13 Signs You May Be a Medium

Have you ever wondered if you might be a medium?Signs you might be a medium

Read this article to learn the 13 signs of mediumistic abilities and see if you are a budding medium.

There are two types of mediums

A natural born medium and latent medium – one who develops their abilities later in life. Being a natural born medium means that your abilities presented themselves from childhood. A latent medium has the abilities but, they do not present themselves until later in life.

Developing psychic mediumship later in life is usually due to an inner transformation that triggers a spiritual awakening and search for more meaning in life.

Differences between intuition, psychic ability and mediumship

Every person is intuitive to a degree. Intuition is your own inner wisdom. It is a higher form of “instinct” and it is programmed into humans in order to avoid danger and so our species will survive.

Psychic ability is going outside of oneself and retrieving information.

A psychic can tap into the future or the past and has abilities such as “clairvoyance” which is seeing what cannot be seen with the physical eyes; “clairaudience” which is the ability to hear within the mind what cannot be heard with the physical ears; “clairsentience” which is the ability to experience other people’s emotions and physical ailments; “claircognizance” which is clearly knowing something without knowing how you know.

All mediums are psychic but, not all psychics are mediums

A medium will have all of the previous abilities but, in addition, they will also have highly developed telepathic abilities that allow them to receive “mind to mind” communication from a deceased individual. They will be able to “see” and describe the deceased, “hear” words, names, phrases and sometimes complete sentences and, “feel” the presence or experience the feelings or pains/illnesses of the deceased individual and will describe all of this to you as it is given to them by the discarnate.

Here are some signs that you may be a medium. The sign applies to you whether it appeared in childhood or at a more mature age. You don’t have to have had all these things happen to you to be mediumistic:

1. As a child did you have a fear of the dark? Did you hear your name being called or see faces or shadows moving about your room? Did you need a nightlight in the room in order to sleep undisturbed and peacefully?

2. Were you aware of “feeling different” or not fitting in as a child and while growing up? Were you a bit of a loner and not a joiner? Did you feel mature or like “old soul” compared to your playmates? Did adults constantly remark on how “mature” you were? Do you recall knowing things but, not knowing how you knew?

3. Were you drawn at an early age to explore metaphysics, spirituality and religion? Were you always searching for answers to the “big” questions in life such as, “why are here?” and “what is the point of our lives?”

4. Were you or are you now visited by discarnate beings? Do you “see” spirits? Keep in mind that most of the time mediums “see” within the mind’s eye not with the physical eye although, this does occur.

5. You may not have been afraid of the dark but, were aware of spirits (or people – you may not have realized they were deceased) at a very young age. Did you have what your parents called an “imaginary friend? Did you tell them you “saw grandma?”

6. Are you sensitive to energy? Can you sense when someone walks into the room without turning around? Being aware of “presences” and sensing the “energy” change in your environment. Have you ever been “touched” or tapped on the shoulder by a spirit? Some mediums do not “see” or “hear” as much as they get much their information “clairsentiently” or “claircognizantly.”

7. Have you always had vivid dreams that you recall upon waking? Were the dreams sometimes precognitive – meaning they predicted some future event that came to pass? Were you visited by deceased relatives in these dreams? When you woke up did you feel as if they had really been there?

8. When you close your eyes did or do you see colors, faces and landscapes? Did you sometimes “see” in your mind’s eye that you are flying over changing landscapes or seascapes? Can you close your eyes and “see” what someone is wearing or doing? Can you “see” what their house looks like?

9. Have you had spontaneous out of body experiences? Were you able to look back and see your “body?” Did you hurdle through the blackness of space and pass by stars at incredible speeds? Did you encounter discarnate entities while out of your body?

10. Did you or do you sometimes blurt things out that you “heard” in your mind that you had no way of knowing that turn out to be true? Are you aware of “knocks, “raps,” or “hearing” whispers or people talking that you can’t make out, or can you recall hearing directives such as, “NO” or “STOP” or “DON’T GO THERE” throughout the course of your life, or a ringing in your ears quite often?

11. Did you or do you “see” symbols or colors around people? “Seeing”  this way usually takes place within the mind’s eye not the physical eyes. Do you “see” for example, a hospital bed and then learn the next day this person was rushed to the hospital? Or, do you see colors in certain places on a person that you “understand” to mean certain things about them? You are seeing the person’s energy signature – their aura.

12. Have you ever been aware of how others felt emotionally or the pain they were experiencing in their body? Do your moods change when you are around others? Are you susceptible to picking up other people’s moods? If someone is angry are you agitated by their energy?

13. Have you ever held an object belonging to another person and gotten a strong sense about that person? Were you able to describe their personality or something they were going through? Reading objects is called “psychometry.” You have the ability to interpret the residual energy accumulated within or attached to an object from its owner.

If you regularly experience six, seven or more of these signs you are mediumistic and could develop your abilities further if you desire.

Have you experienced any of these signs? Which ones – what happened? Are you interested in learning more about mediumship?

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  1. I am 32 years old. I’ve experienced many things for many years from out of body experiences and approaching entities during these experiences, hearing my husband say something before he actually says it. Seeing flashes of light or steady colors of ligh surround having people (usually around their heads), involuntary visions of people I don’t even know in stressful or horrible situations (almost like a dream but awake. I saw a boy’s throat cut and it rattled me for a while), sensing things are going to happen or have happened (although this has never been very strong), many physical encounters with human and non human entities (and they are usually TERRIFYING), knowing that a spirit is there – and if is human, I usully know if it a boy girl man or woman and sometimes know what it looks like, I feel like I sense my pets’ thoughts and l usually know exactly what they want without much guessing (almost like a conversation but no words), just to name a few. And this is all during a time I was desperately trying to turn it all off! I have finally managed to keep it at bay, although every now and then a slight experience will escape the barrier that I intentionally have surrounding me. I most definitely feel the love and protection of my Creator. Only when I truly discovered God, my Creator a few years ago is when my prayers for isolated protection from all of this was finally answered. But now I feel my abilities trying to break free again. Perhaps I was not physically or emotionally ready for them at the time. I have a strong Irish and Native American heritage. I’ve heard that both of these can contribute. I grew up in a very strict religious environment and don’t know anything about this sort of thing. I was taught this does not exist and it is fraudulent and fictional evil. So you can imagine how terrified I when the more obvious and terrifying things started happening to me. I really didn’t have anyone to turn to. I’m not even sure whether or not I really want to tap into my abilities again. Your insight would be appreciated.

    • Also the reason I feel like everything is trying to manifest again is my dreams (which have always been vivid) have seemed to contain much more obvious meaning in them, like I know exactly what they mean as soon as I wake up, and somethings inside of me is pulling and nagging at me. An uneasiness, a sort of restlessness – as if my hands were tied and I was trying to escape…. I’m scared.

      • Endi,
        Try to relax and meditate on the meaning of your dream.
        Try to interpret why you feel so anxious?
        What’s going on in your life now that might cause such anxiety?
        If the anxiety continues you should seek the help of a qualified professional therapist.
        Angela Artemis recently posted…Self Empowerment & Authenticity QuotesMy Profile

        • I know what’s causing my anxiety… it’s the possibility that I can’t remain closed off to these experiences that I have with spiritual entities (especially the very physical encounters and the out of body ones)… my dreams don’t bother me so much. I think a standard therapist would label me as schizophrenic and call it a day. Thanks for the suggestion anyway. It couldn’t hurt to ask.

    • Endi,
      You are obviously very mediumistic based on all you’ve shared.
      It’s your call as to whether you wish to develop this ability further or not.
      I can’t make that decision for you.
      I would have to speak to you personally and get to know you better in order to advise you.
      You’re welcomed to book an appointment with me so we could do that.
      Here’s the link: http://www.poweredbyintuition.com/my-consulting-services/
      Angela Artemis recently posted…Self Empowerment & Authenticity QuotesMy Profile

      • 13 out of 13… I born with it. As a small child I can remember old ppl always around me guiding me and they were deceased ppl who in fact wanted me to help them. I have to have a light And tv on to sleep to keep the shadows away and tv to drown out the voices. Every family member that has passed has always came to me after to see me. My moms house had bad spirits there and they would kill our dogs and when I walked through the house recording myself asking questions with my little brother we played back the recording to hear something say “get Tisa out”.. I had a near death experience at 15 and ever since there’s been a man in black follow me everywhere I go. He has a black trench coat, long black hair and a hat that shadows his face and he’s tall.. He’s always been there.. I don’t know who he is. I’ve learned to tune alot of the stuff out like voices, or being touched, or seeing and feeling things when I touch someone.. I have kids and I’m afraid one of them might be gifted too and have to deal with all the things I did growing up so I protect my kids and have them following God hoping the spiritual guidance will help protect them. For anyone dealing with this remember you’re not alone.

        • I forgot to add my mother was Native American so I was raised going with her to medicine men to get blessed and she spoke with them. She was gifted as well as she called it. I trained with a medicine man for a short period. I didn’t want to continue because I wanted a “normal” life.. You realize there is no such thing as normal.

        • Tisa,
          You are certainly gifted. If would like to be free of this go into a meditative state and speak to the spirits whom you believe are around you ask them to please stop following you unless you call on them. You have the power to do this. We are always in control. They will continue to follow you and crowd your awareness unless you set the rules. Take control, speak with authority and set your boundaries.
          I hope this helps,
          Angela Artemis recently posted…Self Empowerment & Authenticity QuotesMy Profile

  2. I got 7 out of 13..I’ve always been afraid of the dark. Sometimes I hear voices, a little boy whispering Mommy, I’ve felt tugs on my ponytail in my house. Every now and then I get these. .mild electric buzzing,..or shocks in my brain. .actually get a wee bit dizzy when it happens..not to mention a mild anxiety attack. When I am really relaxed, I see pictures or snipits of movies in my head..places I’ve never been and people I’ve never seen. I am definitely affected by other people’s energy and moods and I ALWAYS feel like someone is watching me..not like a stalker or anything. .just someone is with me. .! It would be so nice if someone could explain all of this!

    • Dear Jennifer,
      It sounds as if you are definitely mediumistic.
      Everyone has this ability to some extent but you have a greater natural ability than most others.
      I’d begin a daily practice of meditation to tap into it more deeply.
      Angela Artemis recently posted…Self Empowerment & Authenticity QuotesMy Profile

  3. I have had some unsual experiences lately and each one more intense than the other. It started from a person I havent seen or spoken appearing in my mind out of nowhere and literally minutes later i received a phone call from someone informing me that the person who appeared in mind had just passed away from natural causes. I was blown away but it didnt stop there. Another old friend of mine appeared in my mind the exact same way and as soon as it happened, I picked up my phone and called him but my call didnt go through. I tried once again and it still didnt go through. The very next day he called me. I was glad he was alive in well and I assumed he was simply returning my phone call. He said that he had no idea i tried to reach him because his phone was completely off and the reason he called me was because he was kicked out of his house just the night before and he had nowhere to go. Of course like any rational person, I thought this just cant be real. And from then on I hear people in my home often but never see anyone there. The first few times i ever heard them, It scare the living hell out ofme. Now i am quite used to it and I usually ignore the sounds. just last nite I saw 2 different apparitions in my home for the first time physically. I was not afraid of what I saw I just want them to never come back. Which lead me here what should I do?

  4. Hello, I went through what reseach tells me was an awakening in 2012. This was caused by another persons eyes (she is not aware anything happened) I was told as it happened that I had been brought to her (for it to happen I assume) I was sitting there thinking “Why am I thinking that?”
    I am confused a lot as 13 days prior I now know I received a clairaudient message. a few months prior to that I knew I was about to be forced to move home (no fault of my own)
    When the awaken occured my psychic abities became noticable. I get this really strong feeling that “they” were trying to get my attention, it took a while, but it became so strong I could not ignore it anymore and started reseaching. I soon discovered the woman’s eyes had triggered my third eye (I felt it tingle) and that from a young age I had actually been seeing “Ghosts/spirit”
    I have always known I was not like other people. A number of mediums have told me I’m a trance medium. So my world/life has been tipped upside down.
    I have a couple of outstanding predictions. one I logged 10/08/2012 and I received a second message about this event on 17/05/2014, giving me a date.
    I have logged this with a paranormal reseacher at a Uni.
    If this event happens. No one will be in doubt again about psychic abilites.
    As for if it will happen? I can only say this “I have a list of things that have happened in the past few years, why not this?” the prediction is power ball jack potting to $70m, and me winning it.

    Should this happen, there is no way ANYBODY can say it was “luck”


    • Hi Mark,
      It’s great to meet you!
      You are so talented! Don’t give up.
      Study and practice.
      Predicting the powerball may not be what your soul came back to do in this life.
      Have you thought about that?
      You may have another higher purpose.
      Angela Artemis recently posted…How to Know Your Intuition From Your ThoughtsMy Profile

  5. Hi! I know that my mother has most of these gifts but she chooses not to practice them. She rarely talks about it but I have witnessed it on a few occasions. There was one time that we were watching an episode of long island medium where she spoke about the Jamestown massacre and my mom became very sad looking and she said that she felt like someone was pushing down on her shoulders and all she felt like she needed to scream out and cry. My mom often feels a weight on one of her shoulders which she tells me it is her brother who is long passed. She also smells the scent of baby powder sometimes and knows it is her mother. She has a ouija board and very rarely takes it out and will never use it in front of my brothers and I. We had an incident a few years back where a spirit came through and tried to strangle her in her sleep with a chain and my aunt and cousin also saw the same spirit come out of the woods at my house. My mom also gets premonitions in her sleep or has very strange and vivid dreams of those who have passed. I sometimes have dreams of the future but they are usually simple things and I just feel a sense of deja vu. I am 15 and to this day cannot sleep in the dark in my own home because I sometimes see figures move about and I hear strange noises and have a ringing in my ears very often. I also used to be able to see spirits when I was younger but I dont recall seeing any since I was about 7 or 8. I dont exactly know what this means for me or if what my mom can do has anything to do with me but I would really like to find out.
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi,
      Your mother sounds amazing.
      Too bad she isn’t using her gifts.
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  6. I know my mom was sensitive, and I have been told by medium that I was. I feel energy, and while driving across country recently, I saw spirt birds flying around with real birds in the desert. It freaked me out a little because I have never seen anything like it. I once felt very panicked while stopped at an enter section and found out an hour after I was there, there was a terrible accident where a guy lost control and plowed through a farmers market at that location.

  7. hi i have about 90% of these gifts since i was a kid.i am really sensitive to energies but the thing is it all bottles in my head and i can’t relieve it and i accumulates and then i start feeling lots of rage towards people but very now and then i cry and i gets a little better .but 2 years ago i had a mental breakdown and got put on anti depressants and now its 10 times stronger and i see pics images and lots of numbers when i close my eyes but the weirdest thing is i can now hear other peoples thoughts not auditory but it comes from a little spot in my brain toward the front and when it happens my head feels like its being chopped in half and i can even pic up conversations that have happened in the past when i walk into a room even if there where 20 people i can recite everything people where talking about but i become very dizzy and the constant ringing in my ears gets really bad

    • but i never used to believe in this stuff i thought it was all delusion based. but just last week my grandmother passed away i could feel her pain mind you.but her mother visited me last night and told me that she passed over happily and with now regrets and tell my mum this but that was in my sleep and then i wake up with bthe full conversation in my head and i never knew what her name was i just woke up recited the convo and then was left with a name muriel to which i asked my mum if that name had any relevance and it was my great grandmothers second name.i super freaked but i am now a believer

      • sorry for crappy grammar and spelling this won’t let me delete anything for some reason

  8. Hi Angela, I was so amazed when I was reading your article. Truly I had no idea that other people experienced these things. Throughout my life I have had visitations from spirits, most of which occurred very soon after the person passed. When this happens, I don’t feel a presence or see a shadow…I see the spirit exactly the way they looked when they were alive. There is nothing scary about these encounters. Some of them ask me to watch over a member of their family, and some just come to visit. I also know that there are other kinds of spirits around me as well. These spirits don’t speak and I can’t see them, but they move objects. I had a vintage store for a number of years located in a very old bldg, to say it was haunted would be an understatement. Once the air conditioner literally flew out of the wall and hit me on the head. I have also had one out of body experience, and almost every night I have epic dreams, as well as the ones where I am falling and wake up just before I go splat. I don’t know if I am actually a medium because I can’t summon spirits when ever I want to. They usually come uninvited. I am happy to know that there are others that are experiencing this as well, because most of the people that I have told about some of these things look at me like I’m from another planet! God bless, Cecile

    • Hi Cecile,
      I’m glad you found validation of your gifts by reading this article. You are definitely gifted and should develop your gifts.

      • I remember when I was younger, I would wake up out of my sleep and see things like a big white glowing thing just the outline of a body sitting in a chair in the living room and I would smile at it. I have dreams of being in the 1800’s and seeing nothing but dead bodies or something attacking other people and not touching me. Most times they are in black and white and it’s always raining. I had been visited in my dreams by relatives such as my grandmother picking up my son she never got to meet, then waking up and my son was moved from where he was with no explanation. My aunt died 4 years ago and it was always fishy and she has visited me more than 5 times since then the first time she was sort of floating in the alley of a street, I was on a hill in this house and she tried to float to me but something held her back. I then had a dream last year she showed up at this party I was at in a pink jacket and she tried to hug me and i screamed at her she was dead and it wasn’t real and she said I’m here with you in your dreams. Then last month, I had a dream I was on my way to a wedding with my mother which is my aunts sister and she was standing on the side of the road and we went to pick her up and asked her where she wanted to sit and she said in the front seat because she didn’t want to be in the back with me and her daughter since her death we have not spoken. I recently had another dream i was at a big reunion and my fathers dad I never met came to me and held me and told me he has always loved me and wanted to meet me. I walked away and went to go into my bedroom and there was a line of dead people waiting to get in, and in the other room the dining room there was a seance going on trying to contact these people. I constantly have vivid dreams and have sometimes woke up in other places that i have no recollection of moving to. I always feel like something is following me around, and I am not afraid but would rather know why this is happening to me.

        • I can also go into a home i have never been in and experience a dizzy feeling like i’m tingly and going to fall over… no one else seems to feel this way when I do and I have even asked. I can usually pick up on emotions from other people and it drives me crazy because I feel sad when I should be happy, or I get angry for no reason and black out…What is this???

  9. Huh all of it didn’t go through so when I dream which is hardly ever it’s nightmares that I had since I was 6 years old and it’s actually hard for me to type this like something is keeping me back

  10. Huh all of it didn’t go through so when I dream which is hardly ever it’s nightmares that I had since I was 6 years old

  11. I am14 and have had a lot IOC these experiences like one time when I was 6 I heard 3 different laughs at the same time and voices and every now and then I see this black figure around me so what could this mean because I was 2 when he built our house

    • Tristen,
      You seem very mediumistic. I would be sure to protect yourself. See yourself in the white light of Spirit. See it all around and know and feel that it is a protective barrier that will keep away anything negative. Declare that you are in control and that you forbid anything other than pure goodness to enter your vibrational space. When you make a declaration and mean it – it is so.

  12. 12 of 13

  13. Hi!

    I’d like to say that I really like this list. I can agree with 11 of the 13, I’m 38 years old, and clearly remember the first time I heard a voice when I was 6 – my birthday to be exact. My son did the same thing on his birthday too, but that’s a different story.

    I work as a paramedic, and know that I am accurate with psychometry. I have held the wedding bands of people I work with and described their homes to them, named their children and spouses without having met them, and told lots of other details. I have seen ghosts all over the place, and have recounted the story of several accidental deaths and loads of murders (given what I do for a living…) And when I get a story from a spirit, it comes as a series of photos flipping very quickly through my mind. Anyone else have that one?

    I’ve struggled for years wondering if all this “stuff” is real, but within the past few years have received documentable proof. So now I’m left with the feeling of now what? I do admit that it creeps me out sometimes. But I feel like I am not using this gift to its fullest, and that the creepy feeling would stop if I developed further. Guess I’m just stuck not knowing what I should really do.


    • Dear Alison,
      You definitely sound mediumistic to me.
      I think your soul has chosen the profession you are in to help others who may be on the brink of passing and their families.
      I hope you are a subscriber to Powered by Intuition?
      I’m planning on offering mediumship training so stay tuned.

  14. Hi, I can identify with 8 out of 13. I’m 25 now and from what I can remember I saw my first presence at 19. It’s usually when I am in bed trying to fall asleep, or quite often I’ll wake up because I feel something in the room. When I lived with my ex boyfriend I woke up several times in a panic telling him someone was in the room. Several times I have woken up, but not been able to move or speak and I have trouble breathing. I’ve been in places that are rumored to be haunted and not feel a thing and then I’ve been in places rumored to be haunted and have been completely overwhelmed by different emotions. The one I remember most vividly is when I visited an old “insane asylum” which I had been to a few times before and felt nothing, and all of a sudden I felt overwhelming anxiety and sadness. Usually I would have been afraid to leave by myself but this time I was so overwhelmed by the feeling that I walked out of the place by myself and waited for my group of friends outside. It took well over an hour of being outside the place for me to shake the feeling. My dreams are and always have been very vivid. I remember dreams from when I was around 6 years old in detail. Sometimes these things frighten me quite a bit and at other times I can see things and feel completely calm, it’s very confusing.

    • Dear Nicole,
      You have strong mediumistic tendencies. You could develop them if you worked at it.

  15. – Hi

    I read this and identified with 9 out of 13. A lot of the time ive noticed ive been sensing things more than seeing them like feeling a little tap on my shoulder or a brush on my skin/back when no one was there. I also have trouble getting to sleep alot because i feel like someone is watching me and when i close my eyes i occasionally hear a lot of misc. noises that sometimes sound like voices. I also get woken up several times a night every now and then, and it usually lasts for about a week but then goes away for a long time. A lot of the time i feel really paranoid because i feel like something is following me or is near me. Im kind of scared, but im willing to open up to other presences. If you could offer me any help in exploring this ability or whatever it is, i would be very thankful.

    – Jackie

    • Hi Jackie,
      It’s a pleasure meeting you.
      You have the gift of mediumship.
      You need to learn how to use it and control it.
      Envision yourself protected by a white light of divine energy.
      Tell your self and all spirits that you only accept communication from those with good intentions and when you say it is time.
      You must always be in control.
      I think you could benefit from a session with me.
      If you would like my help go the “Services” tab.
      All my best,

  16. My dad always would ask me..or tell me rather haha “you see them dont you” ….

  17. Hi, I’ve experienced several of the above. I am constantly seeing images in my head. use to be when i closed my eyes now it just happens! I see clips of random peoples lives sort of like a short film. My mom passed away last year and I knew she was going to pass away weeks before it happened. I have had an out of body experience that scared me to death! People drain me i’m always told that I give great advice so they all bring their problems. The thing is I have very bad anxiety and am taking on others energy positive or negative. I would love to control and better understand my ability so I can live a more relaxed life. Please help!

    • Hi Tasha,
      I got your email and responded to your questions there with a long reply.
      I will say though, you are definitely a budding medium and you should develop this.
      Controlling this ability is vital to living a balanced life and controlling your anxiety.
      I suggest reading my book, The Intuition Answer Book.
      In there I answer reader’s questions that are a lot like yours and give them exercises to do to control the flow of information through their psychic channels.
      It’s so great to meet you!
      All my best to you.

  18. Hello, I have experience all of these.. Each one.. Im not sure what they mean, or why i see them.. But i often feel like i have a spirit guide that tells me things and warns me, i am a full grown adult still terrified of the dark.. And its un explainable. I feel like im constantly being watched. And i often know what people are thinking.. I was so curious about my mind that i studied Psychology. Why do i see the things that come to me. Even weirder. My neighbor was murdered, every time i pass her house i see what happened to her. it become so strong that i stopped going near there.. What is going on with me?

    • Hi Catherine,
      You sound as if you are clairvoyant and mediumistic. I would definitely work on learning how to develop and control these abilities.
      I have a good book I like to recommend if you’re interested: So You Want to be a Medium? and for developing your intuition, my book: http://www.amazon.com/The-Intuition-Principle-Attract-ebook/dp/B007P6HIU2/ref=as_li_wdgt_js_ex?&linkCode=wey&tag=mystmusimedi-20

      You need to learn how to turn it off so you can have peace. When you want to tune it – you turn it on. This way you are in control. You also need to set the boundaries and say to your spirit guides or whomever it is that is watching you, “No! Back off. If and when I want to communicate with you I will tell you.” Or, something like that.

      Your abilities have flowered but you don’t yet know how to work with them and be in control – that’s what’s happening to you.

      I hope this helps you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a reading if you want more information.

  19. hi there enjoyed reading this alot, I hav had questions in my mind 4 a long time & this answered them 4me,
    I got 11/13 of them & they r very true 2 form.
    my gift as I call it has developed stronger as I hav
    gotten older.but as I dont truly no hw 2 wrk with it
    I ignore it, mayb safer,
    wud love 2 talk more with u

    yours honestly

    • HI Sue,
      So nice to meet you. Welcome to Powered by Intuition!
      I’m glad this post answered so many of your questions.
      You must be a psychic medium if you got 11 out 13, for sure.
      You need to develop it under the guidance of properly trained medium to learn how to control it.
      If you’d like to contact me- you can email me. Subscribe and then you’ll have my email address.
      All my best,

    • How do I further myself? I have the dreams and everything I get “feelings” like I can feel people with me dead and alive. I keep feeling someone behind me that isn’t there seeing a person near me everywhere. I need help.

  20. How fascinating. I could say yes to eight of these. Someone recently told me that I might have channeling abilities–is that the same thing? Maybe not. At any rate, the one that shows up the most frequently in my life is the claircognizance. I’m not sure how that is really different from intuition, but I know that I often “know” something, often something very specific, without knowing how I know it. My kids did not appreciate this very much!
    Galen Pearl recently posted…To Question or Not To Question?My Profile

    • Hi Galen,
      I”m not surprised. You have always talked about “knowing” things which is claircognizance. I’m sure your kids didn’t appreciate it one bit! LOL
      Channeling isn’t the same but, it is similar.

      When you channel you bring through a discarnate intelligence that may or may not have lived upon the earth as a human being at one time. Usually when you channel you are getting information and answers about life from the intelligence. Think of “Abraham” from Esther Hicks or “Seth” from Jane Roberts. They was channeling.

      When you are a medium you speak for deceased human beings who want to communicate with their loved ones still living in a body.

      • So two follow up questions. How is channeling different from being a medium? And how is claircognizance different from intuition? Thanks for your patience in instruction!
        Galen Pearl recently posted…To Question or Not To Question?My Profile

        • Hi Galen,
          Good questions. I answered one of them in my original reply but, I’ll cut and paste it here for you:

          Channeling isn’t the same as being a medium but, it has similarities.

          When you channel you bring through a discarnate intelligence that may or may not have lived upon the earth as a human being at one time. Usually when you channel you are getting information and answers about life’s big questions from the intelligence. (Some psychics use channeling to give a psychic reading for clients) Think of “Abraham” from Esther Hicks or “Seth” from Jane Roberts. They was channeling.

          When you are a medium you speak for deceased human beings who want to communicate with their loved ones still living in a body.

          Claircognizance is a psychic ability and comes from outside of yourself. You just “know” that this person is going to die or that tomorrow they will be in the hospital. Your energy is intertwined with the energy of all intelligent life. Think of it as how I describe it in my book: The World Wide Web of Consciousness. Your mind – which is not a physical organ is connected through this web. At times, you will involuntarily receive information this way about things. What we call mother’s intuition is very misleading – it’s not intuition it’s a psychic ability and we all have this.

          The word intuition is very misused –

          Intuition is your own inner wisdom. Most intuitive information comes from what you’ve stored in the subconscious and forgotten. Much of what we call intuition is “pattern recognition” based on something we’ve learned to such a degree that the moment we get something close our subconscious recognizes it and “throws the answer into your awareness.” Think of it like hearing the first note of a song and knowing which song it is in the blink of eye. You’ve heard it so many times that – this note alone is enough for your subconscious to retrieve the song’s title.

          Does this make it clearer?

          • Oh, yes, very helpful. And thanks for repeating your answer to the first question. I read it when you first answered it, but then got muddled again when I was asking the additional question. As you can see, I need many tutorials! Thank you for your patience.
            Galen Pearl recently posted…Arrows into FlowersMy Profile

  21. Angela, you know I am a happy soul who sometimes meets a different set of people in my ongoing dreams. I am surprised to say yes to most of the above points. I had chalked it all down to compassion, empathy and just being sensitive. Hmm. Love the post. I couldn’t have verbalized so well. Not sure how true this is – but I’ve found that people who follow a strong prayer routine seriously seem more tuned to the subconscious mind and are able to “see” more.

    Special thanks for the gift of today’s morning, Angela. You’ve no idea how much it means to me.

    Love, Vidya
    Vidya Sury recently posted…I am Enough – An AffirmationMy Profile

    • Hi Vidya,
      You’ve mentioned this dream to me previously and I find it fascinating! I think they are either your “soul group” or your guides. I’m not suprised that you said, “yes” to many of these. I was thinking of you as I was writing and nodding my head thinking you would say “yes” to many!
      Compassion, empathy and sensitivity are important aspects of psychic ability to be sure.
      Loved ones speaking through mediums continually report that the blessings and prayers sent from the living are not only heard but, that they help elevate them to higher levels in the afterlife. Sincere faith and prayer to deities and saints will deepen your connection to “Spirit/Source.”
      If you pray regularly and get into a deep “zone” during the prayer you are more then likely opening your psychic channels too.

      You are so welcome! I loved bringing your Mom through for you. She is such a sweet soul – I can see you are so much like her too. I do believe she prompted to reach out to you as the anniversary of her transition is just around the corner.
      Big hugs to you Vidya!

  22. Great post Angela!
    I have definitely had more than one of these things happen to me. I have vivid dreams. And I was afraid of the dark as a child. I get little messages to call friends or my mother. My husband and I often know what the other is going to say. Your information is very interesting!
    Betsy/Zen Mama recently posted…This Inspirational Movie Can Inspire Random Acts Of Kindness!My Profile

    • Hi Betsy,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Having vivid dreams is a big one. It sounds like you have some untapped psychic abilities.
      You and your husband are really attuned to one another. You’re also very psychically tuned into your friends and family.
      You could develop this further you know?

  23. Angela-

    Shuck!! I’m not a medium. Yes- there were some I could identify with but not enough to give myself the ‘maybe I am’ one.

    I always love reading your posts Angela ~ I walk away feeling as if I’ve learned something. This one woke me up with my first cup of coffee and is giving me a bit of internal ‘pep in my step’ as I start a new work week.
    Fran Sorin recently posted…42 Top Seeds for 2013 ~From Some Favorite Gardeners and Seed SourcesMy Profile

    • Hi Fran,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. You have plenty to keep you busy without taking on mediumship work. I have it on good authority that you are a gifted gardening expert, radio show host, writer, interfaith minister and counselor and great at recognizing the talents of others!

  24. Only #6 resonated, but I wasn’t really surprised. I think I’ve become much more sensitive to these qualities in my 40s, but have no recollection from childhood!
    Sandi Amorim recently posted…Find Your Own LightMy Profile

    • Hi Sandy,
      Some mediums do not “see” or “hear” the discarnates so, you could be very mediumistic sensing energy alone.
      A lot of people awaken to their “other” senses after 40.
      You’re in good company!

  25. Oh, yes to most of these, especially the parts about colors and auras, of course. I never set out to be a medium specifically, but I have been surprised to find many deceased loved ones coming through in my readings, by name and appearance. I love it when that happens, although I still don’t necessarily go in looking for it. But they show up anyway, bless them! :)
    Jennifer Flint ~ The Aura Reader recently posted…Monday MantraMy Profile

    • Hi Jenn,
      I’m not surprised! You have a “ghost” boyfriend from years past following you around after all!
      It’s my favorite type of reading by far.

    • Lori,
      I’m so glad! And, I’m not surprised :-)

  26. Hi Angela, I loved this article! Yes to all of the above except #9 oobe. Although once I was sitting with my son in a dream observing Earth like from another place out in space. Funny, because while I have had medium experiences in the course of doing intuitive work, and while I find them the “easiest” to connect to, for the most part it doesn’t seem to be my strongest suit or what I am called to do very often.

    The more recent experience I had was that I started seeing black X marks on parts of people’s bodies with my eyes open, totally unexpectedly. When I ask them,”Are you having trouble with your elbow?” and they say yes, I’ll ask,”Left or right?” and darned if it isn’t the correct one. THAT was totally unexpected!
    Julie recently posted…Behind The Scenes of Your IntuitionMy Profile

    • Julie,
      I can’t believe this – I wrote a long reply to your comment and it “disappeared?”
      Weird. I should have added an additional sign to this post: Technology acting up around mediums! (it’s true though)
      I’m sure you have experienced many of these too.
      I totally understand what you’re saying about the mediumship maybe not being your “thing.”
      I had been getting quite a few medical intuitive requests and I feel the same way about those.
      If you’re getting “x” on the body it may be a sign that you are meant to be a spiritual healer and medical intuitive.
      Have you ever thought about that?
      It can take years to find the right path for our psychic abilities.
      I’ve been giving readings since I was twelve and it’s only in the last 7 years that I realized that mediumship was my path.



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