What is Psychic Amnesia?

What is psychic amnesia?

psychic amnesiaEvery now and then during a mediumship reading, a client will draw a complete blank.

That’s psychic amnesia.

I might ask, “Do you know a Loretta?” after being given this name.

The client will insist they have never heard of a “Loretta.”

Later in the reading, a light bulb will go off and they’ll say, “Oh my god, Loretta was my grandmother’s sister!”

Or, they might contact me the day after the reading to say they found out that they did have a relative by this name.

Why do people get psychic amnesia?
Sometimes it’s due to the sheer volume of information coming through from Spirit. It can be quite overwhelming and cause a short term memory lapse.

Other times it’s due to being given information that you aren’t completely familiar with because it might have been before your time. You might have to go home and speak to your own parents or grandparents to verify the information.

You may get a reading and have a number of your spouse’s relatives show up with whom you’re only vaguely familiar. The names that come through can really throw you as you rack your brain to try to remember who they are. Sometimes, the more you try the more blocked you become. You may have to ask your spouse or in-laws to verify the information.

Spirit is intelligent
When we get information from those who have passed on they can give us lots of detail about their lives. They can start naming relatives that you may have either forgotten or just weren’t aware of too. They may also show or tell you about how they died, their pets, hobbies, clubs and organizations they belonged to, awards they won, homes and places they’ve lived and jobs they’ve held which you may also not be familiar with.

Dealing with details
The best thing to do is write everything down. When you get home contact other relatives who may be able to give you more detail about the names you were given.

Spirits don’t give out random information. If they’re giving you something it’s because they know with a bit of digging you’ll be able to verify it. Some of them can get pretty stubborn too. They’ll keep showing you  the same thing over and over or handing you the same name until the client “gets it” or promises to look into it when they get home.

For example, once I was giving a reading to a friend. Her grandmother showed up. She didn’t know this grandmother too well because she’d died when my friend was only five years old. The grandmother showed me a needle and thread and a scene of some sort of factory. The grandmother was telling me that she had worked at a sewing factory. My friend, however, insisted that her grandmother never worked outside the home. The next day she called to tell me that her mother had verified that her grandmother had worked at an embroidery factory.

What you should know

Spirits retain their basic personalities whey they die. Don’t expect someone who was shy and not a talker to be any different in a reading. Also, if the person was not someone who gave good advice when they were living that’s probably not going to change now that they’ve passed on. For example, if you had a relative or friend who passed away who always gave you great advice that’s still going to be the same.

How to avoid psychic amnesia

Send out thoughts to the relatives you want to hear from. Tell them you’re having a reading and ask them to show up. They usually will. If they were the shy type tell them to be sure and speak up too! Sometimes other friends and relatives with stronger personalities will come through before they do or it might appear that they didn’t show up because they aren’t as forceful in making their presence known.

Review the names of your relatives before the reading. Or, take it a step further and prepare a family tree list so that you’ll be familiar with all the names.

Make sure you’re prepared before your mediumship reading so you don’t come down with psychic amnesia.

Have you ever had a mediumship reading? Did you get psychic amnesia? Were you able to later verify the information?

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  1. A real pleasure to share your insights here Angela. You have a precious gift and you use it well. I was thinking of another form of amnesia, forgetting how life’s wisdom does give us nudges along the way — that help our life flower if we listen.

    One of those nudges in one way or another I’m sure is the reason I feel such a real and growing connection with you.
    Christopher Foster recently posted…Joy’s journey homeMy Profile

    • Hi Christopher,
      I loved your post this week. It was so touching. I do believe that Joy is around you when you feel her presence.
      Becoming aware of the presence of spirit is no different that being aware that someone is in the room with you or is watching you.
      We register their presence in the same way.
      I’m glad that we are getting to know one an another too.

  2. Hi Angela,

    Just let me say again how much I enjoyed the reading that you so kindly did for me. I don’t know if you saw that I put a post up about it where I described how I did have to go back to my family to verify some details and of course they were “before my time” but nonetheless true!
    Julie recently posted…So You Think Your Dead Relatives Don’t Hear YouMy Profile

    • Dear Julie,
      I’m soooo sorry that I missed the post. I will go read it this afternoon!
      I have been so preoccupied with my mother’s surgery and the final edits on my book this week and last week that I have basically, done little else.
      It’s my last chance to tweak the manuscript before it goes to press.
      I so enjoyed speaking to you too! It’s always such a joy to connect with a fellow intuitive and kindred spirit like you.
      Big hugs too!

  3. Hi Angela,
    Thanks for sharing this Angela. I’ve never experienced psychic amnesia although I’ve certainly had my share of short term memory lapses… ask my wife! This reminds me of childhood memories that drift up from time to time. They come through in vivid detail and seemingly randomly. Although I know that if I were to try to conjure up these specific memories it would be impossible for me to do so.
    rob white recently posted…Life Has Its Own LogicMy Profile

    • Hi Rob,
      Yes, we all have memory lapses from time to time. They can be thoroughly maddening too!
      That’s interesting. My mother says the same thing. She suddenly has these clear memories of what happened to her as a child that surface out of the blue!
      The ones that occur during a reading are so common that they now have a name, “psychic amnesia.”

  4. I have not had a specific mediumship reading done before. And I might have missed this bit of info in your previous posts. Can you help me with the following questions:

    – Would these spirits not have already incarnated?
    – How is it possible to have a mediumship reading if they have already been reborn?
    – Does a mediumship reading merely confirm what they have done in their previous life?
    – What other possible benefits can I derive from having a mediumship reading done?

    It will be lovely to have some answers.

    Thanking you in advance,
    Evelyn Lim recently posted…7 Top Christmas Gift IdeasMy Profile

    • Hi Evelyn,
      Great questions!
      Most souls do not reincarnate right away. If they have reincarnated you would be communicating with the “oversoul.” This is our spiritual essence that is infinite and timeless. You can think of it as you “higher self.” The personality we become when we reincarnate is only an “aspect” of the oversoul or higher self. If we reincarnate 10 times there will be 10 aspects of this same oversoul with memories of each of these incarnations.

      The purpose of mediumship is to affirm the continuation of consciousness. Mediumship is used to show that we never really “lose” anyone. They may no longer inhabit a physical body but they are very much alive in consciousness. Love never dies and this always comes through in a reading. Sometimes a deceased person will have advice to give their loved one. For the most part mediumship is used to communicate with loved ones who have passed on. It is of great comfort to those grieving or missing someone to know that those who that have “died” are still with them, still love them and aware of what is going on in their life.

  5. Love the photo you have with this post – its so beautiful, whimsical and ethereal.

    I have heard that spirits keep their personality when they pass. I hadn’t thought of preparing for a reading and asking a particular spirit to be present and speak up. What a great suggestion. I have had contact with family members who past on, but not with my Dad. I often wondered if it was because he didn’t believe in mediums and spirits being able to communicate when they pass on. I wondered if the resistance he had while living was the reason for not communicating from the spirit world. Hmmmm
    Aileen recently posted…Listen, Your Story Has Secrets and Wisdom to ShareMy Profile

    • Hi Aileen,
      Was he not a believer in the continuation of consciousness when he passed?
      From what I have learned, stubborn personality types will cling to their beliefs for a long time and deny their “consciousness.”
      On the other hand, I’ve had people come through saying, “I didn’t believe in this until now,” or “I was so surprised to find that death is not the end.”

        • Hi Aileen,
          The afterlife is constructed according to our beliefs just as our currently reality is based on our beliefs. If your dad didn’t believe that he would be able to communicate with you after he passed he would ignore all the evidence the this is possible in the new reality where his consciousness now exists. Sometimes when non-believers are met by their loved ones after their passing it opens their eyes to the reality of what is possible in their new existence.

  6. I have had readings before. The most powerful one was when I was told something important about my mother. I denied it, thinking I knew what had happened back then. Later I called my mom, who confirmed what I was told. I had confused some dates in my early childhood memory. The truth was very relevant to some things I was dealing with.
    Galen Pearl recently posted…The Good Old DaysMy Profile

    • Hi Galen,
      I’m so glad to hear about the reading you had. It is amazing, isn’t it?
      Spirit will tell us so many things that we have either forgotten or were not familiar with.
      I’m so glad you found your reading relevant to what you were dealing with too.

  7. This totally happened to me during my reading with you, Angela! You were talking about seeing my dog sitting on something cranberry, which we assumed was furniture. And I said we had nothing that was a cranberry in our house. I was forgetting about our cranberry colored concrete floor. I don’t think of the color as “cranberry” but as a maroon color. It was amazing when I figured it out!!
    Thanks again Angela! I loved my reading!
    Betsy at Zen Mama recently posted…What We Think We BecomeMy Profile

  8. I sometimes have a random drift of memory from some other time or place as though it is that time or place. Usually they are my own, but once in a great while, it’s something I’m not at all familiar with. So, I guess I have time amnesia. 😉

    • Hi Joe Bill,
      Sounds like “deja vu.” Perhaps you’ve had a memory of a past life?
      Or, you might have been aware of a parallel life?
      I guess you could call that “time amnesia!” :-)


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