Do we choose psychic work or does it choose us?

Birds of a feather flock together –Democritus (c.460 BC)

You know how golf enthusiasts just love to talk golf?

And, fashionistas just love to talk about the latest fashions?

Well then it should come as no surprise that intuitives love to talk shop too!

This week I had a the pleasure of speaking with intuitive, Lisa Wechtenhiser.

Our interview became more of a chat between two psychics discussing different aspects of our craft.

Lisa is the fabulous blogger and stellar pod-caster behind Practically Intuitive, a blog I thoroughly enjoy and subscribe too.

You can listen in on our conversation right here and learn how Lisa discovered her abilities. We also speak about clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, the difference between intuition and psychic abilities, dealing with skeptical clients, cutting cords of emotional attachment, intuitive readings, mediumship and whether psychic work chooses us or do we choose it?

There’s much more of course! In fact we enjoyed speaking so much our talk went to a bit over an hour. I had to place our chat on Podbean (an outside podcasting service) in order to play it here. Don’t be surprised when you’re taken to another site to hear it. Please do come back afterward and comment!

So, if you want the inside scoop on two psychic chicks dishing the psychic scat – don’t miss my chat with Lisa. I had a blast!

Click on the player to hear the interview:

Please feel free to leave any questions for Lisa in the comments.

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You can find Lisa Wechtenhiser at Practically Intuitive where she writes about using and developing intuition and teaches her readers how to incorporate this practical ability into their lives. Don’t miss her weekly Monday podcast!


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  1. Thanks so much for putting me on to Lisa Wechtenhiser, blogger at Practically Intuitive. I have always scored way off the charts on any valid instrument that included an intuitive category. I too often see whole chapters in people’s lives when they come to me with a problem. People have always told me their deepest, darkest “stuff” (TMI, already!)while thinking they are hiding what the real deal was. Can you imagine?!! I am always happy to get in touch with other intuitive individuals to compare notes on the most peaceful and effective ways to deal with other people’s “stuff”. Thank you so much for this post.

    • Hi Rose,
      It’s a pleasure to meet you.
      I’m glad you were happy to find out about Lisa too. She’s fantastic!
      It sounds like you’re quite psychic yourself!
      It’s a pleasure to have you in the tribe! Welcome.
      Come back again soon.

    • Hi Rose,

      Thanks for your kind words! I’m glad you found me too! :) I’m with Angela, you sound pretty intuitive yourself! (And a very interesting writer – checked out your blog, I did!)

      Hope to see you ’round these parts often!

      Lisa recently posted…Sleeping your way to wisdomMy Profile

    • Hi Fred, I hope you enjoyed this podcast.
      We probably anticipate each others answers more than we know exactly what the other is going to say.
      A few times we probably did know what each other was going to say!
      Thank you so much for commenting and for sharing this post on Social Media too – that means a lot to me to help get the word out (even if we do have to do it manually!)

  2. Hi Angela!

    This was a fantastic podcast! I’ve never had the opportunity to sit and listen to two psychic-intuitives “talk shop” before and it was very informative! I’ll be listening to it again because you asked some great questions and the discussion between you and Lisa was….wow!! You guys are awesome!!! :-)

    • Hi Kelly,
      It’ so nice of you to comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the conversation.
      It was a true pleasure for me to “talk shop.” I’m elated you’re going to listen to it again!
      Please do come back and comment again on future posts.
      All my best to you,

  3. I’d like to cast my vote for “neither”. I think psychic stuff is something more that you are. Now, how you relate to it you can choose. You can be incredibly psychic and stuff it down because it doesn’t fit into your church view of life, for example. So, the choice you make I suspect has more to do with the perspective you utilize in relating to what you are–psychic or otherwise.

    • Hi Joe Bill,
      Yes, that’s it exactly. You may have the ability but choose not to use them in this incarnation for a variety of reasons.

    • Hi Patti,
      I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it. I had a great time with Lisa.
      I just wish my head wasn’t so foggy when we were speaking.
      I was struggling to think of the words I was trying to say.

      • I finally made time to listen, and I LOVED it! You’re a wonderful interviewer, Angela — great questions! It was fun to learn more about both of you AND the topic, of course.

        I’ve had a similar progression with my channeling as Lisa had with her clairaudience where it sort of shifts into downloads instead of actual words.

        And hey, you two: I, too, have kept a journal since I was about 10. We can be the Dear Diaries! ?

        Thanks again, this was really great. Keep doing these, Angela. And Lisa, I downloaded all your podcasts today. Fun fun!
        Patti Foy recently posted…How to Stop Being Coy and Shine Your LightMy Profile

        • Hi Patti,
          I’m so glad you made the time to listen and that you enjoyed our chat.
          Hmm, I wonder whether we kept journals because we were driven to share our ideas through writing or because we were opening up our channels to receive spiritual guidance?
          I’m starting to think that after awhile the progression of our abilities IS to get the information in a download.
          When people die and communicate with a medium we are getting the information telepathically. It is “mind to mind” communication. Many times the idea of what they are communicating comes through completely formed. We may not repeat it to the sitter “verbatim” but we “know” exactly what the deceased was trying to get across.
          While clairaudience is not my lead ability it is the same with my clairvoyance. What has happened over time is that I’ve developed claircognizance. I just “know.” I think that is what is happening when we say we get the entire “idea” in a download, no matter what our lead ability is.
          Thank you for coming back here to share your impressions after listening Patti!

        • Maybe we should start a blog called “Diaries of well-known psychics” hehehe

          I’d be interested to see if this is a common thing and if it played into our skills at all. Perhaps there’s no answer for that but it’s fun to think about.

          You know I’m a fan, Patti!
          Lisa recently posted…Sleeping your way to wisdomMy Profile

  4. I just love listening to mingling minds who are passionate about what they are up to! You both certainly had a higher calling from an early age. We all have something that is looking to express through us in marvelously creative ways. I thrills me listen to you both speak your truth so authentically. Some folks never recognize it. I’ve only recently come to realize my calling as an author, and like you both it has been with me my whole life.
    rob white recently posted…Life is in the LanguageMy Profile

    • Rob,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed listening to us. It certainly was fun for me! :-)
      Isn’t it wonderful to know your true calling? Your soul finally feels settled in, right?
      I have two calling writing and psychic work. I feel so privileged that I get to do both!
      Thank you so much for listening and commenting. I so appreciate your support.

  5. Angela and Lisa,

    I l-o-v-e-d this! Lisa is playing an angel role and getting me fit by making me stay on the elliptical longer listening to podcasts :)

    I strongly idenitifed with what Lisa said about the way she gets information. I must have been plugged in to you guys because I wrote on the subject of what we do and who we are a bit this week, PLUS at my last intuitive meeting my question was,”How exactly do you get information and where do you believe it comes from?”

    I find that some of the people that I train really do mainly use one clair, no matter who they are reading for. I on the other hand get info in from all of the clairs, depending upon who I am reading for, and I wondered if I was the only one. Now I know I am not. Very cool!

    Thanks for doing this – it was really fun to hear what you both have to say about how this all works and why.
    Julie recently posted…Should You Be Afraid That Something Bad or Scary Will Come Out in Your Intuitive Reading?My Profile

    • Hi Julie,
      I’m so glad you stayed on the elliptical longer! We are here to serve. LOL
      Yes, I found that interesting as well. I’d never thought about it before but, it completely makes sense to me..
      My clairaudience increases at times but it never occurred to me that it could be due to the client I was working with. Fascinating!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed it too~!
      I so appreciate your support Julie!

    • Hi Lisa,
      Me too! It’s so nice to “chew the fat” with someone who speaks the same language!
      I had a marvelous time talking to you too! I’m sorry I wasn’t feeling 100 percent. When I listened to the tape I heard how “mentally challenged” I sounded! LOL
      No more interviews right after Halloween for me! :-)
      Aaaw, you’re too kind. Thank you for your lovely words too.

  6. Can’t wait to have a listen! I’m at work right now, so I can’t. But I do know what you’re talking about – talking shop with fellow intuitives/psychics is one of my favorite things to do! Because let’s face it…there aren’t a whole lot of us (at least not in my day to day life) so when I do find one…we could talk for hours!
    Lindsay recently posted…Do empaths run in the family?My Profile

    • Hi Lindsay,
      You said it – there aren’t a whole lot of us to talk to! Yes, we could all talk for hours, I’m sure of that.
      Thank you so much for your wonderful support Lindsay!
      I hope you enjoy the recording. (I’m sure you will!)
      All my best,



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