This Valentine’s Day Open Your Intuitive Heart

The more love and care you send out toward a person or issue, the more you come into alignment with your spirit, and the more your intuition comes on-line. –Doc Childre and Howard Martin, HeartMath Solution

Did you know we each have two hearts?

The Intuitive heart, emathy, compassionOne heart that beats in our chest and an invisible one pulsing with light and love? I’m talking of course, of your “spiritual” heart. The spiritual heart is the center of love within each of us.

If you have ever watched your young child in a play at school and felt your chest fill and your eyes brim with tears of joy, these reactions were generated by the spiritual heart.

The intoxicating feeling of falling in love is also born from the spiritual heart.

And so is the compassion and empathy we feel when we reach out to embrace and comfort someone who is going through troubling times.

The intuitive heart connects us to all living creatures

Through the intuitive heart we sense how others are feeling. We can “read” the pulsations of energy sent out by the intuitive heart and know if someone is sad or glad and we don’t even need to be in the same room!

The intuitive heart is a constantly broadcasting our own emotional state and picking up the emotional state of others too.

To honor your intuitive heart this Valentines Day try tuning in to the broadcast being sent out by the ones you love.

Do an experiment:

Close your eyes and visualize the spiritual heart of the person you wish to connect with. You can see it in the shape of a Valentine heart or you can visualize the actual physical heart or see it as a ball of pulsating light. As long as you know whom you wish to be connected with the image you choose to focus your mind on doesn’t matter.

Now send this person as much love  as you can muster straight from your own intuitive heart center. See the love you wish to send as a ball of swirling pulsing energy being absorbed by their intuitive heart. Now you are connected to that person.

Next, see the person’s face in your mind’s eye. Allow yourself to examine whatever thought, image or feeling that comes to your attention.

What came to mind? Did you feel an emotion or physical sensation? Did you hear a word or thought? Did you “see” something similar to a dream fragment or memory?

Whatever reaction you became aware of immediately afterward is related to this person because you set your intention upon connecting to them.

We are always intuitively connected to the people we are closest to

When a mother senses that her child has been hurt it is due to the strong intuitive bond she has with the child. When you know without a doubt, what your spouse is thinking it is because of these same strong intuitive connections. Even longtime friends will have forged these intuitive bonds.

Open your intuitive heart to the world

Did you know you can extend your intuitive connection beyond your small circle? You can forge an intuitive connection in an instant to anyone you wish to. All it takes is using the little example I gave above. Set your intention on someone and instantly you’re connected.

We can be intuitively connected via the heart to the homeless person we pass each day by the bus the stop when commute to work. We can be be intuitively connected by our heart to the stern looking police officer directing traffic and even to people we may dislike.

Each time we choose to connect heart to heart to another person we are exercising the intuitive heart

And you know what happens when we exercise a muscle, right? It performs better. The more often we practice using the intuitive heart to connect to another human being the more intuitive we become. We get better at sensing another person’s mood or pain. We expand our capacity for empathy and compassion. We become less judgmental too. In other words, we begin to evolve spiritually.

Years ago I was privileged to meet the father of my dear friend Vicki. Her father, Dr. John F. Cogswell, practiced psychology in California. Many of his clients were aspiring actors. He developed an exercise to help them over come their inhibitions and insecurities about performing.

During group sessions he had each of them take a turn “walking” as someone else in the group. He instructed them to stand, take of their shoes and “walk” back and forth while telling themselves that they were now “so and so” from the group.

As they walked back and forth pretending to “be” this other group member they were instructed to give a monologue on what they were feeling and thinking as this other person. Dr. Cogswell thought that doing this exercise in front of the group would help the person get over their self-consciousness and develop their confidence.

What Dr. Cogswell stumbled upon quite by accident, was that as each of the actors practiced walking they became highly accurate intuitives!

The mere act of setting one’s intention upon connecting to another human being had opened up some channel between them where the person “walking” as the other group member was able to accurately “read” what the the other person was feeling. Not only could they accurately describe it but they also felt it deeply too.

We become “one” with the other person in a spiritual sense

“Walking” or just setting the intention to connect to someone to feel what they feel helps us to experience our “oneness” with each other. While each of our spirits appears to be contained in a “separate body” we are no more separate than a wave is from the rest of the ocean.

This brings to mind a film I saw called, “Powder.” The film was about a young man who possessed the ability to truly “feel” what others felt. He was what we now call an “empath.”

In the film he takes the hand of a hunter who has just shot a deer and places it on the dying deer. Because he is holding the hand of the empath the hunter is able to feel what the deer feels. He experiences exactly what the innocent creature he has just shot, is going through as he is dying. The emotions he senses overwhelm him and he yanks his hand from the clutches of the young empath.

As the camera closes in on the the hunter’s expression we clearly see that he was deeply affected by this experience.

Feeling empathy for another living creature can and does change us

Just imagine if we were all to set our intention to open our intuitive hearts. Could the swell of empathy for one another change the way we interact as people, as communities and as nations around the world?

Yes, I think it would.

Kindness, empathy and compassion are sorely needed now more than ever

This Valentine’s Day commit to open your intuitive heart. Let’s celebrate our oneness. “Walk” as another person today and open up your heart to the “oneness” that is the true reality we are here to discover and, I suspect, the true meaning of Valentine’s day.

Tell people about this. Share this practice.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and let’s see if by next Valentine’s Day we might be celebrating living on a more peaceful, loving planet full of open intuitive hearts.

Have you ever experienced your “intuitive heart opening?” What were the circumstances? How did it change you?

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  1. I love you message. I intend to use this advice the next time I meet with a prospect or client. Perhaps I will do better at getting a contract.

  2. This is sooo totally a series of Universal synchronicities. Being in a relationship of 10rs, thangs most certainly change. For the past few mths or so pink quartz had been poppin up all over the place. Example a letter/email from friends pink quartz would pop up seemingly randomly in conversation. Me, I’m busying just enjoying whatever else the subject matter wuz about at that time. And so… I do a bit of jewelry making as hobby, hadn’t done anything in a while, yet pink quartz beads where seemingly lying around, on the floors. At first I wuz like humm, like how’d that get out of it’s box/bag??? Then there is wuz, a finally just ever so nagging urge to create some quartz necklaces/bracelets.

    Sure I thought, I could use some new lil accessories, and creating things while/in between assisting the children with their homeschool work for the day is always a plus.
    Now how does all this have to do with my 10yr relationship. Well as it happens wearing the pink quartz and ametyst ended up assisting me in finally coming to grips with some long lost suppression of past hurt feelings, frustrations, disappointment, and anger that I still had concerning my marriage. Though we had already separated, time does come at some point to have that “conversation”, ya know the one where we have to make our very best attempts to express what is really going on with in us, and each perceptions of the relationship… Uuuugggh? LOL

    Well I don’t know about any of you who have gone thru such an experience, but those had usually ended up with even more arguing, more confusion, more blaming, more hurt feelings. But not this time.
    All I could do wuz cry. As we spoke I cried for not only myself but so too found myself crying for my mate. The many years, being a “man’s Man” and what man crys. Haaa…lol
    No I wont bother you all with the details as much, but will share the ultimate truth. that once the tears started flowing, from my eyes and his, deep and ugly truths were admitted faced about ourselves, our actions and thoughts thru out the 10yr. marriage.
    We ended that night snotty noses and all with a Big hug, and Laughing uncontrollably at ourselves at the Hot Damed Mess we had become…LOL
    It had been many years since I last celebrated any what we would call traditional holiday, but this Valentines Day wuz the most specialist of them All.

    My mate surprised me with a very nice and very unique chuck of amethyst crystal. Aaawwwwwhhh(snif, snif)…lol In that very moment I became aware that that wuz the very first time in my adult life that anyone had ever given me a Valentines Day gift. That someone had taken the time, effort to really give me a Valentines Day gift with thought if who I truly am, and what I like.
    FORGIVENESS..truly a magical gift… IGIVETHANKS

    Thank U Angela for allowing me to share my journey with U all. And for your Wisdom and Inspiration.
    1luv :)

    • LaChella,
      This is such a beautiful comment!
      Rose crystal represents love and relationships – Wow! What a message you were getting from the Universe.
      It was trying to tell you to look back and examine your relationship more deeply.
      I’m so glad you did that. It’s a shame to let things go without digging a little deeper.
      Now that you have forgiven – you’re free to create a new life based on who you really are now.
      I’m so happy for you.

  3. Angela,

    What a lovely post. You know each morning and before I go to bed one of my “prayers” is that on my journey through life, that I hold compassion in my heart ~ first for my self, and for all those that I meet.

    I’ve spent many years feeling what others felt, without any understanding of what was mine, and what was theirs. I used to think that the pain of others was more important than my own. I used to believe that other people had things much worse, so I should just suck up any negative emotion I felt. But as I’ve learned, and opened my own emotional state up, I’ve discovered that there’s been a lot of accepting, forgiveness, and feeling of love that I’ve needed to give to me.

    Now, as my compassion for my self grows, I can feel it (not pity) for another from a more genuine and authentic place then I ever did before.

    So I hope we all remember to give tenderness & compassion to our selves ~ for we deserve it as much as any one.


    Kathryn Trombly recently posted…Learn To Question Your SelfMy Profile

    • Kathryn,
      Great point! WE also need to be kind and compassionate toward ourselves not just others.
      If we don’t nurture and take care of ourselves we won’t be able to help anyone else.
      You’re journey toward self-awareness is taking you to new levels – onward and upward.

  4. Angela,

    I absolutely loved this. Sending out the energy, I could see the people in the moment. Now I’ll have to wait until they get home to ask, “What was going on a 3 this afternoon?”!

    This has been a crazy energy week, and the post I did today was done on V Day because the energy was just following me around – it was incredible. I do believe it is entirely possible to change things on a global scale, for the better.

    My son was off visiting a private school yesterday and on a whim I kept my Ghost Radar turned on all day, to kind of keep tabs on him. Now this was just a passing, silly thought – but when I saw what started to come in, I was pretty sure it actually reflected what he was doing. When he came home I asked him to read it over, and he said,”Mom how did you know we were learning about the Presidents and that this happened and that that happened??” Mom’s intuition, I guess :)
    Julie recently posted…The End Of An EraMy Profile

    • Julie,
      You are so tuned in!
      I”m not surprised that you knew exactly what was going on with your son at school.
      You have “super” mom intuition though – beyond the norm! :-)
      I agree. If more people focused on opening their heart’s we would affect the world.

  5. Hi Angela,
    Beautiful article..beautiful comments as well:)
    This: “if we were all to set our intention to open our intuitive hearts” would be powerful and transformative, indeed! Collectively mainstream is “looking” for the answer, when it is right within, open your heart to it, and through it.
    My entire life is an intuitive heart opening. It is how I live and why I find your article so beautiful. When I choose to open my heart regardless of external, through even fear and vulnerability, I am choosing expansion. And when more than one person makes this choice, it is life changing, as you have shared.

  6. This is the REAL way to celebrate Valentines day as far as I am concerned, Angela. Our responsibility, as a marvelously made being with superlatively creative talent, is to to engage our intuitive heart-mind so that we feel fully alive with your aspirations and aims. Nothing nourishes our creative potential, and quickens our dreams into active life as does the intuitive heart. Nothing gives us insights into the extraordinary beauty of our unique nature as does having our intuitive heart open!

    • Agreed Rob!
      As always, well said by you.
      I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

  7. Angela, I love this! Such a unique and powerful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And a great gift to carry with us in our lives everyday.

    • Hi Aileen,
      I’m so glad you see the value in opening the intuitive heart. When we “know” we are all connected beyond just understanding it intellectually it can make a huge difference in the way we relate to people and that can change the world!

  8. What a great way to open ourselves to others! I love the “walking” exercise.

    All of this reminds me of the loving-kindness meditation practice: sending loving, open-heart energy first to people we like, then to people we’re neutral about, then to those with whom we have difficulties and finally to ourselves. It opens our hearts to be more loving, compassionate and connected. It allows us to see the world through the eyes and hearts of others. We’re all connected so, by looking through the eyes of others, we’re actually looking through our own eyes.

    Angela, thank you for making us aware of more ways to be open and connect!
    Paige recently posted…Simple Steps to Create More Freedom For YourselfMy Profile

    • Hi Paige,
      I love that you brought up the loving-kindness meditation. That’s a perfect example of what we should focus on during Valentine’s day that would actually make our world a better place! And, how beautifully you have said it too:
      We’re all connected so, by looking through the eyes of others, we’re actually looking through our own eyes.
      Beautiful and so true!

  9. Hello Angela,

    Beautiful article about opening your intuitive heart. It is interesting to know that by setting the intention to open and to connect using the intuitive heart, one can increase the intuitive abilities accordingly. The experiment that you shared is also very interesting although not surprising. Yes, the true meaning of Valentine’s day is not just about roses and champagne but about connecting from the level of the heart with kindness, compassion and empathy.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Evelyn Lim recently posted…10 Free Love Coupons For Your DownloadMy Profile

    • Hi Evelyn,
      Thank you. I’m on a roll here on my “soapbox.” I love roses and champagne too but, we are a society out of balance. We have stupid reality shows like “The Bachelor” and these dopey “Housewives” projecting values that do more harm than good and only line the pockets of advertisers. We need to wake up and get back to what is truly important.
      Happy Valentine’s Day to you too.

  10. Angela, a most beautiful post. Yes, I used to think that when my eyes filled up and I cried silently whenever I watch children singing, or my son performing – or just about anything that made me emotional, I am crazy. In fact, my son always looks at me when we watch something together – he knows the exact moment I’ll cry. :-)

    I love how you’ve compared exercising the muscle to exercising our intuitive hearts to become more sensitive. You know, back in college, our Physics lecturer used to tell us: when you want to get in touch with someone, close your eyes and focus on them in your mind and they’ll definitely get in touch with you. She convinced us enough to make us try it – and I completely believe her. It has worked for me in many instances, as though I was willing the person to think of me and get in touch.

    My son is amazingly intuitive and he says things we never even think about in a matter of fact way – as though he can see into the future – things that come true, every time.

    I am loving the wonderful feeling I’ve got reading this post, Angela. You know how to touch my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.
    Vidya Sury recently posted…The Haiku Challenge 2012 – Day 13 – Paint the PictureMy Profile

    • Vidya,
      I’m so glad this post touched your heart on Valentine’s Day!
      We focus so much on “romance” and sexual attraction Valentine’s Day yet, those feelings are so fleeting and don’t do a thing to change society.
      They purely selfish. It’s sad really. Commercialism driven by advertising has skewed our focus.
      We need to spread these ideas to counterbalance all the damage focusing on superficial things has done to our society.
      I’m not against romance at all it’s just so out of balance. People think that they’re supposed to feel the same way 25 years later in a marriage and that’s not possible. I think these notions plus all the focus on sex and Viagra being dispenses so readily has done a lot more damage than good.

  11. Hi Angela,

    Great message in this post. I love this line – “Walk” as another person today and open up your heart to the “oneness”. It is important to have empathy for another person, and to take the time to think about how they feel. Wouldn’t we have a peace here on earth if everyone accessed their spiritual heart more often?
    Cathy recently posted…Saying Goodbye to Etta James and Now Whitney HoustonMy Profile

    • Cathy,
      Yes! What a different world it be indeed if we all focus on being more empathetic.
      Peace on earth – what marvelous goal to aim for!



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