Intuition: How To Know If You’re Getting a Sign

Do not assume that divine guidance flows only when you are in need of help.  Guidance continues to flow whether or not you have problems.  It transcends problems, heartbreaks, and traumas, flowing through dreams and illuminations…. Whether guidance comes during times of tranquility or trauma, however, it is up to you to have the courage to acknowledge it…. —Caroline Myss

Would you know if you were getting a sign?

Seeing the signsDid you know that you don’t have to be intuitive to receive guidance. Yes, you read that right.

One of the ways that we can receive guidance is by simply becoming aware of the signs that are always around us. And, you can even ask for signs to show you the way. I’ve written extensively about this technique in my book, “Navigating by Intuition: How to Follow The Signs.”

If you read, “Navigating by Intuition,” you’ll remember that after asking for guidance I received a gold coin that manifested itself out of thin air. Now that’s a sign!

Not all signs are that dramatic though. Most signs appear in the most normal of ways. The trick though is to recognize them as signs so that you can follow the guidance.

Here are two examples that illustrate how signs work:

I was walking along the beach a couple of weeks ago (my usual Sunday morning walk along a 4 mile stretch of beach and boardwalk at Long Beach) and I came upon a young woman sticking a one-stemmed tall yellow -headed flower into the sand. I got the goose bumps as I was stopped to look at this unique scene.   I saw her huge lensed camera and assumed she was doing photo shoots.  Indeed she was, for a class.
This was just too bizarre for me to come upon this scene.
Why – what’s the significance here for me?
In working on the beginning stages of doing some revamping work on my website, my web guy came up with the logo (or whatever you call it) of a single flower coming out of the letter ‘i’ in the word Life.   He actually sent me a bunch of sketched ideas for a visual.  I was leaning towards this flower idea but wasn’t totally sure.
After seeing this beach scene, that was it.  Flower logo it has become.  I felt like I was being given a message, a sign.  I mean how much more obvious could it have been.  I’ve never in my life seen someone stick a single flower into the sand.
I still get the chills when I really think about it.  This just happened about 3 weeks ago.

My business career began after I graduated college. As I was a science graduate with no office skills, my folks assumed I could amuse myself as a secretary (more like a glorified typist) until I got married.

I applied to the top ten companies in Chennai where I lived at the time – and luckily, one of the mavericks in the TVS group picked up my application because he spotted the word “French” on my CV. Long story short, I became speedily employed as a Projects trainee. Nothing great, lots of job variety from making coffee to business meetings and lots in between. The experience was invaluable and “TVS” looked great on my CV. Two years later I got into advertising, which I enjoyed. Then I worked in a transport company as a marketing officer.

While I was good at all my jobs and enjoyed them, I knew I had not found my true vocation. So I was great at sales and marketing, but my heart knew that that was not “IT”.

I was transferred to a different branch, and six months later, I felt a little depressed about my

work. In fact, there were days I felt useless – I – who usually exuded confidence and pep-talked everyone. I would discuss it with my Mom and she’d assure me that things would change for the better. I am not sure I believed it at that very moment, because my supervisor was an arrogant ass who was unlikely to give me (or anyone else) a good reference. Two of my colleagues quit and changed their line of work. It was that bad.

I prayed and prayed for a sign. I tried my best to take stock of the good things in my life. I had a great Mom who encouraged me, clients who trusted me, and – I had just gotten through the competitive entrance test to the MBA (Masters in Business Admin) – and I should have been optimistic, but I wasn’t. It probably was the darkest moments in my life.  I knew I did not want to continue in office automation sales, even if it was a great company.  I wondered what I would do. The future looked bleak.

Then, in 1992, I substituted for our Training Manager, who was held up for the first half of the day in an emergency. As I volunteered to talk to the group, and got myself in front of them – THAT was my A-ha moment. I knew I was born to do employee training! Unfortunately, there was no opening in the company I worked at the time. But now that I had “woken up” I was keen to respond to my “calling” and couldn’t wait to take action.

As though fate had ordained it, I met a career consultant who was visiting our office and – as though she could read my mind, she asked me to meet in her office. The moment I looked at her smiling at me and holding my hand – I felt peace. It was like she was passing energy and strength into me as we shook hands. All she said was “Will you please meet me at my office tomorrow morning?” This was July 1992.

When I met her the next morning, a little nervous, wondering why she drew me like a magnet, she asked me what the heck I was doing in my current job. I asked her what other things I could explore. She told me I would be a natural at training. And insisted I attend an interview the next morning.

I did. She connected me with a large group for the position of regional training manager – and as they say, the rest is history. Personal benefits: my salary multiplied 8 times. Yes, you heard that right. Along with it came perks that I only dreamed of. Two years later, one of the Vice Presidents of the company recommended me for a better position in a UK based company that was launching in India, in the place of my choice. I accepted. With everyone’s blessings. My salary doubled. Anita (that’s the consultant’s name) is one of my closest friends today. :-) Aren’t I truly lucky?

If I had ignored the sign of that blinding moment of light in 1992, I would have never had the experience of a lifetime. Listening to your intuition, as Angela rightly points out, can change your life in a very fulfilling way! Vidya Sury


I hope you enjoyed these fabulous examples of “signs.” They illustrate exactly how we are “led” in our lives by an intelligent force that knows more than we do and that when we follow this guidance we end up in more fortunate circumstances than we could have ever orchestrated on our own.

Have you ever received a sign? What happened? Did you understand it?

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  1. Yes, I will do what I can. I am not sure what.

    I have tried to answer this a few times. Not finding the right words. Its like a fuzzy ball of something floating around, so I can’t actually see it or hear it clearly.

    I am sure when I am more along the healing process things will become clearer.

    • HI Jenna,
      I’m so glad to hear it.
      Sometimes we just need to let things “percolate” beneath the surface.
      When the time is right you’ll understand and know what to do.

      All my best to you,

  2. I want to thank you for simply replying, I was afraid that my post would end this conversation and no one would reply.

    Thank you for your thoughtful response, you have given me a perspective that I hadn’t thought of, and would never have thought of.

    When you said “Perhaps you were drawn together to “heal” one another?” That struck a cord, or a realization, I had at some point, I had felt that I was the ‘teacher’ trying to teach him, as if he were another child, but doing that was sucking the life out of me. Kind of like a vampire, always looking for energy, attention, by whatever means.

    I will focus on healing, yes most definitely and helping my son, by showing him that what he has been taught for his life, is not the only way, and that there are better ways to treat people.

    I appreciate your well wishes. Thank you very much!


    • Jenna,
      You are so welcome. I’m so glad if something I said gave you an insight that can help you to process what you’ve been through.
      Keep your mind open to the possibilities to learn from this.
      I’m sure you are much wiser now than when you began your journey.
      Perhaps you can take what you’ve learned and help others with it?

  3. Hi, I found this sight by accident.

    I was wondering if you could give me your input on what happened to me, I had always believed in signs, but the only ones I get are the ones that stand out and knock me on the forehead. I don’t understand or get subtleties.

    Around 17 years ago, I was a single lady, I met this fellow, and the signs where there that we should be together, and yes they were knocking me on the forehead. I don’t remember now what they were, only that for a long time I couldn’t understand why the signs indicated I should be with this man, when I had the signs I did have. Strangely enough, he had signs that he should be with me. I am pretty sure that first year was ok, I also think the 2nd or maybe the third were ok, not so sure now, maybe they weren’t.

    Things went downhill to the point where I lost my identity, I was only a human shell, I almost lost my soul to this evil entity, yes I saw it. A Divine Being came to my aid and saved my soul, yes I saw this Diving Being. It took me years to face that. For most of the time I was a robot.

    When the shock of this settled in, like I said years, I started on a very small minute scale to wake up to be a person again. I has taken me at least 10 years to even start to be a person again, I still have a long way to go.

    This is what happens when person is physiologically abused. I am finally learning to accept this. We are now separated, but he is still controlling, and using his full bag of tricks. Like I said I don’t subtleties, and the abuse is all about subtleties. Before you know what is happening, its too late, and was. I had no hope, none, that is why I believe the evil entity came in the first place.

    I have so many regrets like meeting this man in the first place and an even bigger regret is my son, and how I have failed him, be not being myself, but I couldn’t when every day was an uphill fight, struggle, war, to even let my shell move.

    The whole point of this post, is why would I get signs that I should be with this man? When being with this man, almost lost me my soul? and I have lost many years of my life, and now I have a huge monster struggle so teach him not to be abusive, when he has seen it all of his life.

    Is finding this web page a sign?

    I loved the story of the flower. I think I would have gotten that sign if it had happened to me. I am not sure I would have understood the biplane sign, but love that every time you go there you see a biplane.

    Thanks to anyone helping me to understand.


    • HI Jenna,
      Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
      Sometimes when we have gained enough distance and perspective we can look back over the events of our lives more objectively. In the case of abusive relationships usually there is something within us that is unhealed and there is some part in the abuser that is wounded. The two are drawn together to “heal” one another. At first you are so much alike that it seems perfect but, slowly you begin to push each other’s buttons and open up one another’s wounds. Perhaps you were drawn together to “heal” one another?
      We are drawn to people and situations that are familiar. Until we outgrow those internal patterns we will be drawn to similar situations and people over and over.
      If I were you I would focus more on healing and not on the signs. We create the signs based on what is within our consciousness. When our consciousness changes so do the signs.
      I wish you the very best on your journey of self-growth.

  4. Thank you for the answer!

  5. Angela, thank you for the post! Angela, are all signs sent to us by our guides? Is it possible that one bad entity will send us a sign, then we follow it and get “problems”?

    My friend in the past got a few signs, she followed them and got troubles. Now she asks why did that happen? She is sure that she understood all signs correctly.

    • Hi Tanya,
      The signs you get are orchestrated by “Greater Intelligence,” or God if you will. Our guides may also play a role in assisting Greater Intelligence.
      I do not believe in “bad entities.” If you confuse your intuition with your ego’s wants and are attached to a certain outcome you can and will “see” signs in things because you desire a certain outcome. The trick is to “let go” of all your expectations and be open to whatever comes. Then you will receive unbiased signs.
      Does this make sense?

      • Angela, thanks a lot. I like this explanation. It feels right to me.

        I get signs all the time, but they all are “good” to me.
        Now I have what to say to my friend, thank you!

        offtop. Angela, was your book translated in Russian? I would like to buy it, but can`t find it in my native language (russian).

        • Hi Tanya,
          I’m so glad you got the answer you needed.
          No, my book hasn’t been translated into Russion….yet.
          I hope it will be someday.
          All my best to you,

  6. Hi Angela! After reading your book – I asked for a sign. And boy did I get it! :0)

    I was traveling down A1A in Florida trying to sell my decals to beach stores. I was so depressed because I felt I was making a huge mistake and that I should just give up. I remembered your book and said out loud in my car, Divine Guidance, if I am supposed to continue – please show me…(I thought a second about what kind of sign would convince me).A ha! Show me a sea plane! Then I thought another second, nope…I’m surrounded by water here – a seaplane wouldn’t convince me – so I said “show me a biplane if I am to continue this dream of designing these products and selling them”.

    That night, I couldn’t sleep – I turned on the TV. Of the 300 channels I have – it happened to be on a channel that was showing Raiders of the Lost Ark. I’ve seen that movie a thousand times. But what were the chances that – as soon as I turn on the TV – Indiana Jones swings on a vine and jumps into a seaplane!! And not just any seaplane – it was a BIPLANE SEAPLANE!! My eyes teared up and I realized that Divine Guidance had shown me my sign! Even in the wishy washy way I had asked for it!

    The really funny part is, I am now in three stores in St Augustine. And EVERY time I’ve gone to St Augustine to visit my stores – a biplane flies over head!!

    Thanks so much for letting me share! Life is certainly fun!

    • Hi Lynn,
      I’m so glad you asked for a sign and got such a powerful one!
      Which book: Navigating by Intuition – How to Follow the Signs?
      It’s amazing how much guidance is there for us all the time if only we stop and look for it.
      I’m so glad you shared here. Thank you for that.

    • Hi Patti,
      Yes, I agree. Until we get comfortable with looking for signs we do overlook them.
      Hindsight is 20/20 vision though!

  7. These are helpful stories! I find the biggest challenge is simply not tuning in and being receptive to signs around us. This article is a great encouragement in that direction. Thank you!

    • Hi Sandra!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post.
      I think the stories in it illustrate how signs work perfectly.

  8. Hi Angela,

    Both of these were powerful stories. When you let go and are open to the signs around us, life can take a dramatic change. The signs are there, we need to be open to receiving them. Still need work, but I continue to fine tune my focus to take in the signs around me. Thanks for sharing.
    Cathy recently posted…How You Can Create Strong and Healthy Personal BoundariesMy Profile

    • HI Cathy,
      I’m so happy to hear that you’re opening up more and more.
      It’s true that we find whatever we are looking for.
      If we look for signs we shall get them.

  9. I enjoyed reading the examples. They certainly add more “life” to a post.

    It is comforting to know that divine guidance does not just come in times of distress. Okay, I need to put up my antennae more. While I have noticed some signs, I believe that I have also missed a lot. It pays to be mindful. The Universe does deliver in amazing ways.

    Thank you for the reminder!
    Evelyn Lim recently posted…Law of Attraction: Aligning with VibrationsMy Profile

    • Hi Evelyn,
      That’s the key being mindful. When we look – we see.
      We are getting signs all the time.

  10. I have been asking for clearer messages lately – I am reviewing a book on April 4 on PW and it is so easy to understand and use I have found I believe the reason I have been stuck on not losing weight – and right away I got feed back of losing 5 pounds….
    Today I got 2 documentaries in the mail to watch – except in the envelop were the wrong movies – scary movies- very scary movies….and I watched them anyway. I thought they were a sign…now I feel all muddled – sometimes it is just way to hard to figure out what is being indicated! and I am tired of being frustrated.

    Great post
    Patricia recently posted…HosannaMy Profile

    • HI Patricia,
      I’m sorry you feel muddled. Ask again with a clear intention for a sign that you will understand.
      Or, read my book to learn how to get specific signs that answer your questions:

  11. We’re always surrounded by signs. It’s just a matter of being open to receiving them. I like to ask the Universe questions that start with “How can I …?” I ask this over a series of days, putting lots of energy and intention into the question and never thinking that I already know the answer. Then I keep my senses open for signs and “coincidences.” They always appear.

    I loved learning more about Harriety and Vidya. Great stories!
    Paige recently posted…What’s Your Payoff For Being Unproductive?My Profile

    • HI Paige,
      I”m so glad you enjoyed this post about getting signs.
      I’m sure you’re aware of them in your life since you are so attuned to your intuition.

  12. Thank you for incorporating my ‘sign’ story. It’s been very powerful for me. You definitely have to be open to what’s around you and open to seeing the connections.
    You can see something and look at it as no big deal, or you can see the same something and begin to make connections and suddenly it becomes an awesome and meaningful ‘something’. That’s when it takes on that goose-bumpy feeling.
    Had I seen this same flower a while back, I would’ve seen it as simply that, a flower being used for a photo shoot. But now that I’m more ‘enlightend’ shall we say, I view it totally differently. It’s all in where we’re coming from, where we’re at, what’s in our purview of experiences and how we attach meaning to what comes before us.
    Thanks again for using my anecdote as an example of a intuitive sign. This stands out for me as real synchonicity.
    Harriet Cabelly recently posted…ServicesMy Profile

    • HI Harriet,
      Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story with us.
      It is the perfect illustration of a “sign” if I ever saw one!

  13. Angela….

    Both of these stories gave me goosebumps. I’ve had signs like Harriet’s where the message is both elegant and simple that you’d have to be blind to miss it. Once you surrender to the unknown, life changes dramatically. Mystery, magic, adventure, and awesome are some of what I’ve experienced since embracing a higher power/signs….or whatever you want to call it. Fran
    Fran recently posted…64 Ways To Turn An Ordinary Day Into An Extraordinary OneMy Profile

    • HI Fran,
      I know! They were all wonderful examples of how we are led in our lives if we only expand our awareness of the signs.

  14. Wonderful post, Angela! I’m always looking for signs! I loved Vidya and Harriet’s stories. Life is always unfolding as it should.
    Betsy at Zen Mama recently posted…Live Life In ReverseMy Profile

    • Thank you Betsy!
      I love sharing these stories with everyone.

  15. I love reading these stories Angela. How wonderful that Harriet and Vidya were open to receive. Perhaps intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it becomes. I’m off to my mental gym. :-)

    Encourage one another
    Elle recently posted…What If It Doesn’t Work? … Wise Words.My Profile

    • Hi Elle,
      I’m so glad you enjoy reading these stories.
      I love sharing them!

  16. :-) Always exciting to read examples. As Kara says, it is so affirming and renews our faith that everything is possible! I have learned over the years to go more and more by gut feeling. Oddly, yesterday I received a large writing project. The money appeared good – and the work is regular – but somehow, I declined the project because something told me I won’t be happy doing it. Of course a teeny part of me regrets kissing the money goodbye – but if I had said yes, I KNOW I would have bigger regrets.

    Thank you for the kind mention, Angela! Hugs!
    Vidya Sury recently posted…The Birds and the TreesMy Profile

  17. Hi Angela,

    Nice post! I liked the examples. Somehow I never get tired of hearing about the very cool signs that show up for people. It is always so affirming, and there are always so many different ways signs can show up too.

    One of my favourite signs came when I was debating whether I should get married or not. I had expressed to my sister how marriage made me feel trapped, and I used an animal as an example in my conversation with her. Then, that very night, when I was expressing my reservations to my (now) husband, he used the exact same animal example! That’s when I knew it was the right thing to marry him. :)

    I’m waiting for a yellow balloon right now to show me where to go vacation. Wish me luck!

    Kara recently posted…Commitment is Cool – Babysteps Part 2My Profile

    • Hi Kara,
      I totally agree. I love reading about how signs show up for others as well.
      Wow, that was an awesome sign. So, then you knew he was “the one?”
      A yellow balloon? lol – great! Let me know if one shows up.

  18. Thanks for the great post! Read the 2 examples.. Emm, did I received any sign before… I am not sure but I think I did :) Even though I may received a sign before, most probably that’s not obvious enough or else I would have know I received a sign before. Haha!


    • Hi Dennis,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the examples.
      I absolutely loved sharing them. It’s so much easier to learn when we have examples.
      Keep your eyes open and create the intention to recognize your signs and you will begin to recognize them.

  19. Angela,

    Well you know this is my favorite subject :)

    I’ve spent the last couple of years zoning in on the constant communication we get from spirit and learning how to “know it when I see it.” I just wrote this week’s blog post for Thursday about all of the signs that came crashing down when I went on a job interview this week and had to decide between it and staying with A Clear Sign. Everything from the song on the radio on the way to the office through getting an explicit confirmation from Erin Pavlina by accident today.
    Julie recently posted…Just For Fun Psychic Experiment #1 Making Crossroads DecisionsMy Profile

    • Hi Julie,
      I could have guessed this was your favorite subject Julie~! lol
      Wow, I love all the signs you’re getting. They’re awesome.
      Were you conflicted about it before or just unsure and now the signs are confirming what you already knew?

      • Conflicted. You know how it is when something shows up that’s 2 out of 3…but #3 is really important? And you’re wondering what you’re doing to create something that’s not quite right? Here I felt like I SHOULD get a job, it was in a perfect location, it was with a good company. But the $ was 1/3 of what I used to make and on a “trial” basis for 6 months to get benefits. You think,”Well, maybe it will turn into something good, perhaps I should try it?” Like that.
        Julie recently posted…Just For Fun Psychic Experiment #1 Making Crossroads DecisionsMy Profile

        • Hi Julie,
          I get it. Yes, you were feeling obligated to try it because it had so many positives….yet the salary was low and long time to wait for benefits.
          You know, sometimes you have to do things even when you’re intuition is saying it’s a “no.”
          You have a family and bills to pay….you might feel really guilty if you didn’t go and then didn’t get a job for a long period of time.
          At least now, you can say you tried. It doesn’t hurt to try, right?



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