Fear of Failure: What YOU Can Learn From an Eleven Year Old

Most people achieved their greatest success one step beyond what looked like their greatest failure. –Brian Tracy

Have you failed at something recently? Are you afraid of failure – ready to give up?

Don’t! Take heart: Watch this video and be inspired.

Failure means only one thing – you are getting closer to success!

Get over your fear by changing what the word “failure” means to you. Look at this little boy’s reaction to failure.

It’s positively positive. He starts out with the expectation that he will have to fail a number of times in order to perfect his technique in order to succeed. In fact, he over estimates the number of times he will fail before succeeding. When he meets with success through fewer failures he is overjoyed!

“It worked! Three failures and it worked!! Rube Goldberg Machines will teach you if you don’t succeed try, try again,” says an ecstatic Audri.

Wow! What an attitude about failure. We should all take a lesson from this wise eleven year old.

Never give up. Face your fear of failure and do it anyway.

First attempt at something didn’t go well? So what! You’re now that much closer to getting it right.

First book,

first product,

first job,

first business,

first time in a relationship

first time on stage,

first public speaking event …..it doesn’t matter what the “first” is, just remember that when you fail you learn how not to do things.

Learning how NOT to do things is as important as learning how to do things

When I first started writing I had no idea how to do it “right” but, I learned something each time I wrote a new article or book.

When I first started giving intuitive and mediumship readings I was unsure of myself but, doing this over and over has taught me how to succeed at it.

When we see failure as part of the process that gets us to our success we are more apt to remain enthusiastic and committed to our work.

Never give up – you never know when the next try will succeed!

If you don’t know what you’re good at or what path you should be on in life keep looking and you will find it.

Have you given up on anything? Why not go back and “try, try again?”

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  1. I remember being young, and going out and doing whatever I wanted without a care about failing. I was fearless, and most of what I tried succeeded, or at the very least I never seriously injured myself!

    Then I hit puberty and started to care about what others thought and have been trying to get that fearlessness back every since.
    J. R. Nova recently posted…Psychology of ReadingMy Profile

    • Hi J.R.
      Welcome! I know exactly what you mean.
      When we become “self-conscious” it changes us drastically.
      I try to look at things as being a “fun challenge” instead and that helps alleviate my fears.
      I also try to think of the process and the experience I enjoy most rather than the outcome and that reduces my stress as well.

  2. Thank you for sharing the video, Angela. I found it inspirational and showed the video to my two girls who also enjoyed it. The kid certainly had a lot to teach us about not giving up and with each failure, being closer to success.
    Evelyn Lim recently posted…Law of Attraction: Activate with JoyMy Profile

    • Hi Evelyn,
      I loved the kid in the video too. I’m glad you shared it with your girls.

  3. Great post Angela! Love this: Never give up – you never know when the next try will succeed! Isn’t that true? There’s a great Thomas Edison quote, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
    Great video, too!!
    Betsy at Zen Mama recently posted…The Tao of Winnie the PoohMy Profile

    • HI Betsy,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and the video too.
      I love that quote from Edison as well.

  4. So true. I gave up something I loved years ago, only to take it back up again in recent years and now I love it! But what I really thought about was my daughter who, when she was in high school, came home from her first lacrosse practice and told me she hated the game. When I asked her why, she said because she didn’t know how to do it. How long have you been playing, I asked her with a smile. Two hours, she pouted. Give it two more hours tomorrow, I suggested. She came home the next day in love with the game and played on the varsity team her last two years of high school!
    Galen Pearl recently posted…Just a Little Bit MoreMy Profile

    • What a great example Galen!
      Thank you for sharing the power of not giving up with us!

  5. Hello People!

    Dennis here, just want to share my few business ventures :)

    1. At the age of 17, I started my first business as computer sales and services freelancer. My venture didn’t go well until 6 months later. Business started to grow and doing well in the business for the next 12 months. However, I need to leave the business because have to leave my hometown to continue study.

    2. In another town, while studying, I venture into photography field. I became wedding photographer and earned some money there too. However, I realized that my passion is not wedding photography (I prefer abstract photography), therefore I decided to let go too.

    3. Of course, as now you should know that I am not the person that sitting down there and do nothing. I discovered Internet Marketing, again I tried to venture into it without second thoughts. Well, I am very very interested in this field. Juggling between studies and online business is not easy. Time flies, already into online business for 4 years. However I stop because…

    4. With a partner and money loaned, I opened a restaurant 1.5 year ago and now still running. As I busy focusing at my restaurant business, I put the online business aside. Well, restaurant business is stable – not growing into multiple chain as what we planned yet.

    5. Because restaurant business is stable, I partner with two friends to start an online business in fashion industry. We did pretty well for the last 9 months and the great news is we are growing and expanding very fast. We now plan to print our own label :)

    6. Lastly and the most current one, I just launched a site selfhelpurls.com two weeks ago, a site that aggregate latest headlines from top self improvement bloggers (don’t meant to promote, but to share my ventures). I love this site very very much and even myself addicted to it (simply because I have passion on self help stuff). Well, I don’t know what will happen to this site but visitors is growing every single day! I believe it gonna be big in the next 12 months. Bless me :)

    I share my stories because I am trying to say that failures is NOTHING. Quit your business is NOTHING. As long as we never give up, continue to search for your passion, sooner or later you will find one and THE ONE. Work on it and you’ll feel the joy and satisfaction.

    Another important point to say is: “What Others Think About Me, Is NONE Of My Business.” This is one of the most important lesson taught by my mentor.

    Never, Never Give Up! Try this: “Fail, SO WHAT?!”


    p/s: sorry for my poor english and grammar as English is not my first language :)

    • Hi Dennis,
      I’m happy for all your successes.
      Keep trying and never give up -even when you’re unsure of what your passion is.
      If you keep looking you’ll find it.
      Your English is fine.

  6. Failure is almost inevitable the first time we try something. Do it anyway! You’ll never get great without trying over and over again.

    Using my adventures in blogging as an example: I’ve never considered myself a writer. I was an accounting major in college and my computer programming professor tried to get me to change my major to programming. I spent over 20 years in corporate finance. How dry is that?? I wanted to get my message out there so I learned about how to set up a blog and I just started somewhere. The initial look of my site left a LOT to be desired. And, in hindsite, so did my writing. But I kept writing.

    Over the course of the first year, I had all of about 50 people on my list and most of these were close friends and family who didn’t want to hurt my feelings by unsubscribing. If anyone ever commented on a post, I was ecstatic. I felt like I was writing in the wind but I kept writing.

    A few months ago my writing took a big turn for the better when I finally dropped the professional, perfect front that I hadn’t even realized I was trying to maintain. I got real and finally had enough confidence to talk about just about anything in my life in an attempt to help others. And people started to notice and subscribe.

    I could have stopped after two or three months, like so many others do. But I know that this is only the beginning of something huge. And I’m willing to hang in there and stumble, trip and fall along the way. It’s a journey that I’m loving!

    I LOVED the kid in the video! I agree that we should be excited about all of our “failures” since each one of them gets us one step closer to success.
    Paige recently posted…What’s Your Payoff For Being Unproductive?My Profile

    • Hi Paige,
      I’m so glad you didn’t give up on blogging!
      Getting real and speaking from the heart will attract the audience that resonate with you.
      I’m glad you loved the video. The kid was cute, right?

  7. I agree with you. Most super-successes begin with failures. Imagine what would have happened if Edison and Einstein and all those other greats had given up the first time. Failures literally fuel the process of success. They are simply opportunities to forge ahead. 😀 I belong to the Never-Give-Up brigade. So this post directly spoke to me, Angela.

    I also believe that our human ego is big enough to persist when we want something badly enough. :-) “Doubts and fears are our worst enemies” We truly shine when we overcome those.

    Beautifully inspiring post. Hugs, Angela!
    Vidya Sury recently posted…Does A Positive Attitude Work?My Profile

    • HI Vidya,
      I love that brigade! I’m a member too!
      Definitely keep forging ahead!



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