Mapping the Human Energy Field: Aura Readings Explained

“Chakras are energy-awareness centers. They are the revolving doors of creativity and communication between spirit and the world.” –Michael J. Tamura English: the human atmosphere

I’ve always been interested in the human energy field. Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Jennifer Flint, The Aura Reader,  to give us an in depth look at how to read auras – the human energy field.

How did you start reading auras?

I happened to be attending a psychic fair at a local metaphysical shop a while back, and had actually had my own aura photographed that day, so the subject was on my mind.

Just before I left, I was chatting with the owner of the shop and one of the employees.  I laughingly joked that I could probably read their auras, and threw out what I thought were a couple of totally random colors for each of them.

To my surprise, they both looked at me strangely, and told me that I was correct.  Later, one of them showed me her own aura photograph, and it was exactly as I had described it.

This got me thinking about the subject, and I began doing brief little readings for friends and family, which also seemed quite accurate.  At this point I often didn’t even know what the colors I was seeing meant, and sometimes had to look them up in order to interpret them!

Later I made a new friend through her spiritual blog, and mentioned to her in passing that I seemed to have this odd little ability to read auras.  She immediately asked me to read her, of course, which I did without even seeing her photograph.

When my assessment turned out to be correct, she asked me to read her husband and daughter as well, and then a couple of her friends, who came through with some rather startling and specific information.

At that point she suggested that I start offering aura readings through my blog, and that’s just what I did. The rest is history!

What is an aura?

Well, personally I would describe it as the energetic emanation of the body and soul, and more specifically the chakras, which are the energy centers of the various parts of the body.

The vibrations of the soul extend beyond the physical form in the same way that electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) can be measured outside an electrical wire, and for some reason I am able to perceive this output in terms of specific colors.

What does an aura look like?

This varies greatly from person to person, and probably from one aura reader to the next.  I do find that most of the colors I see tend to correspond to the traditional colors and meanings of the seven major chakras, although there are some exceptions.

I know it’s common to think of the aura as an egg-shaped projection surrounding the body, but I don’t always view it that way.  It’s more typical for me to see the chakras as separate “pieces” of the aura, in different shapes and sizes, and these symbols can often tell me something about what’s going on with each person, and what energetic blockages might need to be resolved.

How do you “see” an aura?

I mainly read using photographs, and primarily by email, although I can do it in person as well.  My aura readings are almost entirely intuitive, and most of it happens inside my head. In fact, my mother finds it amusing that I tend to look away from people when I’m reading them in person, in order to avoid being distracted by them visually.

I can sometimes “project” a person’s aura colors around them and view them that way, but the information is most likely still intuitive rather than truly visual.  And it’s something I have to do deliberately, which is actually a benefit since I can also turn it off when I’m not working.

There are also some very subtle things I’ve taught myself to do with the muscles of my eyes in order to activate my intuitive abilities and enter alpha state, which is the brainwave pattern most conducive to psychic activity.  These methods are a bit difficult to describe, but they seem quite effective.

Can anyone see an aura?

I will admit that I don’t really know, since until fairly recently I didn’t even realize that I could do it!  So it may be a hidden ability that other people have as well.

It does seem to be a clairvoyant skill, so people with natural clairvoyant tendencies might have an easier time of it.  My assumption is that anything is possible, though, if a person has a strong enough desire to learn the ability.  I have definitely developed my own clairvoyant skills over the years, simply by practicing them in various ways.

Meditation is a hugely helpful tool in this regard, and it’s the first thing I always recommend to people who want to advance their intuitive abilities.

How does your synesthesia play into your seeing auras?

An example how a synesthetic person might asso...

An example how a synesthetic person might associate a color to letters and numbers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Synesthesia is a rare but harmless cross-wiring of the brain that causes more than one sense to be combined.  In my case, for example, I see all letters and numbers in very specific colors, and they often have genders and “personalities” too.

As a result, I’m very accustomed to perceiving people and objects in color where others might not, and assigning meanings to them as well.  My guess is that this probably makes it easier for me to see the colors of the aura, and to interpret them too.

It’s hard to overemphasize how much having synesthesia “colors” my life, literally as well as figuratively. So it’s no surprise that the various hues of the aura would be an effective gateway for me to use in terms of applying my intuitive abilities.

Do you have any unusual/entertaining stories about reading auras you can share with us?

All sorts of intuitive information can show up during a reading, from health and emotional issues to mediumship.  I am often amused by some of the odd bits of data that Source chooses to show me, and I am quickly learning that the stranger a piece of information seems to be, the more likely it is to be relevant.

For example, one repeat client contacted me recently because she was having a specific problem that she needed assistance with.  So I headed for my studio and began to pull cards for her.

Now, in a previous reading, I had made contact with a deceased friend of hers from high school. I was able to identify him by name (Lenny), and gave many details about what he looked like, their relationship, symbols they used between them, and the way he had lived and died.

I haven’t given much thought to this person since then, so when I entered the studio to begin reading, I was surprised to have the feeling that Lenny was in there with me.  When I had contacted him earlier, I had not had the sense that he was directly in my presence, but this time I did – I even got physical chills, which faded when I left the room, and resumed when I reentered it, as though he was waiting politely.

Mind you, I have had deceased loved ones show up many times in my readings, by name and specific appearance, but this was the first time the presence felt quite so – uh – present, as it were.

Since I was already aware of Lenny, I informed him mentally that if he wanted to impress his friend that he was really here, he would need to tell me something that I couldn’t possibly have known about him.

Immediately, I received the distinct impression of some sort of practical joke involving a bug. Not being sure quite what to make of this, I reported it to my client, who laughingly responded that at some point during their friendship she had had a fight with Lenny, and had placed a small insect into his mouth while he was sleeping.

I was able to describe the bug precisely, and even sent her a photo of a beetle very much like the one I saw.  She confirmed that it was extremely similar, except that the actual insect was much smaller.  But you can hardly blame Lenny for inflating its size, since it was his mouth it had been in!

As peculiar as this little reference was, it was something unique that they both clearly remembered (for obvious reasons). So it was an excellent way for Lenny to identify himself to my client, since this is probably not something that happens to the average person very often.

At the same time, he also mentioned ice cubes to me, which turned out to be very relevant to my client as well.  Her two-year old daughter absolutely adores ice cubes, and they routinely bribe her with them when they want her to behave.

Furthermore, ice cubes had recently been shooting from their icemaker in an unexplainable fashion, and it may be that Lenny was trying to take credit for this activity too.  They both seem to have quite the unique sense of humor!

Can you teach someone to see an aura? Yes~!

An exercise with a tips on how to see the aura:

1. Try and visualize the aura. lose your eyes in a quiet location, focus on your breathing, and call to mind an image of someone that you would like to try to read.  Please make sure that you have that person’s permission, since to do otherwise would be an invasion of their privacy.  You can even practice on your own aura, if you don’t have a willing participant!

2. Relax. In this relaxed state, try and project the image of the person in question onto an imaginary movie screen in your mind, and simply observe any colors that appear around them.

3. Pay attention. Notice also the strength, size, and shape of these colors, and any other impressions you may receive. If you are familiar with the chakras, you can scan them one by one to see how well they’re operating.

4. Review what you are seeing. Do they look bright, clear, and strong, or are there tinges of darkness or muddying in a particular area?  This can indicate blockages in the energy flow that may need to be resolved.

Now, remember, this is an intuitive activity, so don’t be afraid to use your own intuition to interpret what you see.  Your “color vocabulary” might be different from another aura reader’s, in the same way that no two people with synesthesia will ever see things in quite the same way.

Have you ever seen an aura? Describe what you saw and the circumstances under which you saw it. Share any tips you might have for seeing auras with us here.

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P.S. Pick up any of my books to learn more about how to harness your intuition. Click here.

Jenn Flint The Aura ReaderJennifer Flint lives in New England with one boyfriend, two mice, a hamster, a rabbit, and two absurdly spoiled birds.  Apart from her duties as head zookeeper, she offers aura, chakra, and Tarot readings through her blog The Aura Reader, as well as musings on spirituality, meditation and holistic energy management.  Stop by and join the conversation!

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    • Hi Cathy,

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting – I’m glad you enjoyed the interview! Synesthesia is a really intriguing condition – I think that a lot of people may have it without even realizing it, because it’s so natural to them. They usually find out when they say something like “Wow, the number three is so blue, isn’t it?” and people look at them like they have two heads or something.

      That’s when they realize that not everyone sees the world the way they do. And no two synesthetics see the world alike either, so it really is a unique position to be in! But it does make life more colorful, so I wouldn’t give it up for anything. :)
      Jennifer Flint ~ The Aura Reader recently posted…Monday MantraMy Profile

  1. This is fascinating! I know a bit about chakras, but really nothing about auras. Now I want to get a reading for myself!
    Galen Pearl recently posted…Wonderfully MadeMy Profile

    • Hmm, I think I know a lady who does that! 😛

      It’s funny, because I didn’t really think of the chakras and the aura as being connected before, but after doing this for a while I definitely do. I now think of the aura as something like the glow of the chakras, in the way that a lighthouse puts out a beacon from a central point. It’s just that living energy radiating outward.

      Interesting, isn’t it? There’s still so much I’m learning about all this myself! Can’t wait to find out more!

  2. This is the first I read about Synesthesia. Very interesting. What a coincidence that just two days ago, I listened in on a webinar on Chakra Healing by Carol Tuttle.

    I love your tips about learning to read auras, Jennifer – that’s almost exactly how I do it :-) Back in school, we had a physics teacher who told us that if we concentrated and thought about someone for an extended time, they would somehow appear. It has worked for me. I believe deeply in intuition and this post is like the icing on my son’s birthday cake which we finished (too soon) yesterday – rich, chocolaty and don’t ever want it to end sort.

    Thank you, Angela. Hugs! I am motivated to knwo more about this!

    • Hi, Vidya, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. But now you’ve got me thinking about chocolate cake! And sadly, I don’t have any. 😛

      I do think that many people may have these abilities and be unaware of them. It never hurts to try out the technique, and I think if people do, there may be some interesting surprises. Have a go and see what happens!
      Jennifer Flint ~ The Aura Reader recently posted…Power LinesMy Profile

  3. Thanks for the insightful article! I am going to try out these tips, as it sounds like a liberating exercise in seeing with your mind’s eye. Thanks, Aura Reader and Angela!

    • Please do, Penny – if nothing else, it’s relaxing, meditative, and a lot of fun. You might be surprised at what you see. Just promise to always use your powers for good! :)
      Jennifer Flint ~ The Aura Reader recently posted…Power LinesMy Profile

      • I tried it and I saw your aura being like fuzzy lightning bolts, or kind of like mum flower petals, out from your clavicle region, royal blue, to purple to tips of gold; I tried my daughter and saw a pink-grapefruit-like nimbus of yellow and orange, kind of furry like an angora sweater. Are the textures and shapes something I should be seeing, or just colors?

        • Yes, I do see different shapes and sometimes get textures. It’s up to you to interpret them using your own intuition, which you might do just by observing how you feel about them.

          The colors you describe for me might apply to the upper chakras – throat, brow, and crown, which are definitely strong points, and which I do direct outward in my work. I have more difficulty with the lower ones, being a somewhat less grounded person in the physical sense.

          For your daughter, it sounds as though you might be picking up on the solar plexus and sacral chakras, which can represent a sharp intellect and a strong will, as well as creativity or an energetic, social nature. It’s interesting that they seem fuzzy in her case – since she’s very young, it’s possible that they’re still developing! That would make sense to me.

          Great work – keep trying it out on anyone who will let you, if it interests you! It’s fun, if nothing else! :)
          Jennifer Flint ~ The Aura Reader recently posted…Power LinesMy Profile

  4. To answer the question “can anyone see an aura” – probably yes. In my years of practice and teaching, all my students and friends were able to learn at least the basics of clairvoyance, which allowed them to perceive energies – and aura is nothing less than human energy field. But… :). There’s always a but…

    … There’s another interesting question related to this article, because chakras were mentioned – are chakras real? Actually, when you come to think about that, there’s no a definite answer to this question. And since auras and chakras are often mentioned together in books and articles, I wonder – what aura really is? Or, is aura real at all?

    Let’s take chakras, for example. Only two traditions in the world actually developed the concept of “energy centers” – the Hindu and Taoist traditions. None other tradition or culture developed such concept, unless you’ll try to assume that the Hebrew’ Tree of Life is a map of chakras :). And even so, Hindu and Taoist tradition perceive energy centers differently.

    And what about aura? Only two cultures developed the concept – ancient Egypt and ancient India (Egyptian concept was later on used by Greek culture, and from there it was introduced to Christian tradition). And in both cases, the aura was surrounding person’s head, not the entire body. At the same time, no other culture in the world developed such concept. Only later, during XIX and XX century, the theosophical movement popularized both concepts of aura and chakras, which is similar to our modern understanding.

    And yet, people with clairvoyant abilities were living all over the world – yet we won’t learn about anything similar to chakras or auras from them. Don’t you think it’s interesting? For me, it’s fascinating :).

    I’m not saying that what you see isn’t “real” – I can see things, too. But maybe it’s real only for those who know what to look for?

    What I want to say is that we all can perceive that which goes beyond the physical matter. But we should all ask ourselves – isn’t it that the books we read and movies we see influence the way we perceive the reality? Nancy du Tertre wrote an interesting book about it – “Psychic Intuition”. Basically, yes – our perception of the world is based upon things we learn and experience. Read about auras and chakras, and you’ll be able to perceive them. Not really because they’re there, but because your mind translates the subtle information into something that make sense. And after few books, chakras and auras do make sense. But what’s really “there”? What is it that needs translation made by our mind, hmm?

    Now that’s a subject for contemplation :). Just a thought :).

    • Hi Nathan,

      These are all very good points! I can’t say for sure whether auras and chakras are “real” or not, since that is probably only for Source to know. I can only say that looking at a person’s energy field in the way that I do seems to produce information that is relevant and helpful, which is really my primary intention.

      One thing that does interest me is that when I started reading auras, I had no expectations at all as to what my “color vocabulary” would turn out to be, and as I said, I actually had to look up some of the colors I saw, in order to interpret them.

      It took me a little while to figure out that the colors I was already seeing generally corresponded to the standard chakra system, in fact, which I was really not expecting or looking for. So to me that speaks in favor of some kind of objective reality to that system – which frankly surprised me as much as anyone else, since I too had previously regarded it as somewhat symbolic.

      In fact, on many occasions I’ve even been able to figure out my clients’ Meyers-Briggs personality types simply from looking at their aura color profiles! See my post called “Colors in the Dark” for an example of this. It’s very intriguing to me that those two systems seem to be related as well, since personality typing is generally considered to be more of a scientific than a spiritual sort of thing.

      But as I said, I’m mostly interested in effect over cause, so as long as the information is useful to people, that’s all I’m really concerned about.

      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts! :)
      Jennifer Flint ~ The Aura Reader recently posted…Power LinesMy Profile

      • I am interested in trying this in a focused way. I am curious to know how I will interpret the colors – because I am colorblind.

        Vidya Sury recently posted…Attract Happiness With Zen TipsMy Profile

  5. Very detailed and interesting article, thank you for sharing my blog “On Auras and Empowerment”!


    • Hi Anna,
      You are welcome. I enjoyed your post as well.
      It’s a pleasure meeting you,

    • Thanks, Anna – I too enjoyed your post! I had my aura photographed once, as I mentioned above, and was hoping to have it done again recently at another psychic fair, just to see if it had changed.

      But the person who was there this time had different equipment, so I didn’t think that would be a fair comparison. Hopefully someday, though! I’m interested to know that yours did change over time.

      It sounds like you have a lot of gifts, so I’m sure you’ll find a way to apply them that really helps people! :)
      Jennifer Flint ~ The Aura Reader recently posted…Jumping AheadMy Profile

  6. Angela and Jennifer,
    This is a fascinating post! I’d never heard of Synesthesia. I have sometimes thought I could see some kind of energy around people but never with color. Just a sort of brightness. I love the story of Lenny, too!
    Thank you both!

    • HI Betsy,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this guest post from Jennifer. Synesthesia is fascinating, isn’t it?

    • Thanks, Betsy! Actually, I didn’t know what synesthesia was myself, or even that there was such a thing, until I googled “seeing letters in color” several years ago, and up it popped. It’s been really interesting learning about it since then. I always thought it was just me!

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! :)
      Jennifer Flint ~ The Aura Reader recently posted…Weird—and Wonderful!—Ways to Work In WellnessMy Profile



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