The Top 11 Reasons You Ignore Your Intuition

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Trusting our intuition often saves us from disaster. –Anne Wilson Schae

Ignoring your intuition is like going through life blindfolded

A heard a tiny whisper in my head saying, “Check again for your keys.”

I ignored it….and discovered I was locked out of my house when I got home at 11 pm. I had to get a locksmith to make an emergency visit to drill the lock. Ignoring my intuition cost me a lot of money.

Has something like this ever happened to you?

If you often find yourself in pickles like this you are ignoring your intuition.

Here are the top reasons you ignore your intuition:

1. Doubt. You play down the importance of this “voice.”

Antidote: You need to develop trust in your intuition. The only way to do this is to listen to these whispers and act upon them. The more you do and find they are “right” the more trust you’ll gain in your inner voice.

2. Lack of intention. Listening to your intuition is not a priority in your life.

Antidote: You’ve got to create an intention to develop your intuition. After all if you don’t make it a priority to listen this voice, who will? Recognize the importance of these messages from your intuitive wisdom and become conscious of them.

3. Monkey mind. You lack focus and clarity in your thinking.

Antidote: You have not set aside time each day to meditate and clear your mind. Develop the habit of sitting in silence and listening for 20 minutes a day. Your thoughts will slow and your intuition will come through more loudly and clearly.

4. Insecurity. You listen to others (external voices) rather than yourself.

Antidote: You must develop your self-confidence and self-reliance. Pay attention to how you feel when you override your own instincts to listen to what others say you should do. Feeling “twisted” up inside like maybe it’s “wrong” is a signal that you’ve ignored your inner wisdom.

5. Multi-tasking. You are always in a hurry and doing too many things at once.

Antidote: Stop it! When you rush and try to accomplish too much at once you will not hear this subtle voice. Focus on one thing at a time. Take breaks where you walk away and give yourself a breather so your intuition can come through.

6. Distraction. You are never alone or have your cell phone, radio or television on at all times.

Antidote: If you cannot be alone with your self and need to have constant company, conversation or “noise” you will block your intuition from coming through. Turn everything off and spend at least an hour a day being “mindful” while you accomplish a simple task such as washing the dishes.

7. Self-medicating. You drink, do drugs or use food to shut out your inner voice.

Antidote: Using any substance to deal with your fears or quiet the critical internal voice will also block your intuition. Try journaling to get in touch with these inner stressors instead. When you write about your feelings you become conscious of what is driving you to self-medicate.

8. Toxic relationships. You live with or are involved with controlling or negative people.

Antidote: Find a way to cut off from or lessen the time you spend around toxic people. If you can’t get away make it a habit to have “alone” time. Toxic people poison your thoughts and undermine your confidence and self-esteem which muffles your intuition.

9. Control. You are a controlling personality who is attached to things turning out exactly as you think they should.

Antidote: Having to be “in control” all the time comes from having many fears. You fear what may happen if you don’t “control” the outcome. This is a no win way to live though. You cannot control everyone or everything. Learn to let go and allow the answers to bubble up naturally.

10. Negativity. You have a habit of thinking negatively.

Antidote: Look for the positive in everything. Stop looking for what can go wrong. Change your attitude and look for what can go right instead. You created the habit of thinking negatively and you can break that habit too – if you want to. Negative thinking overrides your intuition. You’ll hear it but you won’t believe it!

11. People pleasing. You put yourself last all the time.

Antidote: Stop putting the needs of others ahead of yourself all the time. Yes, we should help others and be selfless at times but, not at the expense of ignoring our own needs. People pleasing is a habit that absolutely shuts down your intuition.

Do you see yourself on this list? Can you think of any other habits or things you do that cause you to ignore your intuition? Share them with us in the comments.

If you notice that you are ignoring your intuition by doing one or more of these things I highly suggest you focus on the antidote. I cover these blocks to intuition extensively in my book, “The Intuition Principle.”

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  1. Kim

    Hi Angela,

    I really relate to #4. I value external voices over my own. I often second guess or doubt my own intuition.

    This really hits home.


    • Hi Kim,
      It’s great to meet you. It’s so important to start valuing your own inner wisdom in order to hear your intuition and not be doubtful of it.
      I’m glad you found this article valuable.

  2. Thanks Angela!
    I needed these reminders! Especially the multitasking! I seem to be doing a lot of that these days.
    Betsy/Zen Mama recently posted..Epictetus and the Art of Living

    • Hi Betsy,
      You’re welcome! I’m glad it made you stop and thing. Believe me I’m guilty of that one too!

  3. Angela -
    Your post is hitting me right in the gut…good timing.
    I hear the whispers of my intuition and yet in certain arenas, I’m not following them.

    I know why my logical voice is in control right now. I’m working on letting go of it….but what a difficult process this one is!
    Fran Sorin recently posted..Deep Spirituality – Taking Action When Observing Horrific Crimes Against Humanity

    • Dear Fran,
      I don’t think we should beat ourselves up all the time for following reason over intuition.
      There is a time and place for everything too.
      Sometimes your logical voice needs to be in control.
      If you know better though that the logical voice is coming from a place of “fear and lack” then yes, it’s time to allow the “whispers” to guide you.

  4. Hey Angela,

    I used to be aware of my intuition, but let it be overruled by the rational thoughts. I have ended up regretting it almost every time. Therefore, now I know better. :)

    Lovely post,
    Cornel recently posted..How To Deal With Perfectionism

    • Hi Cornel,
      It’s so nice meeting you.
      Rational thinking does overrule intuition many times. I’m glad you are using your past mistakes to become more in tune to your intuition now.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post.

  5. Boy, I have been guilty of all of those! But no more! When my intuition speaks to me now, I pay attention. My word of the year this year — Wait — works well with pausing to listen.
    Galen Pearl recently posted..Get Over It!

    • Galen,
      “Wait!” That’s a good cautionary step. Wait, watch and listen and you’ll be guided to the right decisions not rash ones.
      Thanks for sharing this hear with us. Great point!

  6. So much I can relate to here Angela. So happy to read this today.

    Love Elle
    Elle recently posted..Help: My Friends And Family Aren’t Supporting My Growth.

    • Dear Elle,
      I’m so happy you found this article useful.
      Glad you read it!

  7. Hi Angela,

    Great list here. I can at times relate to 3, 5 and 6! Pulling back and letting the quiet in helps me getting in touch with my intuition. I’m driven by my feelings about a situation, but we do need the focus to be able to hear the message. Great reminder – thank you!
    Cathy Taughinbaugh recently posted..ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT: Be the Super Star of Your Life

    • Dear Cathy,
      I’m glad you fond this article helpful. It’s a great reminder for all of us!
      I’m glad you pull back to let the quiet in too. That is the best way counter all of these 11 reasons.
      You’re so welcome.

  8. Angela, you got me at point number 1! I often play down my inner voice and override it with my analytical one. This has been especially true for my body’s signals. I refused to follow my body’s intuitive feelings and needs for so long that now it’s hard for me to listen and act upon what my body is telling me. However, I believe that if you keep on listening and taking your voice for real, then you’re on your way to more inner peace. Lovely post!
    Anne-Sophie Reinhardt recently posted..Love Yourself Friday Edition # 30 – Free Yourself from Fear, Anger and Stress

    • Hi Anne-Sophie,
      I’m so glad you like this post and find it engaging from point #1.
      I think it’s more common than realize.
      Body signals are such an important aspect of tuning into your intuition.
      I can understand exactly how you feel – it was the same way for me for years.
      I’ve only been aware and begun understanding this aspect of intuition in the last 10 years.
      Definitely, listening to your intuition leads to more inner peace for sure!


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