What’s Your Intuition Quotient?

How Intuitive are You? Find out your intuition quotient.

Intuition Principle. How to Attract the Life You Dream OfTake this short test and find out how intuitive you are.

This Intuition Quiz is an excerpt from my book, “The Intuition Principle – How to Attract the Life You Dream Of.

After answering these twenty question you will know what your intuition quotient is.

You are probably much more intuitive than you give yourself credit for:

1. Do you ever know who is on the phone before you answer it?

2. Do you sometimes get a “knowing” sense about things before they happen?

3. Have you heard talking, or your name being called, just before you fall asleep or wake up?

4. Do you find that you know what people are going to say and can finish their sentences?

5. Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach for no reason and then heard about something happening and they subsided?

6. Are you kind of lucky? Do things have a way of working out for you in your life?

7. During sleep have you experienced being “jarred” or a feeling of falling and landing on the bed?

8. While in the shower or walking in nature, do answers to problems come to you?

9. Do you have dreams that give you information or solve problems?

10. Have you ever had a dream or premonition of a future event that later occurred?

11. Have you ever “heard” the answer to a problem?

12. Do you prefer to skip the directions when putting something together and it always turns out fine?

13. Are you aware of a buzzing, tingling, or itchy feeling on your forehead or top of your head?

14. Are you constantly generating ideas for projects and creative pursuits?

15. Do you prefer to take the path less traveled and do things your way rather than the conventional way?

16. Have you ever seen something in your mind’s eye, like a vision of an event, before it happened?

17. Do you get vibes about people that turn out to be true?

18. Do you have an uncanny knack for finding your way without maps or a GPS?

19. Are you aware of a certain faith and trust that you will always be okay no matter what?

20. Do you pick up on the emotions of the people around you?

Give yourself five points for each affirmative answer.

If you scored:
0–25: you may be living in your head too much. Do all the exercises
in this book. Time to start paying attention to the intuitive signals you

26–50: Your intuition is active, but a bit of practice with the exercises
in the book could kick you into the next level.

51–70: You are probably aware that you are quite intuitive and have
already been working on developing your abilities.

71 and above: You are very sensitive and could become quite psychic
with a little practice.

So how did you do? Do you need some improvement or are you “there” already? Regardless, reading and doing the exercises in the [Intuition Principle] book will open you up much further to receive intuitive guidance.

The Intuition Principle is a best-seller and available on Amazon. Click here to pick up your copy!

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So, what’s your intuition quotient? How did you? Were you surprised?

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  1. I was always highly sensitive and intuitive, even maybe what they call “clairaudiant,” where I will hear a voice sort of somewhere between and outside of my head that hells me things I need to know. Like with my last serious boyfriend, I got this voice that came to me and said, “Now you watch. No matter what you do that he wants you to do, he will find some way to totally sabotage this anyway,” and sure enough he royally did.

    The great thing is that since I started practicing Ashtanga yoga which is very meditative, I am now more in tune with my intuition than ever and the answers are a lot clearer and easier to follow. It’s like I am picking up on all kinds of things that have nothing to do with me but it’s not a problem as long as I keep with the yoga, and it’s been very entertaining lately and adds to my sense of self-protection.

    • Hi Cat,
      I’m glad you came by. It’s a pleasure to meet you.
      Meditative yoga is working for you. I love the message that you heard about your former boyfriend!
      Improving your intuitive ability does improve your self esteem and your feeling of self-protection for sure!
      I’m thrilled for you.
      Keep in touch,

  2. Great quiz! I just found your blog and I’m so glad I did – it’s right up my alley. :) My score wasn’t as high as I thought it’d be..Looks like I can definitely benefit from your blog. I’m excited to get reading!


    • Nice to meet you Kaylee.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the quiz!

  3. I scored an 80.

    Number 18 is interesting to me for two recent reasons:

    The first was Saturday when I was on my way to a Reiki session and lost my way going to a house I’ve been to before in a town I’ve lived in for over a decade – the interesting part of it to me is that when I left the house I was feeling very off center and scattered in my internal space and to see that manifest as losing my way while going ‘where I knew I needed to go’ was very telling to me during this part of my journey.

    The second reason is that I am feeling drawn to move to a city 30 miles south of where I currently live – intensely, powerfully drawn. I was down there this weekend and found myself getting along and finding my own around with beautiful and energizing ease <3

  4. what a fun quiz!! i’m sure your readership is naturally going to be more intuitive than the average population.. first time to your site and i scored 65!! not too bad. :)
    Janet recently posted…A Philosophical Meandering (on Digital Space)My Profile

    • Janet,
      Thats awesome. Welcome to Powered by Intuition.
      I believe that all of are intuitive and you are probably much more intuitive than you think.
      Stick around and you’ll find out!
      So nice meeting you.

  5. Angela, this is a great quiz. I am fairly intuitive but I think my wife is a little more tuned into it than I am. :) I think we can train ourselves to trust more, to use our minds more.

    Great post, my friend! I hope you’re well!
    Bryan Thompson recently posted…Tom Hanks Motivates You to Action in LARRY CROWNEMy Profile

    • Thank you Bryan!
      It is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, The Intuition Principle.
      I’m glad you took it. Did Kristin do it too?

  6. Angela,
    I don’t trust my intuition at all when driving. I’m always getting lost or second guessing myself! What is my problem? In fact I have Fear of getting lost!

    • Tess,
      You have such strong intuition too! Fear – that’s what’s doing it.
      Also, you are a transplant to a different state. You didn’t live your whole life there.
      That could have something to do with it.

    • Hi Cathy,
      55 is a good score!
      All that you need is to be open and have the intention to get better at hearing your intuition and you will.

  7. Having read the book…I will let everyone know how great it is.

    • Thank you so much Roe~!

  8. it is so refreshing to read something posted by a person who knows what she is talking about! I salute you! I would love to have a conversation with you at some point!
    Susan Gale recently posted…New Children or Ancient Way of Life?My Profile

    • Hi Susan,
      I love your Avatar!
      It’s a pleasure meeting you.
      Sure, I welcome conversations.
      Just email me anytime!

  9. Hi Angela,

    Congratulations on the launch of your book! :)

    This was indeed a fun quiz to do too. I got a 65. At least now I know roughly how intuitive I am. :)

    Irving the Vizier
    The Vizier recently posted…The Vizier on Dealing with PainMy Profile

    • Irving,
      Thank you.
      I’m so glad you took the quiz.
      I know you’re very intuitive!

  10. Hi Angela,

    Congrats on the book! You are working hard to offer and share your wisdom with others. It’s an inspiration to me. I am intending for a book to be completed this summer. Wish me luck! It’s harder work that I perceived.
    Joe Wilner recently posted…How to Untwist Your Thinking and Take Control of Your MindMy Profile

    • Hi Joe,
      Thank you so much! You’re so sweet to say that. I appreciate it very much!
      I do wish you luck! Knowing you Joe, it’s going to be a wonderful book too.
      I can’t wait to read it.
      It is a lot harder than we all think. I assumed I’d have it done in a couple months. Nine going on ten months later I’m still not completely finished.
      Let me know if you have any questions on the process that I can help you with.

  11. I got a 55 although there were 2 questions that I said no to that could be a yes at times, lol. Going to check out these books now. So you’re coming out with a new book already? My gosh you’ve been busy I only just read your Navigating book!
    sheila recently posted…Hey! Keep Your Stinking Negative Energy Out of My Space!My Profile

    • Hi Sheila,
      Don’t worry about the score. You’re the one who knows the endings to the police shows, right?
      That’s a sure sign that you are a psychic individual.
      Writing it my passion so yes, I am coming out with another book.
      Thanks so much for coming by!

  12. Hi Angela,
    This is a fun and empowering way to massage the psychic within :) Thank you!
    I answered in the affirmative for all! Yippe yay yay! I am gonna need practice for sure…and that where you come in na 😉 Learning form you everyday dearest A!
    Going with the flow and absolute belief in The Divine Plan can free us to be more psychically in-tune….right??
    Sending you love,
    p.s. thanks for sharing The Positive Living Handbook here! I loved having you onboard.
    Zeenat{Positive Provocations} recently posted…Simply Empowering Steps to attain your goalsMy Profile

    • HI Zeenat,
      Wow. You too! So many psychic readers. It’s terrific to share this information with so many people who appreciate it.
      I’m developing courses right now so look for them.
      It’s my pleasure to share your book here.
      Thank you soo much for asking me to be a part of it.

  13. What a great intuition test! I scored high, 90 points!! Another kind of physic thing that is constantly happening to me is that my husband and I plant ideas in each other’s heads all the time. We always seem to know what the other is thinking.

    Congrats on the book. I’ll click on your link.
    Betsy at Zen Mama recently posted…Vidya’s Happiness ProjectMy Profile

    • Betsy,
      Whoa, that’s really high. Fantastic!
      It’s well documented that partners can and do read each others mind’s.
      I think I wrote a post about that once.
      I’ll have to dig it up and show it to you.
      Thank you for your congratulations about my book.

  14. I answered YES to all! I always knew I was psychic!.

    • Zelda,
      That’s fantastic!!
      Watch for some of my courses when they come out. to take your abilities even further.
      Thank you for letting me know. Keep in touch. It’s a pleasure meeting you.

    • H Julie,
      Yes, I’m sending you a big old hug!
      90% that’s awesome!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the quiz!
      I can’t wait for you to read it too!

  15. Great quiz! It helps me have an idea about my abilities.

    I definitely need more practice. I don’t think it ever ends. My problem is that if I try too hard, things become harder for me. Even if it is for practice, I need to relax.
    Evelyn Lim recently posted…21 Positive Ways to Start the New YearMy Profile

    • Hi Evelyn,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the quiz!
      No, it never ends. We’re always improving.
      Relaxation is key, for sure.



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