When Readings Go Wrong (what to do about it)

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Have you ever been in a reading that didn’t go well?

I can usually tell within the first few minutes if it’s going to flow or not.

There are all kinds of clients from skeptics and testers to individuals who refuse to acknowledge information to people who are really open and receptive.

Over the years I’ve encountered many different personality types and what I have realized is that no matter how hard I try it’s hard to be a pitcher when the batter refuses to hit the ball. And it makes for a very disappointing game.

My readings are done via telephone and Skype. I don’t do them in person nor do I use video because I don’t want any visual cues from the person I’m reading. So all I have is a voice and if the person being read is cagey with their answers, holds back from confirming what I give them or expects it to be perfection at every detail then it can be a long torturous hour.

When a psychic sees, or hears or feels something they aren’t getting the information using their physical senses. It’s the “perception” of seeing, or hearing or feeling which is very different from how we normally receive this information from our environment.

The impressions are fleeting and hard to hold onto. In addition unlike a memory you can’t always “pull it back up” when it’s gone because it’s something that wasn’t in your consciousness a nano second before.

There can also be difficulties at times when the client and you just don’t click – and no matter what you’re not going to be able to read them. You just have to accept that you’re not going to be a match for every person who comes to you.

The next time you have a reading scheduled ensure it’s a good one by being open and receptive.

Here’s what both psychic and the client need to know to have a good reading:

1. A reading is a two way street. Be open to being read. Keep an open mind and don’t put up “walls.” Walls are there for one reason only – to keep people out.

2. Give  yourself privacy. Don’t have a reading if your spouse is home when you want to know whether your boyfriend is going to leave his wife for you. If you can’t talk or give answers to your psychic because you’re afraid of being overheard it’s going to inhibit the quality of the reading.

3. Give feedback when asked. Don’t answer with vague replies or withhold information to “test” your psychic. Withholding is similar to blocking. The more you are able to affirm the better the connection will be for picking up more information. A psychic’s energy locks onto the right frequency by getting confirmation from you.

4. Don’t expect perfection in every single detail. If the psychic describes your house as a white split level with the garage on the left and yours is on the right; cut them some slack. Of if you’re given the description of someone and you feel that you know who it is and all the details fit but the hair color, for example, don’t harp on one detail.

Even the best of the best baseball players only hit home runs 9% of the time so to expect perfection from your reader is unrealistic.

5. Get enough sleep. When you’re giving a reading be fully rested.  If you haven’t had enough sleep and don’t feel up to it cancel and reschedule. This goes for if you’re not feeling well too.

6. Don’t eat a heavy meal. If you can avoid eating meat as well. Having a full stomach will interfere with the quality of the reading. This goes for both the psychic and the client.

7. Never give or have a reading when you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs. No explanation needed, right? Just don’t do it. Spirit deserves much more respect than that.

What do have to say? Share your story or opinion in the comments section.

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  1. Great advice that most do not know. I also happened upon your Oct 27 2012 about intuition in which you quoted Freddy Mercury. I must have missed this one. Loved it. You should recycle. xoxo Roe

    • Hi Roe,
      Thank you for the suggestions!
      Much appreciated.

    • Dear Sid,
      Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed this article.
      It’s a pleasure meeting you. Welcome to Powered by Intuition.
      Don’t be a stranger now!

  2. Very interesting Angela! I’ve thought about it from the client point of view but never from the psychic’s point of view. Your reading you gave me a few years ago was right on!

    • Hi Betsy,
      I’m glad this gave you another perspective!
      Thank you. It was such a pleasure reading for you Betsy!

  3. Hi Angela! I never thought about asking the client to be careful about their physical body (rest, food, no alcohol, etc) but that makes a lot of sense. I am very glad that I’ve not encountered anyone who was so picky as to argue over a color or a garage on the left or right sort of thing. Usually if they “recognize” what I am telling them it is enough of a validation for them, even when they don’t tell me so I can tell. All great suggestions here :)
    Julie Barrett recently posted…The Next Step In Your Mission When The Time Is RipeMy Profile

    • Dear Julie,
      I think it’s a good idea for people to realize we are working with “vibrations.” We don’t want the vibrations to be loaded down and “heavy” and not able to carry the information we are trying to read from the client. Refraining from a heavy meal especially red meat and drugs and alcohol make sense to me.

      The other important message in this article is we need to acknowledge that there is a double standard for psychics. No one should expect perfection. The greatest athletes are still considered great with percentages (for whatever sport they’re in) far from 100%.

      Glad you found this helpful and great to hear from you. I hope all is well?


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