The 5 Traits of Creative Genius (You Cannot Afford to Be Without)

“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.” –Albert Einstein

Have you ever wondered what sets the creative genius apart from the rest of us?

Creative geniusThe innovative thinker has 5 character traits that contribute to their creative genius.

Being a bit of a rebel

The rebellious individual is always asking, “Why? Why do we do it this way? Why don’t we try it that way? Why does this work and that doesn’t?” Constantly asking questions that shake up the status quo is one of the key strengths of the creative rebel.

Open to many different types of people

The like interacting with many different types of people from a variety of socioeconomic, career and cultural backgrounds. They are sometimes a bit odd themselves but, are okay with that. Never feeling as if they fit in anywhere they seek out many different types of people in an effort to find out where they belong. Exposing themselves to many different types of people creates a lot of raw material for innovation.

Keen interest in events and trends

The person with an interest in what is going on in the world is exposed to many new ideas and trends. Their keen skills of observation and will spur them to seek the meaning behind the trends that shape events.The information they gather from observing and seeking to understand world events will come into play when they are coming up with an innovative solution.

Put themselves into uncomfortable situations

They will take the public speaking class even though they have been afraid of public speaking all their lives. Every time they push themselves to do something they overcome some fear and a limiting belief that held them back. In doing so they gain valuable experiences that will someday help them to come up with a creative solution.

The common thread connecting these four traits is “associational thinking,” which is the ability to draw connections between things that appear to be totally unrelated. (Fast Company)

I would add one more trait to this list and this is – being intuitive.

Intuition is the supra-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer. Robert Graves


Intuition is the ultimate “associational thinking” process. It illuminates the mind with a brilliant idea that feels as if it came from “left field.” When creative inspiration strikes it appears in your awareness quite suddenly.

How “Eureka” moments happen.

The “aha” moment occurs after an exhaustive search of all the memory banks of your brain. Your brain has gone on a mission to seek and find the answers by looking in every file in your brain. When it finds the answer it brings it up from the depths of your memory banks where it has been safely stored for years and perhaps decades and flings it upon the screen of your awareness. That is why if feels like it “popped” into your mind. You had forgotten about this information until the brain searched and found it and brought it to the surface of your awareness very quickly.

To incubate ideas like a creative genius you will need to develop these five traits.

1. Speak up and ask questions. Bring out your inner rebel and ask, “Why?”

2. Expand your horizons beyond the group of friends you’ve had all your life. Expose yourself to different people and cultures.

3. Take an interest in world events. Seek to understand why things happen as they do on the stage of the world.

4. Push yourself past your limitations and fears. Constantly seek new experiences.

5. Develop your intuition. Set aside time every day to meditate, get quiet and allow it to percolate. Honor these flashes of genius.

These five traits are critical to associational thinking. The person who can take unrelated ideas and put them together in an entirely new concept is an innovator.  But innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You’ve got to come out of your shell and place yourself in different environments and around stimulating people or you’re not going to come up with new and creative ideas. You’ve also got to stop trying to fit in and be like everyone else. If you’re a little a “different,” celebrate this characteristic.

Chances are you probably already possess some of these traits. The more you work on developing all of  them and feeding your mind new and stimulating experiences the more of an innovative thinker you will become.

Can you see how these traits contribute to being an innovative thinker? Which do you already possess and which ones do you need to work on?

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  1. Angela, I am continuously putting myself in “uncomfortable situations” and have done so all of my life. FINALLY, I know why! Thank you! I have always realized that I stretched and grew from these situations. Now I know it was my intuitive self that was leading me into those places. Also, I am very encouraged to know I am on the right track in selecting blogs to follow that have no apparent common ground for me. Then, I find myself developing common ground through non-intellectual channels!
    Rose Byrd recently posted…“……and we so hungry now are full”My Profile

  2. Love the Einstein quote. I cut it and pasted it on my desktop. I have another along side it…Einstein in response to a tchnical question:
    “To me that’s just all details, What I want to do in my life is think like God thinks”
    When I took the Silva course for the first time. Einstein came to mind as my guide.

    • Really? Einstein – he is an awesome guide to have.
      I have Jose!

  3. I’ve always had all 5 of these traits. The funny thing is that my parents were not always supportive of me being so rebelleous and putting myself into uncomfortable situations. This was especially true when I was a teenager. Sometimes, parents don’t want to deal with the concenquences of their children’s outgoingness. Honestly, I think these are essential skills of the 21st century.
    AJ } OpenPsychic recently posted…#1 Way to Balance Your ChakrasMy Profile

    • Hi AJ,
      I completely understand. Most parents truly love their children and only want what is best for them and to protect them.
      This is completely understandable.
      Thank goodness you’re a strong personality and were able to hold onto to these “essential” traits!

  4. I have to agree with a lot of the comments here. I’ve been described as a “character” my whole life and have never felt comfortable with authority figures. I’m curious about local affairs, but as an empath, get overwhelmed with all the negativity reported in world news. I try to stretch myself with taking classes…recently studied stand up comedy which was always scary to me. And since I’ve been focusing on strengthening my intuition, life has gotten so much better!

  5. Hi Angela,

    Well, you’ve got me, I’m an unusual thinker, but I guess we all knew that! Interestingly, I was just reading about highly gifted children, and many of them will tell you that their brain works like a filing cabinet. They literally imagine going into a drawer or pulling down a menu and accessing information stored in there in that format.

    You know, so many of us never felt like we fit in anywhere growing up when it was expected of us. I think we just fit in with each other – intellectuals who felt or thought of things differently, and were interested in other people’s spin on it. Too bad we didn’t all go to the same elementary school – then we would have have been “normal” :)
    Julie recently posted…The QuestionMy Profile

    • Julie,
      Great idea! Why couldn’t we have all gone to the same elementary school where we all fit in with one another?
      We would have all been normal then.

  6. “But innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You’ve got to come out of your shell and place yourself in different environments and around stimulating people or you’re not going to come up with new and creative ideas. You’ve also got to stop trying to fit in and be like everyone else. If you’re a little a “different,” celebrate this characteristic.”
    Amen to that!
    WOW! So, so true – too often the desire gets stuck and innovation doesn’t emerge.

    • Hi Aileen,
      I too try not show all of my “differentness.” After a while I think not being authentically you hurts, you know?

  7. Well, the rebel part and the liking lots of different kinds of people I have down! The putting myself in uncomfortable situations–not so much. So I guess I’m just half a genius!
    Galen Pearl recently posted…Let It BeMy Profile

    • Hi Galen,
      I love that. lol – If it helps – I think you’re a full genius Galen!

    • Tess,
      I hear you. I’m on my way out the door to meet a friend for dinner at a local diner.
      Can’t wait. Guess what the dinner is own by a Greek woman named: Artemisia!

  8. Love this post. I’m always looking to do new and exciting endeavors. I do push myself beyond my fears in many ways; and I’m always open to new things/ways – learning and growing. Curiosity is a must ingredient as well. And a sense of Awe.
    I used to think of creativity in terms of artistic ability – a silly limited view of it (from my past). Now I’ve come to view it as taking on life with a vengeance, fully engaging in life, being open to all that’s out there with excitement and vigor. And people have been actually been telling me in the last few years that I’m a creative person. Now that’s a something for me!!
    You really articulate the points so well.

    • Hi Harriet,
      It’s so good to see you!
      I’m glad you enjoyed this post.
      I can totally relate to what you’re saying.
      I used to think I wasn’t creative either!
      I have no doubt that you are activated all these personality traits.

  9. Hi Angela,

    I totally agree about adding intuition to this list. For me it comes from that same place as my creativity — the “gap” (as they say) between thoughts.

    You talk about expansion in #2 and in that gap is the real expansion that I experience, when I’m not limited by my thinking.

    Thanks for a great post!
    Patti Foy recently posted…A Birds-Eye View of Holographic EmergenceMy Profile

    • Hi Patti,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post.
      I’m sure you’re an associative thinker. I do think that being intuitive – that is how our mind works!

  10. Loved this post. I do all of the above in varying degrees. To truly practice all of these, I’d say one must tone down that ego which can be quite restrictive. :-) I am dealing with someone like that right now. :-) Sometimes, some people find it hard to accept that someone other than themselves could be right – and that blinds them to everything else.

    Those points are valuable and relevant!
    Vidya Sury recently posted…Of Juice And GratitudeMy Profile

    • Vidya,
      So true. Being around someone who thinks they are right all the time is exhausting!
      I’m sure you do most of these things to some degree – you are so brilliant!

  11. Angela,
    This is one of my favorite posts ever! I’m always looking for ways to motivate myself creatively and have fun! The only thing I don’t spend much time with is world events. They are portrayed as such negativity that I try to keep out of my life. I will share with my husband who is in advertising and will love, esp. being the rebel and shaking things up!!
    Betsy at Zen Mama recently posted…The Ying And Yang of HelpingMy Profile

    • Hi Betsy,
      I’m so glad to hear how much you liked this post!
      I think a lot of people are listening to the news less and less.
      I do still like the BBC for news, The Christian Science Monitor and NPR though.



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