Does Love Heal?

Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy .
~Sai Baba

Do you believe that love can heal?

Does love heal?

Can thoughts affect matter and heal?

The evidence that our thoughts affect physical matter grows every day.

Watch this video that shows a team of Chinese healers dissolve a tumor right before your eyes using nothing but their intention.


It is reasonable to expect the doctor to recognize that science may not have all the answers to problems of health and healing.
~Norman Cousins

All healing is first a healing of the heart.
~ Carl Townsend

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.
~Hubert H. Humphrey

Healing yourself is connected with healing others.
~ Yoko Ono

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.

Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.
~Gary Zukav

The wish for healing has always been half of health.
~Lucius Annaeus Seneca

People have believed that thoughts and love can heal even without scientific evidence for thousands of years.

I often tell myself that, “In five minutes I will feel better,” and find that I do feel better.

If I have a headache I will put my hand on my forehead and repeat over and over for a minute or so, “Gone, gone, gone.” What happens is that I start doing some thing else and realize sometime later that my headache is gone.

If you can feel you can heal. Feel as if your healing is already real and the physical world will mirror your belief. (Tweet quote).

What do you think? Can love heal? Can our thoughts affect matter?

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    • Eric,
      I’m sure it does work better when you manifest the feeling of love.
      I have no doubt you are an awesome Reiki practitioner too.

    • Hi Cathy,
      Yes, love does have amazing properties, doesn’t it?
      It’s my pleasure!

  1. Hi Angela,
    I don’t really know that much about this stuff, but I was just reading up on Reiki, and then stumbled upon your blog and had to say that this is a really fascinating topic! It makes me feel so good just thinking about this stuff. I’m going to check out your book the Intuition Principle one… looks good

    Curt recently posted…Best Cardio Workout To Burn FatMy Profile

  2. I’ve seen many “experiments” or experiences that prove that the power of intention changes things physiologically. One is the book: The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto. He sends intentions to bottles of water and then photographs the ice crystals that form when the water is frozen. It’s amazing the differences in the colors and forms. Love is white and clear with amazing crystal formations. Negative intentions and thoughts are yellow and murky with mis-shapen crystal forms.

    This has powerful repurcussions since our bodies are made primarily of water.

    I have created and dissolved my own headaches with my thoughts. Most of my aches and pains are unresolved emotional issues. Once I focus on and cure the emotional issue, the physical issues “magically” disappear.

    Intention is a powerful force that needs to be more accepted in all areas of science.

    Thank you for bringing this to light Angela!
    Paige recently posted…Head vs. Heart: Which Is Smarter?My Profile

    • Hi Paige,
      I love Dr. Emoto’s work. After seeing the film, “What the Bleep Do We Know,” I bought two of his books.
      The photo’s speak for themselves!
      We are all just energy solidified in this body temporarily until we are released again.
      Our thoughts are energy so we wouldn’t we be able to affect matter – which is just energy moving very slooooowly, right?

  3. Yes Angela Love does heal especially when we truly open into love and open our hearts to trust and listen to the messages that will flow.

    Thanks for the quotes ?
    Suzie Cheel recently posted…The Power of IntentionMy Profile

    • Suzie,
      You’re so welcome.
      I’m so glad you found this helpful.
      I do hope you are feeling better and better too.

  4. Hi Angela:

    Great post. I have never seen that video footage before. Amazing.

    – Wendy

    • Wendy,
      I’m so glad you visited and watched the video.
      Yes, it is amazing, isn’t it?
      I feel that finally we are nearing a scientific “tipping of the scales” where it will be accepted that our thoughts do create.

  5. I do believe that love can heal. It does all the time. It can heal our souls, our hearts, our bodies. Healing might not look like what we expect, but it is happening nonetheless.
    Galen Pearl recently posted…She was Never Bored!My Profile

    • Galen,
      Yes, I love that: It might not look like what we expect, but something is happening nonetheless.
      So true.
      We cannot expect that things happens just as wish but they do happen for our highest good, right?
      Thank you so much for visiting and commenting.

    • Arvind,
      So true!
      Love is all that matters.

    • Hi Evelyn,
      Of course – you have written such a wonderful book on self-love.
      Your book was such a revelation to me. I had no idea how many ways the lack of self-love affected us.
      Thank you Evelyn – and I can say the same thing about you too!

  6. Angela,

    I do believe it. If we can do distance readings, and in fact distance plays no role whatsoever, then healing can be done at distances as well. Sending someone an angel or our heartfelt love and hope for them has a huge impact, and it seems that science is not too far beyond proving it.
    Julie recently posted…Presentiment Or PremonitionMy Profile

    • Thank you Julie!
      I know you do.

  7. Of course I believe that LOVE is the great healer – I recently listened to Deepak Chopra and he stated that in order to heal we must have these 4 things:

    Loving Kindness

    Compassion gives birth to love and lov is what ultiimately causes healing. Without compassion there is no love ad love has to be in action. Love without action is meaningless and action without love is irrelevant. It’s all connected.

    Wonderful post and I believe in self healing – done it many times…

    In love and light,
    Nancy Shield recently posted…WHAT’S REAL???My Profile

    • HI Nancy,
      I love Deepak Chopra! He is truly a luminary.
      Great points! Thank you so much for explaining this concept to us. I think it makes so much sense – but leave it to Deepak to come with it, right? lol
      I appreciate your sharing this info here and commenting.
      Don’t be a stranger now!

    • Hi Tess,
      Received!! Thank you.
      Beaming love back…….<3

  8. Angela, remember that song “All we need is love, sweet love!”? That played in my head all through reading this wonderfully uplifting and instructive post today! Love is the very best medicine (along with gentle, shared laughter, of course!). Bless you this Lenten Season!
    Rose Byrd recently posted…“……..and you say all dirt is washed away?”My Profile

  9. It’s so great to see this information becoming more available. Thanks Angela for sharing. Feeling has always been the secret. The question to ask ourselves is “how would I feel if I already had/was this?” And then live in that feeling and what we want appears.

    Love this.?

    Encourage one another.

    • Elle,
      As usual you’ve hit the basic concept squarely on the head!
      Yes. If we can “feel it” we can heal it! Ooh, I like my little rhyme.

  10. Angela,

    I believe that there is healing energy that comes with love and other positive emotions. The stories of people healing themselves and others through higher energy have always really inspired me. The mind and body are connected and much of our physical health is related to our emotional state. This is becoming a more recognized means for healing in some modern medical views, which is a very important shift in my opinion.
    Joe Wilner recently posted…10 Tips to Help You Live Out Your PassionsMy Profile

    • Joe,
      I couldn’t agree with you more.
      When I took my first hands-on healing class I returned to work after the seminar and “healed” my bosses sickly plant.
      He thought I was nuts! But, we’ve come along way in the last 25 years. I don’t think he’d think it was so crazy now.
      The mainstream usually takes 30 years to catch up and “adopt” what was once considered way “out there.”

  11. Angela,
    I love this post!! Your quotes are great. And I love videos like this!! Thanks for posting something so important. I’m forward this on to several people who are in remission from cancer.
    Thanks so much for posting.
    Betsy at Zen Mama recently posted…Albert Einstein: Scientist? Spiritualist? Or Both?My Profile

    • Betsy,
      It’s my first “quotes” post. Thank you.
      I’m so glad you’re forwarding it to them.’
      It should give them great hope!

        • Betsy,
          Have you read any of Gregg Braden’s book?
          He is a great researcher of these topics.
          I heard him speak in Vegas in 2006 at the I Can Do It conference and he was riveting.

  12. Thank you so much for this video. I needed that. Love Gregg Braden and yes, it is already done.

    • Hi Rosemarie,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this video. It’s amazing and thrilling to know we have this power within us.

  13. Trust you to write such a beautiful post. Oh yes, Love heals. You know, in India, we have a sloka (prayer) related to the sun god “Aditya”, which, when recited to someone with cancer, has actually pulled them out of the stage III phase. My own mother recovered from spinal TB, we believe, mainly owing to my son reading the “Aditya Hridayam” prayer to her. Done with love and faith.

    Love heals. This also reminds me of an experiment where scientists had two bowls of water – they cursed one bowl all the time, while they spoke loving words to the other bowl. The first bowl’s water turned murky.

    Another instance is a group of monks chanting prayers with good vibes at a whole river and purifying the water.

    Love certainly heals. And accompanied by a hug – ah! Bliss!
    Vidya Sury recently posted…I am Terri’s Guest TodayMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Vidya~!
      I am sure that your “sloka” and “Aditya” can heal.
      If we believe it – we can achieve it, right?
      Also, Love is a real force.
      Wow, your mother had spinal TB and recovered? That’s so wonderful to hear.
      Are you speaking of Dr. Emoto’s work with water? Very fascinating and such a great source of proof that our words carry great power.
      I’m sending you a hug back too.



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