What Does Raising Your Vibration Do?

What Does Raising Your Vibration Do?

Raise Your Vibration

What does raising your vibration do? 

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What does Raising Your Vibration Mean?

To raise your vibration is to overcome your negative emotions. The  emotions of Courage, Acceptance, Tolerance, Love, and Joy are higher on the emotional scale as opposed to Anger, Revenge, Violence, Hate, Resentment, Judgement, Criticism, Apathy, Depression, Guilt, Fear,  and Anxiety. When you’re free of those heavy dark emotions your “vibration” naturally rises to the lighter positive emotions. When your dominant emotions are at the higher levels you’re not held back by your fears and live up to your potential.

Why do we call it “vibrations?”

You are “alive” because of the electromagnetic impulses that cause your heart to beat, lungs to pump and brain to process information. The energy being emitted from your body can be mapped out by attaching electrodes to your head or chest. When you are in a state of distress the rhythm of these electromagnetic impulses goes from steady to erratic. And if you’ve died those rhythms are “flatlined.”

Your emotional state affects the rhythm of these electromagnetic pulsations or frequencies. Dr. David R. Hawkins, author of “Power Vs. Force” mapped out the human emotions from the lowest to the highest using muscle testing. His work shows that when we feel “low” or “down and out” or in a “dark place” the energy we emit from those corresponding down and dark emotions is also moving or “vibrating” more slowly.

Why Raise Your Vibration?

Raising your vibration to the higher positive emotions energizes you. You feel more alive, happier and joyful and you actually are more alive because you’re healthier. You have more life force energy running through your body than someone who is depressed, or angry all the time. Dwelling in the negative emotional states is a precursor to many diseases.

When your general emotional state is positive you’re enthusiastic about life and there’s a “lightness” about you. You’re aware of your purpose and more easily live it. You have more confidence and faith in yourself and deal with any challenges that arise more effectively. You feel more in control of your life and positive about your future and in general your life is pretty good. You attract positive people and fortunate circumstances into to your life because “like attracts like.” People genuinely like and want to be around you.

Negativity Disempowers

Have you ever noticed that no matter how hard you try you cannot be around someone who stays in those dark negative emotions for too long a period? It’s hard to spend too much time around people who see themselves as victims all the time with every excuse as to why “they can’t,” complainers, angry people who blame others for everything, judgmental people and critical people. It’s too draining. After a while you just want to avoid them not just because it’s unpleasant or depressing but because their low energy state siphons off some of your life energy.

When you’re around a person who thinks like a victim or feels helpless or hopeless it’s a cry for help whether they’re aware of it or not. Their neediness leeches energy from you and you sense it. This is not to say we shouldn’t be compassionate and help others, it’s just to illustrate why you feel drained after spending time around someone in one of these states.

Raise your Vibration

To raise your vibration commit to becoming aware of your thoughts and emotions and have a daily practice of clearing the negative ones. The goal is to begin to expand awareness of your thoughts and emotions so that you can nip these trips down to the lower depths in the bud. This way you’ll spend less time in the darker emotions before you bounce back up. After a while if you’re serious and diligent about your practice, you may only spend a few moments in anger, self-pity or depression (to name a few), before the higher emotions kick back in

How to Raise Your Vibration in 5 Steps

Step 1: Discipline  your self to become aware of your thoughts and feelings. This is a must. Your thoughts and feelings can be trained but only if you take the time to become aware of them first. Create the intention to do this. Keep a journal and write about the the darker and emotions you had during the day. To “snap out of it” in the moment each time you catch yourself going down the rabbit  hole tell your self to “STOP!.

Step 2: De-stress and decompress. Meditate daily to release built up pressure so you can return to a calm centered state. Any form of meditation that slows the mental chatter works. Meditation helps you become aware of your thoughts and emotions.

Step 3: Retrain your thoughts and emotions. As you become aware of the negative thinking patterns and corresponding emotions that are pulling you down make a list of them. Go through each one and apply logic and reason to deflate and refute each one.

It’s the relentless intrusive thoughts that push people down into the depths of the lower emotions. And for the most part what those intrusive thoughts peddle is untrue! That’s why you’ve got to take back control of your mind by deflating those inner negative voices with logic. When you deflate the inner demons you will see things more realistically and your perception will shift. A Course In Miracles defines a miracle as a shift in perception because when you see things differently – things change.

Step 4: Release judgement and blaming. When you stop judging others you will no longer attract critical people who judge you. When you stop blaming and making excuses you begin taking responsibility for everything in your life. That’s a huge step up on the emotional scale. As your awareness of your thoughts and emotions grows you’re able to corral them back up to the higher levels before they can drag you down. Your thoughts and feelings are no longer “unconscious” where they can make you react on autopilot.

Step 5: Forgive yourself and everyone. It takes a lot of energy to hold onto resentments, anger and blame. When you don’t forgive it’s because somehow you think that withholding forgiveness is punishing the other person but the truth is it’s hurting you not them. It’s keeping you frozen in the lower emotions and in unhappiness.

One of the biggest obstacles to forgiving is pride. If you hear yourself thinking “How dare SHE or HE!” That is your pride keeping you stuck because of your need to be right. When you forgive your emotional state will rise to the higher levels and you’ll feel happy again.

Which of the negative emotions has been most problematic for you? Can you see how it’s suppressing your happiness? Are you ready to commit to the daily practice of raising your vibration?

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From Near Suicide to Healer (One Woman’s Incredible Story)

From Near Suicide to Healer (One Woman’s Incredible Story)

Eva Love, Healer

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Eva Love. Eva is an extraordinary healer with an extraordinary story to share. Eva helps people struggling to find love heal their relationships, attract the “one” and in turn heal their lives. Eva has a unique method of healing called the “Love Miracle System” that was “transmitted” to her when she had sunk to the lowest point in her life.

 Listen to Eva’s Interview. (Just click here)

  1. What was going on in your life prior to your transmission? 

After my divorce from my 2nd husband I became extremely depressed. I had been beaten as a child and had sworn that my children would never have to go through that. One day, four years into our marriage I walked in on my 6’4” 300 lb husband kicking my 16 year old daughter with his size 17 shoe. I lost it. Yes, I divorced him but I couldn’t stop crying. After six months of extreme depression I drove to the top of a mountain with the intention to drive off a 1000’ cliff. As I approached the curve that I was going to drive off, I heard a voice say, “Eva, don’t do this. You are sick. It’s like you’ve got the flu, you’ll get over it. Stop the car.” Fortunately I was able to bring the car to a stop before it went off the road. After 3 years of trying various kinds of therapy, spiritual counseling, hypnotherapy, working with different healers, taking workshops and reading every self-help book I could find, I was still miserable and making everyone else around me miserable too.

  1. Tell us about how you got the “transmission or download” that put you on the path of healing relationships?

At this point, I was in such despair that even though I knew I wasn’t going to kill myself, I didn’t know how I was going to go on. Sitting in my living room, having done everything I knew to do and not knowing where else to turn I cried out, “God help me.” In that moment a weight was lifted from me. I felt this warmth and love like I had never experienced it before. The room was full of a beautiful light. What I heard was “Go to bed.” So I did. The next morning this series of techniques came to me. I wrote it all down and immediately started using them. This was in August 1989.

  1. How did this spiritual gift of healing change your life?

Within 3 weeks everything in my life changed. I was happy. There was this effervescence coming from me like bubbles rising in a glass of Champaign where as before it was like I had a dark cloud over me all the time and I was miserable. I was healing all of my broken relationships. I loved my executive position that I had hated. My roommate who I had lived with for a year watched this transformation take place. One day she said, I want to know what you are doing. I have invited a couple of my girlfriends over and I want you to teach us.

 What has it resulted in for you?

Within 9 months of that first class I was teaching these tools every night and weekends. I left my corporation position and everyone thought I was crazy for leaving but I never looked back. Soon I noticed that everyone I was working with was dealing with relationship issues. I saw one client after another attracting their right mate and creating amazing relationships. I realized that I could do that for myself. I did the work and attracted the love of my life. We have been together 22 years, married for 20 enchanting years.

  1. How does “it” work? Describe it to us so we get a sense of the process. Is it like anything else that you can compare it to?

I have looked far and wide for anything like it and haven’t seen anything. I see things that are approaching these tools but they are missing important pieces. The tools first show you how to live from your truth, from the core of your being, outside of your “thinking” process. People, especially those who haven’t allowed themselves to feel their feelings in years, say they have never felt so peaceful with themselves. Plus they discover a deep love and appreciation for who they are. Not an ego, puffed up feeling, but a sacred love that goes beyond human love. They use one particular tool for dissolving upset and bring themselves quickly back to peace. Another tool helps them access their innate, God-given power. And they learn the difference between their core power and ego control, which makes the very attractive. It also is the basis for creating the relationship they long for.

The techniques themselves are each a series of questions that cause you to access your feelings on a deep level. Feelings tell you where you honestly are.

What I have discovered from working with over 6500 clients over the last 26 years is that most people are doing one of 4 things with their feelings.

1. They are suppressing their feelings, which is denial.

2. They are escaping their feels, which is addiction.

3. They are expressing their feelings, which is acting out. Or

4. They are acknowledging and releasing their feelings, which is what my teaching does.

Once the feelings are released, the energy in those feelings are available to be harvested to use to create what they deeply desire. The technique walks them right through the process. These techniques are simple to learn…and they take practice to integrate just like anything new that you learn.

  1. How does it affect those you work with? What outcome do they experience?

Most of my clients are single women who long for a committed relationship. 87% of my single clients are either married or in a committed relationship within 12 months of working with me. The rest of my clients are in a relationship that either isn’t working to their satisfaction or that is toxic and either needs to heal or for them to leave it. Of the ones where both parties are committed, 91% of my couple clients are like love-birds again. (Some for the first time.)

  1. What’s your big “Why?” What are you here to do on this planet with this gift?

I believe that we will never have peace on earth until we have peace between men and women. I know that the tools that I teach will help them have peace in their own hearts and with their mate. There is nothing that makes me happier than to see a happy couple in a healthy relationship that will last because it has grown deep roots that will withstand the winds and waves of life.

  1. How can people get in touch with you if they want more?

Click here to download Eva’s free gift for you. Visit Eva’s website: Magical Relationships.

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Gratitude in Light of the Paris Attacks

Gratitude in Light of the Paris Attacks

It’s difficult in times like these: ideals, dreams and cherished hopes rise within us, only to be crushed by grim reality. It’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart. –Anne Frank

How can we find anything to be grateful for this Thanksgiving?

There’s always something to be grateful for. Even in light of the horrific terror attack in Paris and then Mali earlier this month there are things to be grateful for on Thanksgiving Day. At the very least, we can be grateful that the loss of innocent lives wasn’t more (while even one is too many).

Yes, the world is a scary place right now. This make it easy to lose sight of the goodness that surrounds us even during times like these. What I’m grateful for is seeing how many good people there are in the world.

Unfortunately, we don’t often see as much reporting on the “goodness” of people until a savage act is committed such as what the US experienced on 9/11 or what took place in Paris earlier this month. During times of crisis stories of heroic acts, people’s generosity and kindness abound but after the crisis these stories dwindle. The truth is though that the “goodness” of people is still there even when it’s not in the news.

I’m grateful for…

The goodness of people and all the good Samaritans in the world.

Random acts of kindness.

That most people’s hearts are NOT filled with hatred.

That there are many more good people in the world than bad.

How can we avoid becoming jaded and cynical during times like this?

I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.
–Anne Frank

We need to focus on the all collective good in the world embodied by so many people, and we need to be grateful for it. It’s too easy to get sucked into seeing only the dark side of life. After a traumatic event like this all our fears come to the surface. If we’re not careful soon our lives become ruled by fear and then we do become cynical and jaded.

I see the world gradually being turned into a wilderness. I hear the ever-approaching thunder, which will destroy us too. I can feel the sufferings of millions and yet, if I look up into the heavens, I think that it will all come right, that this cruelty too will end, and that peace and tranquility will return again. 
–Anne Frank

What you focus on expands and that goes for seeing the goodness in the world too.

You’ve got to be grateful for even the tiniest glimmer of goodness you see. A tiny glimmer is all it takes refocus your attention and restore your hope for the future. Keep looking for the good and you’ll see it and the more you look for it the more you’ll see of it.

See the good, do good and be goodness.

It may sound simplistic but I don’t see any alternative. We have a choice. Do we see only terror and fearful things in the world or do we choose to know that this is not the truth about the world? Do we choose to focus on drawing the good in the world to the forefront of our perception or to draw the negativity around us out of the foreground? Both exist simultaneously but we get to decide which will be the lens through we see our world.

Choose to be grateful for…

All the goodness that is at the core of most people. Never stop seeing the goodness no matter what’s going on. It’s always there just as surely as the sun is always shining even when its brilliant rays are obscured by clouds.

Gratitude also opens your eyes to the limitless potential of the universe, while dissatisfaction closes your eyes to it. –Stephen Richards 

Happy Thanksgiving. Please share what you’re grateful for with us in the comments section.

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Self-Sabotage: How Many Voices are Battling in Your Head?

Self-Sabotage: How Many Voices are Battling in Your Head?

Self-Sabotage, Indecision, Stuck

Are there TWO different voices battling in your head?

One voice says, “Go for it!  You can do it!” and the other one says, “Who do you think you are? Your’e not good enough!”

Sound familiar?

This is what self-sabotage sounds like.

Many purpose-driven coaches and entrepreneurs spend months and or, even years trying to make a real living from what they’re passionate about doing. They have a gift or talent they really want to share with the world but try as they might they don’t attract enough clients to be profitable.

Many people get caught in this traps and if you’re reading this I’m guessing it snared you too.

There’s no “magic” to making money with your products and services. It’s simple really. You create a product or program that solves a real problem and offer it to the people who need that solution and they buy it.

So why does it take some entrepreneurs so long to make it work? And worse still why do some awesome talented coaches and entrepreneurs never succeed?

The answer comes back to those two voices battling for control over you.

One voice is the voice from your true self. It’s connected to your intuition and following it empowers you. It’s the positive voice that “knows” you’re here for a purpose and urges you to live your purpose. This is the voice that knows your talents and abilities know no bounds. It urges you live up to your greatest potential.

The second voice is the voice of fear within you. This the voice that developed from seeing and hearing people in your life self-sabotage themselves or tell you that you weren’t worthy, capable or good enough. This is the voice of “misinformation” and it’s simply not true. Yet it is likely to be the loudest of the two battling in your head.

If you have these two voices pulling you in two different directions you will experience cycles of moving forward with your ideas and then cycles of self-sabotaging in order to stop the momentum.

Until you address the two voices and gain the upper hand over the fearful one you’ll stay locked in this cycle.

If you’re tired of being stuck and holding yourself back it’s time to allow your vision, your passion and the greatness that’s the “real” you to take center stage in your life. Right now. Today.

The only thing standing between you living up to your full potential is this demeaning voice. It is the teeniest part of you compared to how great you really are except that it has a mighty set of lungs and can yell the loudest. It’s loud voice drowns out the voice of your true self and intuition. This fearful voice undermines and sabotages you from making the quantum leaps you know you want to make.

If you could free yourself from grips of that fearful voice that saps your power and shrinks your courage you would share your great message with the world, wouldn’t  you? You would inspire people with your story of how you healed your life with your healing modality or healing product or service, right?

And the world needs healing so badly right now.

It needs you and your story and what you do to help others heal and feel empowered and connect to their own greatness.

Your greater self has been pulling you toward living your mission and purpose. When the voice of fear is in control it drowns out the sound of  your true self and intuition. It keeps you playing small and hiding from the spotlight that is meant to illuminate the path toward living up your highest potential.

To access this greatness in you that’s dying to get out you’ve got to see that voice and fear it creates in your life for what it is; an illusion. Think of it as being much like the “Great Oz” in the film The Wizard of Oz who was exposed for what he really was; a small man with a big microphone!

This illusion is just fear being projected into the future. It causes you to picture all the things that can go wrong and that stops you in your tracks from taking action so you stay stuck. But the thing is it isn’t real. It’s purely imagination and it’s 99.99 percent certain none of the scenarios that keep you frozen with fear will ever manifest!

When you shut down the babbling voice of fear you’ll hear the other voice and feel empowered, emboldened and excited about moving forward.

It’s time to shut down this fearful voice once and for all. Can you feel it?

When you override that fearful voice you will become whole again and connected to your inner power. The fractures created by the fear held your power and greatness at bay and siphoned off your energy and ability to rise up and live your bigger purpose. Being “whole” again allows your greatness to flow through you instead of staying trapped and frozen. When your greatness flows through you it can be felt by others and it inspires them rise above their own fears. It helps them connect to their own power and greatness and to step up and step out onto the path toward living their great purpose too.

When you heal and overcome the voice of fear you contribute healing to the rest of the world. We need more “whole” people who’ve overcome their own inner battles, conflicts, drama and trauma. The world is seeing an enormous spike in violence and it’s coming from the collective consciousness of all of us combined.

It’s time to shut down this fearful voice once and for all. Are you ready?

The way to shut the fearful voice is to realize your return to wholeness and contribution is needed. You would not be alive at this time if that were not true. If you inspire even one person to rise above their fearful voice and return to wholeness, who are you to withhold that from the world?

Listen to the “real” voice and do whatever it is your heart has been yearning for you to do.

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Stop Worrying and Suck the Nectar Out of Life

Stop Worrying and Suck the Nectar Out of Life

Ruby-throated Humminbird

Stop worrying and suck the nectar out of life.

Over the weekend I visited a friend who lives in a log cabin surrounded by dense woods, horse trails and farms. What I love best about visiting her rustic home is how peaceful I feel when I hear the soothing sounds of many species of birds singing and cawing.

On Sunday morning I took my coffee outside and sat on the deck meditating on how I could be of greater service to my clients and community. Suddenly, I was startled by a loud “whirring” noise. It went right past my head and off to the right.

I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful female Ruby-throated Hummingbird taking nectar from a bright red Zinnia. Her wings flapped so fast all I saw was a blur on either side of her petite body. The morning sun glinted off her emerald feathers.

I sat transfixed by this private visit for nearly two minutes. I kept very still watching as the hummingbird zigged and zagged from one flower to the next that caught her fancy drinking its nectar. It was absolutely amazing to be less than a foot away from this beautiful creature.

The gift of the hummingbird

When the hummingbird had her fill she flew off. I sent a prayer of gratitude out to the universe for this special moment.

I closed my eyes and returned to my meditation and asked, “What is the meaning of being visited by the hummingbird this morning?”

And then as clear as anything I heard a loud voice not my own, “Let go of worry and suck the nectar out of life.”

What a profound message in a day and age where there are so many things to worry about….the violence erupting all over the world, the economy both locally and globally, climate change, retirement, finances, health issues, family issues and on and on….

I decided to ask another question, “How can we suck the nectar out of life?”

No sooner had I asked than an image of the hummingbird zigging and zagging from one flower to the next that caught her fancy popped into my mind.

We worry too much about absolutely everything. We focus on our worries and miss many opportunities to suck the nectar out of life. We’re meant to move in the direction of what brings us joy. To zig and zag like the hummingbird toward what catches our fancy knowing that we wouldn’t have that pull unless we were meant to be drawn to it for our own unfolding good and growth.

What would it be like to live free of worry?

The hummingbird didn’t worry that there would be no flowers to draw nectar from when she left her nest in the morning. She trusted the flowers would be there and that she would find them. She even trusted that they would be flowers with an abundance of nectar. She listened to her instincts and let them guide her.

The hummingbird exists without a to-do list, without painstakingly planning for, checking and rechecking every detail of her life and without agonizing throughout every moment of her day wondering whether she’s on the right track, should or shouldn’t be doing this or whether once she’s decided to commit to it that it will work out or not.

Why can’t we be more like the hummingbird flitting through life trusting what we need will be there and literally pulled toward it by our instincts or what we call our intuition?

Worry is why we don’t flit through life.

We ‘think’ we’re supposed to worry. Have you ever thought about that? We’re conditioned to worry. Who says you have to? Most of the things we worry about never, ever happen. What would happen if you just stopped?

Worry is also a huge intuition blocker.

I wrote about this in, “The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life You Dream Of.” Your brainwaves are so jammed up with constant worry you barely hear the messages that are being sent to guide you at all.

Plus when you declare your intention for something and focus on manifesting – worry is the reason why many times you don’t get what you want. Your intention which is a signal to the Universe for what you want is distorted by worry.

And of course there are mountains of studies that show that worry and stress are the underlying reasons for many health problems. Any way you look at it…worry isn’t good for much.

Kick the worry habit

The answer to finding joy, fulfillment and everything you need is let go of worry so that you can hear your intuition. When you do, synchronicity will draw you toward what strikes your fancy and in going toward it just the thing you need exactly when you need will show up. Trust, listen and allow that inner pull to guide you.

Are you a worrier? What kinds of things do you worry about? Can you see how worry blocks your intuition and leads you away from sucking the nectar out of life? Share with us in the comments.

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5 Intuitive Questions to Root Out Your Money Hang-ups

5 Intuitive Questions to Root Out Your Money Hang-ups

Success is not a destination Zig Ziglar

How to Use Your Intuition to Root Out Your Money Hang-ups

Has going from employee to entrepreneur been harder than you thought?

Are you finding it difficult to charge what you’re worth?

Are you surprised at not getting the results you expected?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you’re not alone in fact, you’re in good company. Most entrepreneurs suffer a shock to the system when they go from employee to entrepreneur. Self-employment brings up all the unresolved issues you have about your worth, deserving and ability to receive.  And, if possible it’s best to get these hang ups cleared out before you go solo.

Be prepared to suffer “growing pains” throughout the life cycle of your business. The truth is that in order for your business to grow you must also grow and develop the ability to achieve at higher levels. This means not only acquiring new business skills but the mental and emotional capacity to confidently be seen and take action on a bigger stage.

So how do you know if you have money hang-ups? If the money isn’t flowing in your business even though you’ve implemented all the right business and marketing strategies then it’s highly likely that money hang-ups are the culprits causing you to self-sabotage.

Money hang ups are tell tale signs that your internal growth hasn’t kept up with the challenges of your external growth and ambition. If the money you desire from all your efforts isn’t flowing into your business the first place to look is your internal beliefs around your worth, deserving and ability to receive. It doesn’t matter how much strategy you have under your belt either. Money hang ups do not discriminate on the bases of knowledge.

5 Questions to Intuitively Root out Your Money Hang ups

Instructions Step 1: Go somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed, take a few relaxing breaths and answer the following questions:

1. Do you feel there’s a mismatch between your plentiful education, training, certifications and what you’re earning?

2. Do you feel you should be farther ahead by now?

3. Are you applying all the right business and marketing tactics but still not getting the results you expect?

4. No matter how much you accomplish do you always focus on how much is still left to do?

5. Do you feel more comfortable giving (compliments/gifts) rather than being the recipient?

Go deeper with your intuition

Step 2: Record only the Yeses. Review each YES and ask yourself “Why?” As you do see what thoughts, feelings or memories come to mind. Go with the first thoughts, memories and associated feelings that come up. These will likely be big clues as to what the root of the problem is. When you work with intuition often your first thought is correct.

Change your story

Step 3: Once you have an intuitive feel for where your money hang ups are and what they are telling you change the story. Rewrite it with a better ending – the one you wish had happened. Forgive yourself for any mistakes you might have made. Look back with fresh eyes or perhaps through adult eyes if the memory was from childhood and see the truth about yourself as you are now, not the child you once were. Tell yourself now that you know better you’ll do better next time. Release your old story and free yourself.

Be an advocate for yourself

Step 4: Get clear on what needs to change in order for you to succeed. Ask  yourself what you’re tired of putting up with? Take a stand for yourself and your business and take action.

Do you lack business strategy and marketing skills? Hire a mentor to help you work on implementing those aspects of your business.

Could you do with some energy clearing to finally remove the money hang ups for good? Hire a mentor to help you eliminate the psychological obstacles blocking your path to your success.

Celebrate how far you’ve come!

Money hang ups aren’t the end of the world because they don’t have to be permanent. They’re red flags that point to what aspects of yourself still need work, compassion and TLC.

What did you discover about yourself? What aspects of yourself do you need to focus on in order to clear your money hang-ups?

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