3 Intuitive Steps to Reduce Stress

Intuition is the supra-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer. Robert Graves

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What is stress?

Stress is the reaction we feel when our life becomes overwhelming and too much for us. For some people it takes very little to feel stressed while others can handle mountains of burdensome issues before they crumble under the stress. It doesn’t matter which category you fall into. When you have reached the point of feeling that you can’t take it anymore, it’s time to do something about it to cut the stress.

Intuition strengthening exercises will decrease your stress levels

There are many practical benefits of strengthening your intuition that I cover in my book, “The Intuition Principle.” Some of the many benefits include increasing your creativity, problem solving abilities, confidence, competence, empathy and compassion, memory, luck, health, decision-making and focus but, the top two on the list are stress reduction and peace of mind.

Have you ever taken a video of your child on vacation say, at an amusement park like Universal Studios?

The camera captures the image of your child and all the people who are passing by plus, all the details of Universal Studios in the background.

Had you taken that same video with the zoom lens on you would see more of your child in the video and very little of Universal Studios.

Developing your intuition changes what you focus upon very much like using a zoom lens changes the focus of the video in the example.

When we narrow our focus from a “wide lens” to a “zoom lens” we remove distractions that pull our thinking off in many directions and this reduces stress and increases peace of mind.

Causes of stress

Often stress is caused by having too many thoughts competing for your attention at one time. For example, your attention might be splintered by thoughts of everything you need to accomplish that is on your to-do list; how little time you have; fears of doing an inadequate job; worries about your children, spouse or aging parent and a myriad of other things all at the same time. No wonder you feel stressed. You are allowing your thoughts to take over and send you on a wild goose chase by every thought that enters your mind.

Meditation increases intuition and peace of mind

One of the best ways to heighten intuition is to make meditating part of your day. When you meditate regularly you begin to hear your intuition more often and to identify it more easily. When you slow down the thinking mind by going within you turn on your own “zoom” lens. Turning on this inner “zoom lens” also puts your thoughts in “slow motion.”

When you eliminate distracting thoughts and slow down the pace of thoughts, you automatically become calmer. A calm mind is a better environment for fostering intuition than a frenzied one. When thoughts and intuition don’t fly through the mind as quickly, they can be captured and remembered more easily by your mind.

This is the real secret of hearing your intuition. You are already more intuitive than you are aware of. It’s just that all the stress producing thoughts have been drowning out your intuitive thoughts.

Develop your intuition to increase confidence and competence

Once you have begun to develop your intuition not only do you clear your mind of distracting thoughts but, you also become more confident and competent. The reason for this is that you begin to hear the guidance of your intuition more often. This wisdom that surfaces in your mind has always been there but, it was drowned out by the wild band of thoughts that had taken over your mind. Now that your mind is calm and focused this wisdom stands out among your thoughts when it surfaces.

Having the answers to problems you’ve been struggling with surface in your mind is calming and reassuring. After a few times of seeing how elegantly this works you begin to relax and trust that the answers will always come to you when you need them. This “trust” translates to confidence in your ability to solve problems in your life and in your own competence. And, the confidence you now exude emerges as a higher level of competency in everything you do.

Use these three steps to develop your intuition and increase your peace of mind, confidence and competence:

1. Commit to a practice of meditation each day. It takes just 20 hours of cumulative meditation practice to make lasting changes to your brain’s physiology. Meditating for as little as twenty minutes each day will result in an increase in your intuition and peace of mind in just 60 days. If you want to speed up your results meditate for ½ hour day so you see results in 40 days or practice ½ hour twice per day to see results in 20 days.

2. Exercise your intuition daily. Before meeting friends at a restaurant for a meal close your eyes and ask yourself what your friends will be wearing or what they will order from the menu. When the phone rings, stop and ask yourself who is calling. While in meditation each day visualize yourself “receiving” the answers to problems in your life. Feel how happy and excited you are to have the answers come to you.

3. Put the power of affirmations to work in your life. Affirmations help focus your mind. Whenever you feel yourself getting stressed by competing thoughts which pull you in 100 different directions immediately begin repeating this affirmation: I am calm, focused and in control of my thoughts. I choose now to relax and focus on the task at hand. All is well. Or, create your own affirmation.

Follow these simple steps and soon you will see your peace of mind increase along with your confidence and competence in everything you do.

Have you found that the intuitive guidance to solve problems comes to you  more easily when you meditate? Please share with us in the comments.

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  1. I enjoyed this article–I like to use self-hypnosis for relaxing, but I am going to give meditation another try–thanks!

    • Hi Dawn,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the article and got a lot out of it. Meditation works. I’m happy to hear you’re going to give it another try.

  2. I resisted a formal, consistent practice of meditation until last year. I found that resistance so interesting because I had explored many techniques to deepen my practice of presence. I had also experimented with the concept of walking meditations and allowing my entire day to be a living meditation. I was afraid of the depth of what I might see or feel if I practiced consistently.

    I now practice daily, and I find there is depth of inner peace and attunement to “self”; it doesn’t take me as long to access answers, and sometimes I don’t have to “ask” I just know. I could easily read others, but “reading my self” had been a bit more difficult; to “read” myself almost naturally now is quite fun. I think that is the key for me..to allow each practice to be fun.
    Joy recently posted…28 Days of Love: The EndMy Profile

    • Hi Joy,
      It’s amazing how we resist things that are of benefit to us, isn’t it? I do it too – not with meditation but, with other things. I can understand your fear of what you might encounter if you went deeply into yourself with meditation.

      I love the way you put that: an attunement to self.
      Very true. I feel meditation has done the same thing for me. I understand why I am feeling what I am feeling much more. I would say it helped me to live more “consciously.” I think that is what contributes to “just knowing.”

      What a great way to look at meditation as “fun!”

  3. Another really big contributer to my stress level, if I’m not mindful, is that I tend to unwittingly take on other people’s feelings. I’m not just an antenna, I’m often more like a sponge.

    If my wife is stressed out, I feel stressed out and go into “I need to fix it, mode…” but I do it from a place of stress, and not from love…. if that makes sense.

    I’m trying to be more mindful, if I’m feeling “off”, and ask myself, “Is this energy/emotion that I’m feeling even mine? Or is it someone else’s?”.

    I’ve been hit lately with the revelation that a lot of the time, the “stuff” I’m carrying isn’t even mine… and when it isn’t I can let go of it, “reconnect” myself with love/centering… call it what you will… and become more present, useful, helpful, insightful… whatever. Not all the time, I can fail spectacularly… but I’m learning…

    BTW, I just found your site, and was wondering: where’s all the dudes?

    • Hi Brett,
      It’s great to meet you. You sound like a very typical empathic personalty. We tend to easily pick up on what others are feeling. The same thing happens to me if I’m around someone who is upset or stressed I become agitated. I feel stressed and thinking I have to “fix” them. (I wonder if a lot of us grew up in dysfunctional homes where we thought if we could only “rescue” so and so everything would be alright? This would be why we cannot separate their emotions from our own. WE feel responsible and or possibly guilty like it’s our fault. And, they might have made us feel it was our fault. Hmmm.)

      Are you more affected by the emotions of your family and those close to you or is it everybody that you’re around? For me it’s mostly those close to me. For example, if I am at my office I don’t tend to absorb the moods of the people around me – it’s there stuff and I know it.

      But, to reply to your comment – I too find picking up on other people’s emotions stressful. It does help to know that it doesn’t belong to you and then to sift it out of your energy. For me it’s been a life long process to sort this out and I too fail at it at times. We’re humans and works in progress!

      Yeah – where are all the dudes? LOL

      Do come by again!

      • Have you been peeping in my windows?

        No… I don’t suppose we all came from happy homes. All the more difficult to resist the waves of discontent we receive when standing up for ourselves.

        It’s hard to remember that we could simply stand on the shore and let the waves come and go… without having to venture into the water and get caught in other people’s currents.

        • Brett,
          LOL – the advantage of being psychic is that I don’t have to “peep into your windows!”
          Becoming “too sensitive” as a result of constantly gauging the emotions of people in our family takes a lifetime to understand and overcome. It’s hard to over-ride those self-protective instincts we developed in order to survive in a dysfunctional family. Part of the journey of becoming “conscious” and somewhat “enlightened” is to as you said so poetically “let the waves come and go…without having to venture into the water and get caught in other people’s currents.”

          • Thanks, chica. I enjoyed this exchange, mainly because you can read so well between my lines. Thanks again.

          • Brett,
            It’s a pleasure having you visit and comment on the article.

  4. Yes, meditation is a big help. Sometimes, even a quickie meditation can help. Like the other day, I was trying to find something, and I was getting more and more frantic. I just stopped and sat down to meditate for a minute and then I knew exactly where it was.

    Also, I agree that your book offers wonderful techniques of increasing intuition and at the same time reducing stress. A double benefit!
    Galen Pearl recently posted…Step Away from the ThoughtMy Profile

    • Hi Galen,
      Right, even a quickie meditation of five minutes helps me to calm down when I’m frazzled.
      I’m so glad you’ve had this experience too Galen.
      Thank you for mentioning my book too. I’m not sure that people are aware that it is not just a book about developing your intuition but, a book about how to use your intuition to make your life great!

  5. Thanks for the post, I firmly agree with you that we must silence the mind through mediation.. meditation most definitely connects me to my maker..

    • Hi Jack,
      It’s great meeting you. Welcome to Powered by Intuition.
      Yes, I feel connected to the Divine Mind when I meditate too.
      It’s so calming and relaxing.
      Have a great day!

  6. Thoughtful article. Yes, meditation does heigten yours sense of intuition. We all have that innate ability. Through meditation, you learn to slow down the pace of your thoughts and within that space-our thoughts settle and it becomes easier for us to access that deep quiet space inside, where all answers are stored…we are just so busy most of the time we dont make time to pause, listen and tune in. Hugs
    Ntathu Allen recently posted…Yoga for Beginners – 7 Key Yoga Styles for You to Enjoy – Part 1My Profile

    • Hi Ntathu,y
      I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Yes, meditation does heighten your intuition and we all have that innate ability.
      Thanks for summing up the article so well! Nice.
      Hugs back,

  7. It’s so obvious that it can be developed like anything else, but I’ve never thought of it! And I already do meditate fairly regularly so adding those questions to my practice is quite easy. I’m now intrigued at what might happen :)
    Sandi Amorim recently posted…Living Life as a Creative AdventureMy Profile

    • Hi Sandi,
      Yes, you most certainly can develop your intuition. Everyone has a certain level of ability. We may not all become “Mozarts” but, we can at least learn to play “Chopsticks.” Let me know what you notice happening.

  8. Angela,
    This post is filled with great advice that I need to keep my resolution of balance this year. ! I’m ready to start my meditation practice. That’s the main thing I think I’m missing in my life right now. And I know the power of positive affirmations!
    Thanks for a great post!
    Betsy/Zen Mama recently posted…Cherish This Ordinary Day…My Profile

    • Hi Betsy,
      I’m glad you got a lot out of the post. Yes, I’m with you on your theme of balance this year as well. I’m so happy to hear that you are ready to start your meditation practice too.


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