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  1. debure

    I know you at Token Rock and Im glad you are here. I want to develop my intuitive abilty. I always knew I am different and understand things ahead of others. During inter- class competion I used to answer Math questions right away and without doing the calculation. My teachers were amazed because they know I am not a fan of mathematics but I answer correctly whthout blinking. I reflect this and other incidents and say to myself “I knew it!”
    In addition I had uncountable precognitive dreams which came to pass.
    Now I believe I have seen my future and my life’s purpose and I feel that if I were to succeed I must develop my intuition to the level my duty requires and beyond. My finding you, Madam Artemis, here is a good sign that you are at this point my guide in my search.
    I am ready to learn. Thanks for the invitation.

    • Dear Debure,
      What a pleasure it is to meet you. I’m so glad you found my site.
      It is obvious from you’ve shared here that you are already quite intuitive!
      With a little practice your intuition will be second nature to you.
      Looking forward to hearing about your progress.
      All my best to you,


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