Reach Your Highest Potential by Developing Your Intuition:


Let me show you how to “speak intuition” so you break free of disempowering 
beliefs and create the fulfilling life & profitable holistic business you crave!
  • Cultivate your intuitive genius!
  • Heighten creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills
  • Be intuitively guided to your life purpose and live passionately
  • Use your inner GPS to choose the best financial opportunities
  • Live in the seamless flow of life where what you desire comes to you!
  • Access a continual stream of brilliant innovative ideas
  • Rise above the crowd and stand out by increasing “aha” moments
  • Attain success in all areas of your life including your career or business
  • Identify your greatest gifts, create your vision and live the life you dream of!

Do you agonize over making decisions? Are you haunted by making the wrong one? Do want to learn how to stop hiding from life?

Hi, I’m Angela Artemis.  I’m here to teach you to develop and follow your intuition so that you can stop hiding from life, follow your inner voice, and become inspired and motivated to find your purpose and follow your biggest dreams so you too can say, “MY LIFE IS AWESOME!”

This is my story…. I wasn’t taught or trusted to make many of my own decisions during childhood.  Consequently, as an adult, I was terrified and lacked self-confidence and the ability to “hear” and “trust” my own inner guidance out of the fear and shame that comes from being wrong.

My decision making crippled my self-esteem and self-confidence so I held myself back from living up to my full potential.

The first half of my life was filled poor decision making. For a long time my process was filled with second-guessing myself. Instead of writing a Tarot book when I was 20, (I began studying metaphysics and giving astrology and tarot readings when I was 11 years old) I chose the wrong career, married the wrong person, and bought the wrong house because I never learned to differentiate between my intuitive voice and the voices of people outside myself.

I learned to defer the biggest decisions of my life to family and friends.
I was unable to judge what was best for me.

Does this internal dialogue sound familiar to you?

What if I’m wrong?
What if I fail?
What if I waste my time and money?
What if I look like a fool?
Will others think I’m stupid?
And on and on…

In my late twenties I began my search for a better way. My fears and insecurities drove me on a mission to study universal laws as they relate to mind, body, spirit and business to find answers for myself. I read every spiritual self-help book I could find on self-esteem and confidence. I did the exercises as well!

I became a meditation instructor, devoted many years to practicing and studying with spiritual masters, teachers and mediums developing my intuitive abilities and began giving readings professionally.

Then during a session with a client I mentioned that she needed to “listen to her intuition more.”

And that’s when it hit me…So did I. Guess what? It was then I had my own “light bulb moment!”

I took my own advice. I began to base my decisions on my intuition and how I felt rather than what others thought was right for me.

At 35, I walked away from a from a high level executive position in finance to return to college and become a writer.

I had finally found the key not only to confidence and happiness, but great joy and success as well.
Since then,

  • I  have a successful speaking and writing career and live my Passion and Purpose
  • I have written a best-selling book and six others.
  • I have a thriving sales and client acquisition strategies mentoring business for holistic entrepreneurs. 
  • I have the joy of helping my clients find their life purpose, create fulfilling lives and profitable businesses.
  • I have a career I love writing about intuition development and helping others succeed.
  • I have found my calling teaching people to use intuition so they will be empowered to confidently go after their dreams.
  • I have the complete confidence to enjoy life and pursue what I want with every fiber of my being!

And, now my mission and life’s work is to teach you how to “speak intuition,” clear your limiting beliefs so that you follow your intuition to find your purpose and create a profitable business around your passion so you can live the extraordinary life of your dreams .

Let me show you the way! Get started now by subscribing to Powered by Intuition:



Additional background: I’m an astrologer, certified EFT practitioner, authorized Tapping Into Wealth Coach and clairvoyant medium from the metropolitan New York area. I’m also a financial salesperson with 25 year background and training in financial planning, private banking, wealth management, real estate finance and commercial lending. My ability to navigate a demanding finance career while developing spiritually have given me a reputation as a very grounded and practical holistic sales and client acquisition expert.

My approach to intuition is that it isn’t anything supernatural, but an area of our experience that science has yet to completely explain, but will in the near future. You had no qualms about your intuitive abilities when you were a child – it’s only as you grew into adulthood that you allowed society to convince you otherwise. Come back to the place where receiving information intuitively was natural and open up to your fullest potential!

For coaching click here.

Listen to an inspiring interview with Angela with Andrea DeBell from Brite Talk Radio.


To contact me by email: Angela @AngelaArtemis.com

Twitter @Angela_Artemis

Facebook: Powered by Intuition

Google+: Angela Artemis

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  1. Angela,

    the aura and energy around your website and you is very positive. Not a coincidence I’m guessing.

    I found this website when I was at a very low point and prayed to the universe. I got this website, and found an article on this site about looking for signs from the universe.

    I found signs and the universe is telling me to go back to College. I’m at a better place now. Thank you for creating this website! It’s nice to know that the universe is conspiring in our favor, if we let it.


    • Thank you Augustino. It’s a pleasure meeting you and welcome to Powered by Intuition.
      I’m so glad you got your sign about going back to college.
      The universe is definitely conspiring in your favor!

  2. Hi Angela,

    Read( and reading) a lot about Intuition. Already over 55 Y and my career is so far to be wealth as I wish. PhD,Masters,3 B.A. Have a vocation and always keep in touch with but never concentrate 100%. The money question is related? I have enough to have few ressources and be dependent. Self-esteem….not Ok.
    PhD in Elect. Engineering( late and I am not fit to work scheduled);
    Psychoanalyst it was okay but I did not follow on regular way because I lived&worked in four continents.Go on member.- With the Master Degree in Science of Education& Clinical PSYCHOLOGY I could write a M.A. related with my vocation: Choreographer. Dance Therapy can be together with Psy issues. Most of background: France
    Have a background too. Due lack of ressources and so on my health is very bad ( all related with stress and low immunology) and I am not happy with my body. Married again, changed country( Germany)with a very self confident man, I can help but if I am not strong on my roads I can he hired to build his dream….- See him very involved and I am so far a strong involvement.
    Have some clairvoyange too. How to link or not link? Now started dance therapy and dance/choreography. About money? Without it we are and do nothing! I am not European on this way even german and spanish origins( Spain)- Tell me some BIG! Posted you on my 2 facebooks( over 7,000 friends) Thank you if you have time for advice me…..Warmly, Augen

  3. Hi Angela

    I have just discovered your site and I am so happy about it. I have found it very interesting with so much to read, really liked reading your profile… what I found extremely alluring is your power of intuition…it guides me too many times and I have always trusted intuitive decisions.

    I am just a few months old blogger and still learning. I have recently published a poetry book at Amazon.com. It is named Sublime Shadows Of Life.

    I look forward to your friendship…your site has so much to offer. Thanks!

    • Hi Balroop,
      What a pleasure it is to meet you! Welcome to Powered by Intuition.
      I wish you great success with your blog and your book.
      Please don’t be a stranger here. Visit and comment often.
      All my best,

  4. Hi Angela, I love the way you describe your background, found it really refreshing.

    I’ve began awakening to spirituality and intuition a couple years ago and initially found it really tough because of my fact based approach to life. My colleagues identify me as being very matter of fact and data driven – having specialised in finance and analysis in business school. Nowadays I go more and more by my intuition and what my heart tells me. It makes life so much easier though it was a bit of a shock at 1st.

    Love your blog! I hope to follow in your footsteps – in my own way of course!


    • Hi Geena,
      What a pleasure it is to meet you.
      I’m so glad to know that there is someone else like me out there who has a head for finance but a heart for intuition!
      It is a shock at first. It’s hard for us to walk a new path when we’re used to walking on a secure and steadfast path all our lives.
      I completely understand.
      I do hope you follow in my footsteps. I wish you all the best too!

  5. Hi Angela,
    If I say Intuition saved my life it would not be any true!
    Because of some hidden feeling inside me one day I changed my car from small hatchback to my friend’s car big sadan and imagine wt I met with an accident!
    Had I not changed my car on that day I would have been dead now!
    I am a really firm believer in intuition!
    devine power recently posted…Type of Physical Therapy Assistant Schools and Physical Therapy Assistant RequirementsMy Profile

    • Wow! Thank goodness for your intuition.
      I’m very glad your alive today to tell the tale.
      Thank you for sharing this with us here.
      It’s a pleasure to meet you.

  6. Wow, Angela, what a fascinating life! So true…”You had no qualms about your intuitive abilities when you were a child.” I remember that. It was tied in with imagination, but so much more. Look forward to perusing your blog!
    Elle B recently posted…14 Free Books By Literary Late BloomersMy Profile

    • Thank you Elle. It’s such a pleasure meeting you.

  7. Hi Angela,

    I’m fascinated by your bio. You’ve incorporated three of my greatest interests (personal finance, writing and metaphysics) into a very interesting introduction to what you’re all about.

    I just finished reading your post about blogging burnout and I think it’s great you’re taking two days a week to nurture your book.

    On the days you are still here, I’ll be looking forward to reading more from you!
    Jenny recently posted…Why I Love Budgets And You Should Too!My Profile

    • Hi Jenny,
      Nice meeting you. Thanks so much for you kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed my about page.
      I look forward to getting to know you better.
      Thanks so much for stopping by.

  8. Angela, what a refreshing site you have! I’m so glad to have found it. Your topics really draw my attention, as I’m fascinated by all of it. In one post you mentioned The Voice, and that really caught my attention—that’s what I call mine, too. You’ve provided the encouragement to continue opening to my own abilities. Thank you. ~Julie

    • Welcome to my blog Julie!
      What a wonderful compliment. Thank you!
      I’m so glad you find the site interesting and helpful.
      A lot of people go through life hearing The Voice, but don’t really pay attention to it.
      It’s sort of like looking a painting of beautifully furnished room when suddenly you notice a vase of flowers on a table the background. As soon as your attention focuses upon the vase your mind seemingly pulls it to the foreground. From that moment onward you can never “not” notice the vase. It’s the same with The Voice. I’m so glad that my articles have given you encouragement. That’s my main objective here – you have no idea how happy I am to hear this. Keep on working on developing your intuition!
      Thank you so much for visiting and commenting.

  9. Hi Angela,
    I haven’t been around for a while and during that time you have been busy with this new site and all. I love it! Great going and I wish you must success. Must catch up with all your great articles on intuition!

    • Hi Jenny,
      I’ve missed you! I hope all is well.
      I’m glad you like the new site! Thank you for your good wishes – it means a lot to me.
      Don’t be a stranger – and it’s good to have you back!

  10. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment. It’s great to meet you and learn about the work you do. From reading your article ‘Would you rather have a big life…’, it seems to me that we have much in common and share a similar perspective on the world and our place in it. I’m now following you on Twitter and I look forward to reading more of your work and getting to know you better.

    • Hi Alika,
      Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry but I don’t think I visited your site. It seems to be an advert of some sort.
      What do you write about?

  11. Hi Angela,

    What an extremely interesting site! I wanted to say hello, thank you for visiting my blog, and to have a look around your place here!

    I am going to go do that now!


    • Hi Keith,
      Welcome to MM! So nice having you here. Thank you for finding it interesting.
      Visit anytime!
      Most Sincerely,

  12. Hi Angela,

    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment. It’s great to meet you and learn about the work you do. From reading your article ‘Would you rather have a big life…’, it seems to me that we have much in common and share a similar perspective on the world and our place in it. I’m now following you on Twitter and I look forward to reading more of your work and getting to know you better.


    Tara Joyce

    • Hi Tara,
      It’s my pleasure having you here as well. Thank you so much for visiting.
      I’m really looking forward to reading more of your posts and getting to “know” you better too!
      Thank you again for visiting and for your comments!
      I’ll see you next at ElasticMind.ca



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