Why Meditation is the Spiritual Gateway to Growth

Meditation is the Gateway to Spiritual Growth

Why Meditation is the Spiritual Gateway to Growth

By Jennifer Hudson.

Meditation is one of the greatest gateways to spiritual growth. It is the catalyst towards freedom and helps to cleanse the soul of the blocks that keep us bound. Though many people feel that they understand meditation, they often do not. For those wanting a spiritual awakening and an understanding that goes beyond their current paradigm, meditation must be studied and practiced.

How to Practice Meditation Wisely

Meditation seems to come more naturally for some more than others. Not everyone can sit down for their first session and experience true meditation. For many, it takes time and practice to find the right atmosphere, state of mind, and visualization to see true results. It helps to start out by meditating at two different intervals during the day. Morning and night are often good choices. Take about twenty minutes for each session. During this time it is important to focus on a chosen mantra, so that random thoughts do not interfere with the clearing of the mind.

Meditation has Many Benefits

Meditation helps to take us closer to our chosen higher power. When our selves are pushed back for this time, we allow ourselves to come into true and proper focus with that power. Our spirits are then open for communication to receive those messages that we often either intentionally or unintentionally overlook. Meditation also helps in the relationships in our lives. Once we are connected to the spiritual world around us, we are able to embrace the people in our lives in a much more profound way.

Along with the relationship benefits, there are also many health benefits of meditating. The health benefits include a calmer state of mind and improved function in both brain pattern and focus ability. Many people have also found that it helps them cope with pain and illness. Meditation can be used for a variety of issues in our lives from emotional to physical.

Why People Choose Meditation

Often, people turn to meditation when traditional modern medicine and ways of thinking do not help them with their situations. Meditation provides an enlightenment that transfers into every aspect of our lives. We become more aware of everything around us and every emotion. We are happier and more at peace. By changing our inside understanding, we are able to change our outside understanding. We become less concerned about self, but in reality, end up finding a higher self-fulfillment.

No matter where the journey begins, it must be taken a step at a time. Experiencing spiritual growth does not happen immediately, for most. It is a journey that is experienced through the awakening of the mind. It starts with the understanding that we are all a part of something much larger and by finding our place in this much larger space, we are able to find contentment and true happiness.

If one is looking to begin this journey, it will truly begin to change them from the core. It may take time to develop the best practice that brings true results, but once that niche has been found, change is boundless. Meditation is a vital part of any spiritual journey and must take place to find our true intended paths.

Do you a meditate? What works for you? Do you prefer self-directed meditation or guided meditations like the Re-Awakening or Intuition Principle Guided Meditations?

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Jennifer Hudson is a writer who enjoys writing on many different topics of interest that engage the reader in deeper thoughts. She is a contributor for Degreejungle.com and enjoys helping others find peace through her studies and writings on many helpful subjects.


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  1. Meditation is just amazing! It helps me solve problems and bring clarity to my life. I WISH I could get my husband to actually try the “mumbo jumbo” – I think it’d benefit him tremendously, as he’s so stressed from work etc. I’ve tried with him a couple of times, but he says it feels stupid and “nothing’s happening”, like he’s expecting some sort of event! Any ideas on what I could do to convince him / help him with it?
    Alison recently posted…Doing intermittent fasting the right wayMy Profile

    • Alison,
      Many people tell me that they find my “Re-Awakening Guided Meditation” album very soothing – even if they have a resistance to meditating.
      Maybe your husband would find listening to a guided meditation easier than doing it on his own?
      You could take a look at it here: Re-Awakening

  2. I have a question. What would you suggest to someone who has trouble with meditation? I cannot seem to be able to meditate and I have tried many different kinds. I even bought a book on breathing, but I can’t seem to do it. Any suggestions?

    • Janet,
      Many people tell me that they find my “Re-Awakening Guided Meditation” album very soothing.
      You could take a look at it here: Re-Awakening

  3. Great article. I have participated in fMRI studies a lot over the years and the effects of meditation on the brain are all absolutely positive. Great share here, sharing with my like minded friends!

    • Thank you Kelly! It’s a pleasure to meet you and have you visit Powered by Intuition.
      I appreciate you sharing the article too.

  4. Lots of truth here. Some of my favorite forms of meditation involve body awareness, but there is a twist here as it can be easy for this to fall into a mental game.

    You start with observing different parts of your body, but then notice how the mind makes a picture of that body part, creates boundaries and a whole story. You observe this and let it go and expand, feeling what-is directly.

    The body is always fully in the present moment, only the mind goes into story about past and future so it is a great tool. I got the meat of this from the exercises that GP Walsh does.

    • CJ,
      That’s fascinating. I wasn’t aware of this type of meditation at all. I would like to hear more about it.

      When I was first taught to meditate we were told to focus our attention on different parts of the body and squeeze our muscles very tightly and then relax them, beginning with our feet and then move upward. This was to get us into a state of relaxation but not the entire meditation itself.

      I would agree – the body is ever present. It’s only the mind that can take flight into the past or future.

      Thanks so much for coming by and commenting CJ.

  5. Meditation for true happiness confirms that true happiness is found inside us. The feelings of satisfaction and completeness that we often seek outside ourselves are actually part of our basic personality. Sorry to say, we have become so used to looking outside of ourselves for happiness that we often do not know how to find out this inner wealth.

  6. In response to Ben above, those brain wave cd’s are great! I’m glad you get in touch with your feelings when you meditate. I’m still perfecting the art as i don’t find it too easy to meditate. These points in the article will help. I also find just reflecting on the little things and being grateful for them helps me alot to!

  7. Hi Jennifer,
    I have too seen the benefits of meditation. I’ve found that it allows me to deal with my feelings much better when they come up in the moment.

    I use a brainwave meditation program combined with an active meditation where I allow the feelings and sensations to be there in my body and just stay with them. I’ve found that combining the brainwaves with an active meditation has increased the power of meditation for me.


    • Ben,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the article. It’s great to meet you and welcome to Powered by Intuition.
      I love the combination you’ve come up with to use a brainwave meditation and active meditation.
      It sounds like it has very powerful benefits for you.

  8. I want to meditate more often than I do. I have trouble finding a time to do it. So I try it in bed as I go to sleep or try a walking meditation. I love having the reawakening to listen to as well. But I need to make it into a regular habit.

    Thank you for these great reminders, Jennifer and Angela!
    Betsy/Zen Mama recently posted…Baby, I’m Amazed With You!My Profile

    • You’re welcome Betsy! Keep trying. Sooner or later meditation will stick and you won’t want to miss a day.

  9. I meditate for a short time most mornings. I find that I’m most drawn to sitting in quiet rather than listening to music or guided meditations, although at times, those are very helpful. When I go several days without meditation, I can tell!

    • Galen,
      I agree. When I go for a day or two without meditation I can tell too!

  10. I have been meditating for more than 2 years twice or more daily.It helped me to be calmer,shut down the chatter and health wise,I am much better,in all aspects of life.
    It takes time but its worth it so I will continue for the rest of my life.

    • Jean,
      You’ve experienced all the wonderful benefits of meditation.
      That’s great Jean!

  11. Meditation is now a daily part of my life I always meditate when I get up first thing in the morning and use a self directed mode with My TM mantra if I need to focus. I also use the Insight timer on my phone.(free) This connects with the energy of others meditating around the world.

    I also meditate in the afternoon when I feel I need to be still and use Angela’s Reawakening meditations each day.
    Suzie Cheel recently posted…Are You Following Your Heart’s Desire Or Does Fear Stop You?My Profile

    • Hi Suzie,
      I always wanted to take TM but, it was so expensive. How is it?
      The phone apps are marvelous!
      I’m glad you’re using the Re-Awakening meditations too.

  12. i think meditation even helps increase metabolism! and helps keep you mindful about eating :)

  13. Hi Jennifer,

    I have been meditating the last few years, after I started practicing yoga. It brings me peace of mind and a feeling of calm. For anyone, meditation is helpful, but for someone under chronic stress, mediation can help the person cope and change their inner feelings about the situation. You feel more in control. Thanks for sharing your great post! Have a great day,



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