Heighten Intuition by Clearing Clutter

If you’re having trouble hearing your intuitionโ€”the first place to check is your closets.

To heighten your intuition clear your clutter.

Check the basement, garage and the corners of every room for signs of clutter.

If you see piles of things stored in every nook and cranny in your home including over-stuffed drawers and cabinets you may have a clutter problem on your hands.

Clutter, aside from the obvious health issues of trapping dust and dirt, is also a problem for our intuitive development.

Too much stuff everywhere can be a reflection of a stuck, scattered or over-whelmed mental state.

When your mind is cluttered you will have a hard time hearing your intuition.

Our physical environment affects us tremendously. Too much stuff will block the flow of energy through your home and the flow of intuitive ideas through your mind.

How too much stuff blocks our intuition

Clutter is an outward sign that you aren’t dealing with your life. You’re afraid to let things go so you hang on to them thinking you might need something again in the future. Or you cannot decide whether to keep something or throw it away so you avoid making any decision at all and keep it along with everything else you bring into your home. After a while the stuff overflows from the closet onto the chair and the floor. At that point the task of sorting it out becomes so overwhelming that you literally do nothing.

Just thinking of this mess is too stressful therefore, you avoid it. You become a master at pushing away this problem and not dealing with it but, like it or not, it seeps into every areaย  of your life. It pushes up against your psyche constantly wanting to surface, constantly wanting you to deal with “IT.” The emotional energy you must expend to keep this issue stuffed way down so you don’t have to deal with it is huge. You may not be aware of it but, it siphons off your energy leaving you even less motivation to deal with the mounting problem. Now your life is being held hostage by your stuff.

How are you supposed to be calm enough to hear your intuition when all your energy is being directed at muzzling this problem screaming out at you? It’s always there nagging at you to sort and clear it out. It’s also there as a red flag telling you that you’re not handling other problems – which you definitely don’t want to hear. The “not wanting to hear it” attitude snuffs out your intuitive voice as well, just when you need it most too.

Signs you might have a clutter problem

You can no longer “walk-in” to your walk-in closet.

You keep buying clothes because you closet it so stuffed you either can’t find or have forgot what you already own

You won’t throw anything out because you plan to someday have a tag-sale, lawn-sale or garage-sale.

Your garage is impassible and you no longer keep your car in it.

There are sofas, beds or entire rooms in your house you can no longer use because it’s become the “junk room.”

You stock pile certain household items such as grocery items to excess.

Clearing the clutter clears your mind

Find a good friend to help you and go through your clutter.

Ask if they can help you clear your clutter over one weekend.

Make a clean sweep of of it all.

If you haven’t worn it or used it in six months donate it.

Pare down to the essentials. You’ll feel a huge weight lift from your shoulders and when you do you’ll also feel an expansiveness in your chest and in within your mind.

When we deal with all our “stuff” both mentally and physically we will unblock our intuition and it will begin to flow again with ease.

Have you ever dealt with clutter in your home? Did you notice how much better and more expansive you felt after getting rid of it? Were you aware of your intuition kicking in again?

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    • Hi Carol,
      So nice to see you here. Yes, this picture is definitely worth a thousand words!
      We are really affected by our environment. That’s one of the reasons I find Feng Shui so fascinating.

  1. This is quite timely, as I’ve been doing this the last 3 months, selling & tossing things to make an eventual apartment move easier. 15 yrs of accumulation to sort trough., and a storage space as well….. (things I may “eventually” use again). Still have quite a ways to go though, to get to a minimal situation.
    Disarray has always bugged me and made concentration difficult, so I’ve kept it out of sight when possible.
    I recall a small party years ago with 3-4 guests.. and I began washing dishes before dinner was even done… my ex thought I was nuts, but the sight of dirty dishes sitting in the sink makes me edgy. I’m no neat-clean freak, but dissaray seems to pull at me…… perhaps I was a yogi in a past life!

    • Hi Henry,
      Most of us are sensitive to our environments. We just don’t realize why we’re “edgy~!” But, you do.
      Good for you. If more people could see how the energy of clutter was affecting them and closing in their life they would clean up too!

  2. “Clearing the clutter clears your mind” I’ve noticed when things get too hectic and clutter starts forming it enhances a feeling of inner mayhem. And a clean clear space gives that sense of “Ahhhhhh” – I hadn’t thought of it as clearing my mind, but it does. It makes scene that it would be harder to connect to intuition when living with clutter. Hadn’t thought of it like that before – but it really makes sense!
    Aileen recently posted…Finding Gratitude โ€“ How to be Thankful in Difficult TimesMy Profile

    • Hi Aileen,
      It’s amazing how clearing clutter clears the mind and then allows our intuition to come through.
      Glad you can see the connection.

  3. Hi Angela…
    Lots of clutter here. One good thing about selling a house; you are forced to de-clutter. In the process of getting all the clutter out of the house and out of my head.

    • Hi Rosemarie,
      You’re house is lovely – not cluttered!
      I do know what you mean about moving though. It forces us to get rid of lots of stuff we haven’t used in a long time. – which feels kind of good.
      Do you know how little I miss all the stuff I have in storage? I rarely even think of it. Once in a while I wish I had access to some of my books but, that’s it!
      I feel so much freer not having to think about all that stuff – so I do know how you feel.

  4. I have certainly found that clearing the clutter makes me feel a lot “lighter” at the end of it. My desk is currently piled with lots of paper – mostly unopened mails. Thanks to your reminder, I hope to allocate some time to clearing them soon. It’s amazing how much I can accumulate after a month. The last time I did some clearing was just a couple of weeks ago.
    Evelyn Lim recently posted…How to Seize the MomentMy Profile

    • Hi Evelyn,
      I agree. Clearing clutter makes me feel lighter too. Paper is the worst! We get so much advertising and junk mail it accumulates all too easily.
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  5. I’m 100% with you on this – I can’t even think straight if my environment is full of clutter!
    Once you’ve cleared all your clutter, it’s also important not to produce more – so I think very very carefully before I buy something new :)

    • Hi Cristina,
      Yes, I’m certain you appreciate this very well. I can relate to what you say about not being able to think straight in a cluttered environment.
      Our environment does weigh heavily on us when it’s cluttered.
      I agree. I’ve moved 15 times in my life so I’ve learned not to bring too much stuff home either.

  6. Angela, it seems you spoke to me through this post. What a timely reminder. I am experiencing this in action right now – because over the last 3-4 days, I’ve begun to clear clutter from my house with a vengeance. The difference in my mood and attitude each time is amazing. I felt a bit overwhelmed with everything I was doing and realized that the mess was getting on my nerves. I started clearing it. I am suddenly forging ahead with work and my NaNoWriMo challenge. :-) I think I’ll read this every day ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Vidya Sury recently posted…Appearances are not deceptiveMy Profile

    • Vidya,
      I bet this clearing of clutter will help you with your NaNoWriMo challenge too!~
      When you get rid of the clutter that’s been irritating you – you’ll allow more of your creative juices to flow too!
      I’m so glad you found this helpful. Good luck with NaNo~!

  7. Hi Angela,

    I loved this article. Every time I make a request to the Universe to have something new and better come into my life, I get the sudden urge to clean. It could be a closet or a pantry cupboard or spare room. As soon as I clean it the air suddenly feels different – lighter and free flowing. Opening up the windows in the winter helps also. It definitely helps with being able to connect with your intuition.

    Clearing clutter from your home or workspace really works and each time brings better and more positive things into my life.

    Now, about that walk-in attic…Yikes! I haven’t made my way through that one yet.
    Laura Warnke recently posted…Multi-Dimensional You – A Roadmap Through the ChaosMy Profile

    • Hi Laura,
      So nice to see you!
      Yes, I’ve always found that clearing clutter opened the way for new and positive experiences to enter my life.
      It never failed. I’d clear my clutter and give many things away and something wonderful would happen.
      The attic – great place to store things and conveniently forget how much we have up there.
      I’m sure when you’re done with the attic something fabulous will come into your life too~!

  8. After being in the same house for 23 years, with a husband and sons who are also packrats like me, I couldn’t take it anymore. Since I am currently unemployed, I take time everyday and clean out/organize one section of a room. I am hoping by spring to have my home clutter-free!

    • Hi Debbie,
      What a productive use of your time! Excellent.
      I’m sure that making room in your home will also make room in your life for new experiences such as a new job too!
      Keep me posted on what happens. Many people experience miracles when they clear clutter!

  9. Hi Angela,
    Having lived in the same home for 15 years, and having three children, this clutter thing is constantly a battle!

    I have spent the last year starting to try to declutter. It is such a task. I almost would like to have a smaller house. But first steps…..

    My husband and I moved our bedroom from a huge attic space into a very small room that only held enough for a few basics. Ironically, I sleep better now…..

    Thank you for the post..it will motivate me to trudge ahead. You are right, it DOES become habitual to avoid. You have inspired me.
    In Harmony,
    Jen recently posted…Simple GiftsMy Profile

    • Hi Jen,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post.
      It’s the simple things like clearing clutter that work so well when we are hoping to rely more on our intuition.
      Your new bedroom sounds wonderful. I’m glad to hear that sleep comes more easily now that you’re in a simple space.
      Makes sense to me!
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  10. Hi Angela,

    My best experience with cleaning up clutter (it was the closet in my office) was one where not just my intuition but my creativity went through the roof! I couldn’t help but notice it. Like you said, it just loosened up all kinds of things inside, and was exhilarating. I still have a ways to go with clutter, and ironically my biggest obstacle to clearing it away is that my schedule is so cluttered I never seem to find blocks of time.

    When we moved to the high desert, we downsized considerably, but thinking it was temporary we still have a lot in storage … this, after 15 years!

    Ah, but such is life … I’ll get there one day since I’m at least pointed the right direction.

    Thanks for the great article. I need to hear this repeatedly. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Patti Foy recently posted…Worried About Your Pet? 5 Steps Toward Peace of MindMy Profile

    • Hi Patti,
      That’s true. I should have mentioned that as well. When we clear physical clutter all our mental faculties improve, including creativity.
      A cluttered schedule. I hear that. Mine is the same. I’m trying to pare down there as well. Open up more time to dream and allow the Universe to inspire me.
      I bet you could throw away most of what’s in your storage unit now and not miss it, right?
      I think you’re going in the right direction for sure!



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