Wishing You Happiness, Health and Heart-centered Wisdom

Wishing you happiness, health and heart-centered wisdom.

May you be happy with your life.

May you experience glorious good health.

May you be guided by the heart-centered wisdom of your intuition to live up to your full potential.

This is my wish for you this coming new year.

happiness, health, intuition, heart-centered wisdomYou are a spiritual being who has chosen to live within a physical body at this time. You are so much more than the physical eye can see. It may appear that you are separate from the source of your true spiritual essence while you are in physical form but, that is only an illusion.

You have a direct link to spiritual guidance and wisdom

You can contact your true spiritual source, wisdom and higher intelligence at any time. You came here with a built-in connection to it. That connection is the heart-centered wisdom called your intuition. Whenever you need guidance about any decision in your life all you need to do is listen to that small still voice within and it will direct you to the answers you seek.

You are not alone

The voice of your intuition is always calling to you, always offering its guidance to you and always there when you need comfort and clarity. It will never force itself upon you though. You need to be open to it and invite it in and ask it to speak loudly. Until you do this you will live the illusion that you are here alone and feel alone.

Heart-centered wisdom will never steer you wrong

When you know how to discern heart-centered wisdom from the other voices and thoughts in your mind, you will never be steered in the wrong direction. Following your intuition will lead you to be in the right place at the right time where you will meet just the right people and gain access to the just the answers you need as well.

Living a heart-centered life is the key to happiness and health

When you follow your heart-centered wisdom you will be led to your true purpose for being here at this time. Living “on purpose” ensures that you will find meaning and satisfaction in your life, and that translates to living a happier life. When you are happy with your life your health benefits from your positivity.

All good things begin through following your intuition

Listening to your heart-centered wisdom is listening to the very same intelligence that created the entire Universe. This is the intelligence that created all life. It keeps the Earth rotating around the Sun, creates life in the womb, and whispers to birds when it is time to migrate. When you are in communication with your intuition your are communicating with the greatest power there is.

My wish for you is happiness, health and heart-centered wisdom

Make the coming year your very best year.

Resolve to allow your intuition to guide you in all matters from now on and it will be your very best year.

This is my promise and my wish for you in the coming year.

What lessons have you learned this year? Was learning to follow your intuition one of them? How has it impacted your life?

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  1. I feel those good wishes filling my new year with positive power! Thank you! And Happy New Year to you! I look forward to seeing what blessings 2012 will bring.
    Galen Pearl recently posted…Word of the Year 2012My Profile

    • Hi Galen,
      Happy New Year to you too!
      I’m so glad you feel those good wishes because I do mean them from the bottom of my heart.
      So happy to have met you this past year too.

  2. One of the best things I did last year and will continue to do this year is to further my spiritual development. Knowing and experiencing that there is so much more than the senses and the material world is so liberating!

    • Hiten,
      You put that beautifully.
      That’s it! When we learn how much more there is to life beyond the material world – a whole new Universe opens up to us.
      Good luck on this most magnificent journey.
      If I can be of any help to you at any time please don’t hesitate to ask.

  3. This post raises an interesting question I’ve pondered before. Intuition is predominately, in my opinion, a sixth chakra third eye activity. Emotional intuition is more heart centered. I’ve found that some folks, when they are heart centered, have difficulty making decisions that the third eye zips right through. And on the other hand, those who are third eye centered sometimes are given fits when emotional intuition is required. Which one would you say you predominately use? I know I tend more towards the third eye, and less toward the heart.

    • Hi Joe Bill,
      You always ask me such darn good questions!
      I work more from the 6th chakra. I get flashes of insight and inspiration and see scenes and pictures in my mind. I think this is because I am “aware” of it. What I mean is that when I work with a client I have my eyes closed and “see” things. While this is happening I will also “hear” names, sentences and words. “Hearing” comes from the 5th chakra. I do get 4th chakra “feelings” too simultaneously when I’m “seeing and hearing” but, my primary sensing ability it through the 6th chakra.

      I also get a lot just plain “knowing” from my gut too which is a 3rd chakra function. This seems to come independently. In other words “out of the blue” when I’m not trying to read for someone I just suddenly “know” something. The knowing can pertain to another person or to me.
      Happy New Year Joe Bill! May it be a wonderful year for you.

  4. Thank you Angela,

    Happy New Year to you! May 2012 bring you good health, much love, fulfillment and financial abundance!


    • Hi Stacey,
      I wish the same for you in 2012!
      Thank you so much for coming by to share your well wishes with me.
      Happy new year!

  5. You asked what great lessons we learned this year. I learned a few. One, it’s never to late to find your purpose and the right someone. Two, letting go of negativity is the most liberating thing you can do. Three, you can have anything you want if you believe in yourself and yes, follow your intuition. Happy New Year!

    • Rosemarie,
      Those are three great life lessons! I’m going to follow your example, for sure.
      I’m so glad you found your life purpose and life mate. Those two are huge on their own.
      Letting go of negativity is liberating. It’s such a downer to wake up feeling upset and angry every day. How wonderful it is to wake up feeling happy and lighthearted. I do believe we can create anything we believe we can in our lives. And, I believe that our intuition is the “spotlight” that illuminates the way there.
      Happy New Year to you dear friend!

    • Hi Jack,
      It’s so nice meeting you. Welcome to PbI!
      I am cheering you on and I DO hope that you’ll have a magnificent year in 2012~!
      Thank you for your good wishes too.

  6. Thanks Angela! I wish you the best, too. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your upcoming book and all you enlightening posts.
    Happy New Year!
    Betsy at Zen Mama recently posted…Feeling Blue? 7 Ways To Cheer Up!My Profile

    • Betsy,
      I hope you have a marvelous new year as well!
      It couldn’t happen to a nicer person too.
      You’ll be the first to know, for sure!
      Happy New Year!

    • Hi David,
      I’m so glad to hear that your intuition is getting stronger.
      Often when life deals us blows we start second guessing ourselves.
      That often undermines our intuition.
      When we start feeling confident about our inner voice again, it’s also a sign that we are healing.
      I’m looking forward to 2012 too.
      I would love for it be a great year for the both of us.
      Here’s to my great hope that it will be!

  7. Reading your words makes me so happy Angela. You are proclaiming so clearly and with such clear-spirited passion where the path to true virtue and fulfillment really lies for each and every one of us.

    Blessings to you and I look forward to sharing the gifts and challenges and fulfilments of 2012 with you.
    Christopher Foster recently posted…Welcome a New Year, welcome a New YouMy Profile

    • Hi Christopher,
      It’s such a pleasure having you visit!
      I’m happy that you enjoyed this post and found it meaningful too.
      I’m soo looking forward to working together with you in 2012, to make it our best year ever!
      All my best to you for a wonderful new year,

  8. 2011 was the year of self discovery. If I wasn’t actively persuing different interests, events arose to take me out of my comfort zone. One area I began working on is my intuition. I remember having a strong intuition in my youth, but it became buried under the responsibilities of my adulthood. More than that, I have been taking inventory of people, things, labels and thougths to find out whether they are good for me or not. I began purging things , feeling so much lighter and freer doing so. I have been working on my thoughts and labels, which proves to be more difficult, since many of them are ingrained in me. The hardest job will be dealing with people. I know that several friendships have run their course and it is very hard to part. This will be a major task for the new year!

    • HI Debbie,
      I wish you the very best in 2012.
      It sounds like you’ve given this a lot of thought though and you know where you are headed!
      I commend you for that.
      When we have to let go of what no longer serves us, especially relationships, it can really test our fortitude.
      We have to listen to that “inner voice” that says this is what is best for me, even when it might not be understood by others.
      Stick by your intuition – it’s leading you where you’re supposed to go.
      Best wishes for a wonderful new year,

  9. 2011 has been a seminal year for me, not because it was so fabulous (quite the contrary, in some ways) but because I learned so much. And, the biggest and best thing I’ve learned is exactly what you write about in this post. You call it following your intuition and leading a heart-centered life, I call it surrendering to God (or the universe, or whatever you want to call it). Thanks so much for all your great information, Angela!
    Charlotte Rains Dixon recently posted…Tips on Writing: Quick Fixes for Passive VoiceMy Profile

    • Hi Charlotte,
      I’m so glad you have a wonderful year.
      That’s such good news!
      And, I’m glad you’re following your intuition too.
      That is music to my ears. LOL


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