built in the late 1800s. The paranormal experiences have only become more frequent. I am aware of others energies, living and non living. I am desperate for answers. My resources are limited because I have not truly explored my abilities until now. I was afraid of the things I heard, saw and felt. But now I cannot ignore it… And my desire to embrace such gifts has tremendously increased. Please, I need help.

    Thank you for your time Angela.

    • Dear Shannyn,
      Since your awareness of the spirit world started at such a young age you sound as if you are a “born medium.”
      The best thing you can do at this time is educate yourself.
      You don’t need money to borrow books from the library.
      It’s also quite inexpensive to download Kindle books to your computer and read them if you don’t own a book reading device.
      I would take out any books on mediumship, the paranormal and psychic development that you can find through your library system.

      I would recommend protecting yourself each day since you are now living in a place where you see a lot of paranormal activity by saying a prayer that you find to be powerful and meaningful such as the Lord’s Prayer.
      I would follow that with a visualization of your body being enveloped in a bright white light of protection.
      Trust that the light you envision in your mind’s eye emanates from the holiest of places and it will keep you safe from low level energies and entities.

      I would also subscribe and continue reading Powered by Intuition which is a free resource and contains hundreds of articles that teach you how to access your intuition and psychic abilities.

      Keep me posted on your progress.
      All my best,

  10. Which of your services is most popular? Which do you practice most?

  11. Can someone seek help for another who cannot do it for himself due to location?

  12. Hi Angela.
    All important conversation about intuition is expressed in a simple and powerful manner in the language of the scriptures, isn’t it, Angela. “With the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh I serve the law of sin. The short cut to the mind of which this scripture refers is through one’s intuition. Intuition offers a short cut, like a tunnel through a mountain range.
    Many intelligent thinkers still believe that they must overcome all obstacles by climbing over every mountain on the path. Very few yet know all the resources of intuition, and they still mistrust it, don’t they Angela?
    Blessings, Rob

    • Dear Rob,
      I am not a Bible scholar. While I know there are references in the Bible about intuition it’s wonderful to have a passage to refer too.
      Thank you so much for sharing it with us here.
      Intuition is indeed a shortcut. When we rely upon it we are given the solution without having to spend days, weeks or months figuring things out ourselves.
      I love the visual of a tunnel through a mountain range too!
      You are brilliant Rob! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Very good site. Definitely interested in learning more about this topic Thanks again

    • Hi Jason,
      Welcome to PbI. I’m glad you’re interested in this topic. I look forward to getting to know you better. Thanks so much for leaving your comment.

  14. Thanks again Tess.



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