How to Follow The Signs

We are always being guided by our intuition – whether we realize it or not.

Many people say they don’t “hear” their intuition and ask what to do about it.

After speaking with them I usually find that they misunderstood what “hearing” their intuition means.

They’re waiting for their intuition to come through loud and clear like someone speaking on a bullhorn, but it just doesn’t happen that way.

A few years ago I read this story in an email:

A man was trapped in his house during a flood. He prayed to God to save him. A few minutes later paramedics came by in a row boat to take him to safety. He refused to go and said that God would save him.

A couple hours later the water had reached the second floor of his home. The police rescue unit came by in power boat and tried to get him to come with them, but he refused. He said he was waiting for God to save him.

Not long afterward, the man was on the roof of his house hanging onto the chimney when the Fire rescue helicopter came to air-lift him to safety. The man refused stating again, that he was waiting for God to rescue him.

An hour later – the man drowned and found himself in heaven. He asked, “God, why did you not save me?”

God replied, “I tried several times, but you refused the help I sent!”

Often our intuition works in the same way.

The answers we seek come through others or “signs,” that we completely overlook.

For example, say you want to know if you should move in with the person you’ve been seeing. You have mixed feelings for a number of reasons. Some of your friends or family members think it would be okay, and others don’t. You feel unsettled and decide to stall about making this decision for a few days.

During the week you go to your local coffee shop and are sitting there having coffee and reading the paper when a snippet of conversation from two people at the table next to you is suddenly “amplified.” They’re discussing a person that sounds very similar to the one you’re seeing. The person they discuss has been found to be a con artist that bilks his/her victims out of money after they start dating.

You have an “A-ha moment” and realize that you need to know more about this person before you get into a more serious relationship.

While the person you’re seeing might not be a con-artist – the conversation you overheard helped you make a decision. You’ve decided you’re not going to move in with this person until you feel completely certain that you know more about their background first. After coming to this conclusion that “unsettled” feeling you had dissipates.

This was a “sign” and direct “nudge” from your intuition.

Signs can come from anywhere – you just have to be open to them.

Signs can come from overhearing a conversation as in the example I used, or from hearing something on the radio, the television news, a television program, from a magazine, newspaper, or blog article, or even from a billboard. The list is endless.

You can ask for signs directly

Once you know that “signs” are a perfectly valid way of getting answers you can ask for them directly. While you’re in meditation or relaxing just prior to sleep, give yourself a directive that you are open to receiving intuitive guidance via signs for your problem. Tell yourself that you will receive the answer you seek within 72 hours. Repeat this directive daily until you get your “sign.”

Signs can be specific

You can also make the directive for a “sign” more specific. Tell yourself that if you are to follow through on your original prompt to handle a situation in a certain manner you will come across a coin, or red rose, or hear a certain word that relates to your subject of inquiry. You must decide ahead of time what the “sign” is going to be.

I take walks most every day. I give myself the directive that if I’m supposed to do something in particular I have in mind, that I will find a coin during one of my walks in the next 72 hours.

Coins from heaven

I recently had a question about my life that I wanted further guidance on. As per my usual routine I asked for a coin during my walk on a Friday morning. I went on my walk but came home with out finding a coin.

Saturday I did a reading for a woman. Part of the reading centered upon someone who immigrated from mainland China.

To be frank, after the reading I was rather stunned at the information that came through. It felt as if I had opened up to another level of clairvoyant ability.

Monday I was preparing to leave for work and my briefcase fell off my desk. Luckily it was empty as I hadn’t put my laptop in yet. I picked it up and put in my laptop and raced off to work. When I arrived at my office a half hour later I reached in to my briefcase and took out my laptop. I noticed there was a shiny gold object at the bottom of the briefcase.

The shiny object turned out to be a coin – but not just any coin. It was a gold Chinese coin minted in May 2010. The coin was a 5 Wu Jiao piece with a lotus on one side. It is the official currency used in The People’s Republic of China!

Is it a miracle?

I haven’t a clue how the coin got in my briefcase. It certainly wasn’t there when my briefcase fell over – as the coin would have fallen out.

I also don’t know anyone from mainland China – and I have never seen this coin before in my life.

I do know that this was the “sign” I was seeking though.

What was my question?

I asked: Should I become more open about my psychic and mediumship abilities?

I’ve kept my abilities in the “closet” for most of my life. I feared that I wouldn’t be taken “seriously” in the financial industry where I’ve had a 25 year career.

Be confident about the “sign” when you receive it.

Had the coin been a US coin or perhaps even a Canadian coin, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, but being that it was  from such a far off place it promptly caught my attention. The coin was also directly related to my last reading. I believe it was validating my experience.

A “sign” is a terrible thing to waste.

Don’t discount signs as a way to receive intuitive guidance. Signs can and do come from anywhere as my little story illustrates. Be open to receive them and you will. Set up your expectation to receive them and give it a definite time period for them to materialize.

Have you ever received a “sign?” How did it manifest? What course of action did it prompt you to take?

As always – if you have questions about this article leave them in the comments section and I’ll be happy to address them. If you enjoyed this post please support my work by subscribing and by sharing on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks!

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  1. Hi There

    When I ask for a sign if I should go ahead with something, I do not seem to get any, why is that? Iv tried asking for specific signs and all but to no avail. Am i just talking to myself here is anyone listening within the spiritual realm?

    • Hi Mia,
      Here’s what you can do:
      Ask that if you’re supposed to tell him how you feel that you find a penny, or any kind of change somewhere within the next 72 hours. If you don’t find any loose change somewhere you’re not supposed to tell him – at least not now anyway. If you find a coin then that’s your sign.

      Does that make it clearer for you?
      All my best to you,
      Angela Artemis/Poweredbyintuition recently posted…There is Always Harmony WithinMy Profile

      • Hey Angela

        Thanks for your response and with the other posting of mine.
        Infact this was a general question, separate from my other posting lol but yes this also partly relates to that :). Ok will try the coin :)

  2. Synchronicity! Could this be the sign?

    I was watching a clip on YouTube earlier and they told the same ‘joke’ about the guy in the flood!

    – I’ve never heard the story before and tonight I’ve come across it twice, completely unrelated searches…or are they?…that’s what I’m now aking myself

    Haha, the Wiki page on synchronicity is good too, mmmm, plum pie!

    Thank you,

    • Hi Suryoji,
      Interesting. Maybe you are getting a sign about something in your life you need to address?
      Seeing this twice in one night must mean something.
      You’re welcome.
      Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment too.

  3. I have been struggling with some personal issues and came across your site, specifically this article. I think this is a sign for remind me to pay attention. I am always intuitive and very aware of it..only lately I have been blocking it..thanks for helping me remember how important I am.

    • Hi Michelle,
      I’m so glad that you found this article helpful to you.
      When you look for signs you’ll definitely find them.
      I’m happy to be of service!
      Thank you so much for coming by and commenting.

  4. I found you from Stumble, and have a question? I am looking for a new job, one that is more in tune with me, how do I know those signs? I love this topic and the tips and signs. I am always looking for signs or Gods signs.
    Jackie Paulson recently posted…How Should I Write a Book ReviewMy Profile

    • Hi Jackie,
      Nice to meet you!
      What I would do is ask for certain signs – this way you’ll “know” them as they appear.
      I hope this helps you. Good luck in your job search!

  5. WOW that is an amazing sign! I hadn’t given much attention to looking for signs, mostly because in the past I’d often question whether or not is really was a sign. In this case – your Gold Coin from MAY 2011 from China OMG that is a huge sign!

    Your writings consistently remind me to make a deeper commitment to inner guidance.
    Aileen recently posted…Achieve Your Goals and Dreams the Kaizen WayMy Profile

    • Hi Aileen,
      I should have brought the gold coin to show you on Thursday~! It was a huge sign for sure. That inner guidance is the more of a reality than the reality we live in if you think about it. The world we live in can easily deceive us, but our inner world never will.

  6. Wow…that story about God sending the message is so powerful! The messages can come in so many ways and is often more quiet than our ego…that’s why staying aware and vigilant is so key in this walk.
    The great thing about this journey is that you learn something new all the time. And what I have learned in this article is that you are able to ask for a specific sign. I guess this makes sense…but I never thought of doing it! I will try this as i have been receiving many messages as of late and this would actually assist in clarifying some of them. Thank you for sharing!
    Kenya recently posted…Making Love To The CosmosMy Profile

    • Hi Kenya,
      Yes, it was a powerful message. You hit it on the head – we do need to be aware and vigilant.
      Ask for a sign of your choice and it will work Kenya.
      Glad to be of service!
      Thanks so much for coming by and visiting.

  7. Oh Angela, I’m so thrilled that you got that sign, as I think it is fantastic that you are going to be more open about your abilities!!!

    I can’t wait to see what will be happening for you. That is so exciting!

    I thought your article was excellent too, as I also think people don’t realize “how” the signs come. Good job.

    Kara recently posted…Empaths R Us – Dr Judith OrloffMy Profile

    • Hi Kara,
      I know. It was so incredible. I received it on Monday May 9th. When did you email me about the other questions re: leaving our jobs? I think it might have been around then? Anyway, so many “coincidences” seem to point to the same direction. (I started answering the questions and will finish this weekend).
      Thank you – I’m glad you enjoyed the article too. I thought signs would be an easy way for people to access their intuition.
      I loved the interview with Judith Orloff!

  8. Hi Angela,
    I love the coins from heaven and will borrow it if that’s OK! I watch for signs when I have a decision to make. In your article where you mention how the conversation in the cafe was amplified, reminded me of the movie “Waking Life” where it seemed signs and messages came to him from everywhere!

    I agree with you – a sign is a terrible thing to waste.
    Happy Thursday!

    • Hi Lori,
      You’re welcome to use the techniques I’ve developed and write about. That’s why I write about them.
      If you want to refer to it in a blog post all I ask is that you link back to my post.
      I’m glad you watch for signs.
      I never heard of that movie. It sounds fascinating. I’ll have to check it out.
      LOL – yes, a sign is a terrible thing to waste!
      Have a great Memorial Day weekend Lori.

  9. This is a really great article!

    I have just started seeing signs and syncronicities within the past few months or so, and it’s really trippy. It’s also funny because the syncronicities stopped when I stopped meditating.

    I’m learning that staying in touch with my intuition and emotions is something that not only feels great, but actually leads to great decisions as well, which is something my logical brain still finds baffling. :)
    Fred Tracy recently posted…The Key to Everlasting Happiness but reallyMy Profile

    • Hi Fred,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. Interesting – so when you don’t meditate as often the synchronicities slow down? That makes sense.
      I’m so glad you’re learning to stay in touch with your intuition too!
      Our logical brain finds a lot of things baffling I think! :-)

  10. Thank you for such an informative, entertaining post. I was one of those people that misunderstood intuition. I thought I would physically hear my intuition speak to me. That has yet to happen. I have learned, as your posting reflects, that intuition is communicated a dozen different ways. When I receive a “sign” or feel my intuition I always make sure to recognize it and express gratitude for the communication.

    • Anne,
      You make a great point about expressing gratitude for the communication.
      By doing that your blessing your intuition and it will heighten and increase.
      Thank you so much for sharing this marvelous insight with us here.

  11. Hi Angela

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, really enjoying it!

    I am currently making a big decision about whether to move, my primary concern being will there be job opportunities for me: I asked for signs and shortly after stumbled upon a job advertisement for the sort of role I want, located in the place I’m considering moving to!

    Despite this I’m still pretty nervous :-) I think I am going to ask for a coin!

    • Hi,
      I can understand you’re still being nervous about the move despite coming across the advertisement for the type of job you want.
      Yes, do ask for a coin and give it a definite time period.
      Please let me know how what happens. Good luck to you.
      All my best,

  12. I ask for signs every other day. Some are signs to questions that I need to make major decisions over. And others are just part of my experiments, in the energy of play and possibility. Yes, I’ve always hoped to hear loud booming voices that says “look this way”. But it doesn’t happen in that manner. And I suppose this can be frustrating for me at times because it means that I need to be on the alert.
    Evelyn Lim recently posted…Self Love Series- Keys to Unconditional Self-AcceptanceMy Profile

    • Hi Evelyn,
      I have no doubt you ask for signs. I love that you “experiment with the energy of play and possibility.” Awesome!
      Wouldn’t it be nice if they were “loud and clear?”
      I agree – being alert and focused is the key to it all.

  13. Oh, there seems to be so many variations of the same story.
    There also seems to be many different versions regarding our intuition. As Tia Dalma in Pirates of the Caribbean said:

    “Same story, different versions – and all are true”.

    Our intuition can easily be discounted,because it is subtle. Yet, at the same time it’s so wonderfully clear. So what will you do when the sense of logic yields? I say, look in the right places and you might just find answers.
    Sol recently posted…The SummerlandsMy Profile

    • Hi Sol,
      I guess there must be. This is the one I heard.
      Yes, very true. Our intuition can be discounted very easily.

  14. Hey Angela,

    Great story! Love it! You know I’m a big fan of the signage. But what exactly will your next move be in response to this sign? What will you do with it? Can’t wait to hear the outcome, maybe in a future post?
    Anna Barlowe recently posted…Growing PainsMy Profile

    • Hi Anna,
      I’m going to put my thinking cap on!
      When I come up with the answer – I will certainly let you know!

  15. Dear Angela,

    Thank you so much for these beautiful words about listening to our own intuition. And thank you so much for your kind endorsement of my course. It’s a privilege to know you Angela and I’d say there’s never a moment when the voice of our own truth isn’t sharing its wisdom with us. All we have to do is be still, and listen — and trust.
    Christopher Foster recently posted…“The True Promise of Aging” goes liveMy Profile

    • Hi Chris,
      You’re so welcome. I’m so happy for you! I know the course is going to be a smashing success!
      I’m honored to call you my friend Chris!
      You’re so right. If we are still and listen – we will always hear the voice of our intuition.

  16. Hi Angela,
    LOVE that coin story! Not only the fact it was a perfect sign but that it came about so mysteriously.

    I also relate to being in the closet w/re to psychic abilities. It’s scary stepping out but very fun at the same time, isn’t it?

    I have so many signs I could write a book — which I won’t, at least not here. 😉 But I do think you hit on the number one thing that trips people up. And you describe things so well.

    Thanks for a great post, as always.
    Patti Foy recently posted…Do You Revel In All of LifeMy Profile

    • Hi Patti,
      Yes, the coin story is so amazing! It had to have been brought through by spirit.
      Yes, being in the closet is getting me down. I’m tired of it. It’s time to be who we were meant to be.
      Maybe you should write a book about signs then? I’d read it!

  17. What do you do when you are receiving mixed messages. For example, your gut tells you to go in a specific direction but then you also feel in inkling to follow a different path. Both feel like intuition. How do you know?

    • Hi Rosemarie,
      Great question. There are two answers: First, check and see if one of the “hunches” you’re getting makes you feel a bit uneasy or nervous about proceeding in some way. If so, that isn’t an intuitive hunch – it’s coming from your ego.
      The second answer is check in with me! I can feel around and tell you what my intuition says.

  18. Mine came in the form of a knock on the window twice around the time of the Autumn Equinox in fact the first knock was on that night. Then the firefly’s started showing up in the dead of winter. December through February. Then the SciFi show Firefly played all episodes and the song Firefly’s by Owl City was playing every time I turned on the radio.

    These were my signs for this time. It has pointed to a bad time at work and with Health issues. These I’m still trying to resolve.

    • HI Ray,
      I’m sorry to hear that your signs pointed to bad times at work and with health.
      I do hope things are getting better for you now?

      • No I’m sorry to say they are not, at least not at this point.

        I believe the signs were a premonition, a warning of what was coming and to be prepared for it.

        I also believe it is meant to teach me about my faith, to not despair and where I will need to go from here once this is over.

        It is bad and my health is suffering but I take what I have seen as something that must be endured for a time. And when it is over how I handle this trial will determine where I will go from here. It’s just tough right now.

        I am thankful that the signs were there and it tells me I am not alone in this. That has been a great comfort to know.

        • Hi Ray,
          I am sorry to hear that you’ve had so many difficulties.
          I’m glad you had the signs to warn you too.
          Hopefully, as you point out that how you handle all of this will determine where you go from here.
          You know, they say God never gives you more than you can handle. I do believe that.
          All my best to you.

  19. Hej!
    Loved your article – I´m a great fan of searching for signs. Long before I started doing that, I had a tatoo in my early twenties. I remeber choosing this symbol as a reminder of my soul essence – that I was free. The tatoo? It was a feather. Over the years, the feather has been my special sign. It shows up in the most weird places (indoors) and often during period when I feel lost. So yes – I have had great help using this technique – choosing a symbol for guidance and support. 3 months ago, I had my second tatoo – a dragonfly with the names of my four children written inside the wings, I am ready to take off into my new life as an intuitiv…no more hiding.
    Charlotte recently posted…Konst lekMy Profile

    • HI Charlotte,
      That’s great! No more hiding. Awesome.
      I love that you get feathers as signs too!

  20. I love the story about the briefcase and the coin. Amazing.

    I have always believed in signs but my belief in what could be shown to me has definitely opened up over the past few years. With my interest in the work of Ted Andrews and Doreen Virtue, I have encountered many signs via animals that show up in my life. Doreen talks a lot about the time on clocks, feathers, coins, etc. and their meaning. I have had many instances of a single white feather falling in front of me out of nowhere. No bird in sight. In this instances, I was very stressed about something and I know the feather was always being shown to me to let me know I was being taken care of. I always pick up pennies when I find them. They are good luck!

    • Hi Wendy,
      Yes, definitely – feathers are great signs. I used to find them a lot when I was younger. Are you talking about animal totems? That’s what Ted Andrews teaches, right? I find that very fascinating too!

  21. This article could not be more timely for me Angela! Thank you so very much for writing it. I always hope for neon flashing signs but when I start noticing the subtle ones that keep re-appearing, I guess it’s almost as good. Love the idea of using a sign like a coin with limited time frame. I’m going to try that for sure!

    • Hi Merna,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the article and found it helpful.
      Yes, please try the looking for coins and let me know how it turns out!

  22. Hi Angela,

    Great reminder about raising our awareness for those signs. I admit my intuition reception is like that of a cell phone signal deep in the mountains. I often get number synchronicity signs and try to follow that guidance.
    Todd recently posted…Souls Zombies and Judgement DayMy Profile

    • Hi Todd,
      I’m sure there’s going to be cell tower installed on your mountain someday soon! :-)
      I never get number! It’s funny – that is the one thing I’ve yet to have happen to me.
      So, what happens when you get the numbers? How do you decide what it means?

      • Hi Angele,

        When I get my number synchronicities I’ve been using the guidance of Doreen Virtue and her angel numbers. Are you familiar with her?
        Todd recently posted…Creatures of HabitMy Profile

        • HI Todd,
          Thanks for coming back to answer my question. Yes, I’m familiar with Doreen but I haven’t delved into her angel work.
          So she has certain angels correlated with certain numbers I gather?
          I’m familiar with numerology. Do any of her numbers correspond to the same meanings as in numerology?

  23. Angela:
    What a great, great article. I loved this one and everything that you said in it. I really loved the advice to be open to hearing your intuition and open to hearing the signs. I think that is great advice because we have to stay open and look for the signs. I also appreciated that story about the coin showing up in your laptop bag…amazing. Great story and post.
    Sibyl recently posted…What You Absoutely Must Get Rid of If You Want SuccessMy Profile

    • Hi Sibyl,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. Thank you!
      There are so many ways to access your intuition. You don’t have to be psychic – it’s easy to look for signs!
      Yes, I’m still amazed by the Chinese coin too!!

  24. Hi Angela,
    Keep these kinds of stories coming because I love to hear them. I also expected intuition to be loud and direct and it wasn’t until I learned more about it that I found out that intuition is soft and subtle.
    Justin recently posted…You Are Not Your BodyMy Profile

    • Hi Justin,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this story. I think when we encounter the concept of intuition it’s hard to understand how it’s going to manifest until it does a couple times and then you “know” what it’s like.

  25. There are times when I believe in signs and times when I don’t. I think if it’s helpful to your life, it’s constructive to believe in signs. For others, it’s just self delusion
    Henway recently posted…Best Medifast RecipesMy Profile

    • Hi Henway,
      I don’t think you can run your life by looking for signs. You have to be somewhat level headed about it otherwise it would be self-delusion.

  26. Outstanding post, Angela!! I’m really glad you shared your coin story–it’s such a powerful one.

    I’m tickled at the man in the flood story because I just told that story to Tim a couple days ago!!!!! Can you say synchronicity? :)

    I am always open and aware of signs, and I use them to let me know when I’m in vibrational alignment with my higher self or not.

    Many years ago, I wanted a sign that I was on the right track, and I said before I took my daily beach walk, “If I’m on the right track, I want to find a glass fisherman’s float on my beach walk today.”

    I’d lived by the beach for 8 years at that point and I’d never found a glass float. That day, I found TEN of them! It totally cracked me up because I knew that if I’d found one float, I might have doubted the sign. The universe, knowing how stubborn I can be, made sure I REALLY got it by giving me 10 floats. :)
    Ande Waggener recently posted…So What If It’s Been Done BeforeMy Profile

    • HI Ande,
      What a great sign you got! Whew. I guess they knew how stubborn you are for sure!
      Glad you enjoyed the post!

  27. Your coin story is an incredible illustration of how powerful our connection truly is with the unseen world. (I don’t like to call it ‘the other side’ anymore, because ‘they’ really are always with us.)

    These things happen to me all the time: songs, tangible items, ‘chance’ conversations, physical phenomenon, even things my horses do TOTALLY relate to a specific instances in my marital relationship. I think my childhood fascination with the spirit world, with Native American stories and tales of Medieval herbalists (shamans, wise ones, healers)…all these resonated with me on a deep level, creating an acceptance that allowed me to be open to what I call “the clairs:” clairvoyant, clairaudient… SUCH amazing help is available to us! We simply need to be aware.

    Angela, I’m so very glad you asked the question, saw the response for the answer it was, and have embraced your gifts more fully! :) I’d love to share them; perhaps one day I will. Thank you for the reminder to reach for more. xoxo
    Julie recently posted…My SongMy Profile

    • Hi Julie,
      Good observation – yes, it’s really not the “other side.” The appearance of the coin is inexplicable to me!
      It sounds like you’re getting a lot of guidance by way of “signs” and that you’re obviously very open to this.
      If you are experiencing the “clairs” you’ve gone beyond intuition – you’re psychic!
      Thanks so much for your support Julie!! I’ve no doubt you’ll share these gifts – it sounds as if you already do.

  28. Hi Angela — thanks for this — this had me think about how I’ve found that my intuition is always available in every moment when I’m talking with someone, if I’ll just allow it to emerge. When I let go of the need to talk about something that follows logically from the conversation so far, and my fears about “saying something wrong,” it’s amazing how much depth and enjoyment we can have.

    • Hi Chris,
      You’re so welcome! Yes, we need to pay attention to our intuition even when we’re engaging in conversation with someone. If we learn to do this we’ll receive all sorts of useful information.

  29. Being more open about my psychic/intuitive skills is something I’m still working on, Angela. I recently had a conversation with a new friend and she really encouraged me to be forthcoming. More people are open to hearing about this than ever before, I think. Even in places where we might not think (like in the financial industry!).

    Your coin story gave me chills. That’s one for the books!
    Lindsay recently posted…Empaths in the workplaceMy Profile

    • Hi Lindsay,
      Thanks so much for the encouragement. I agree. I think more and more people are opening up to the more spiritual nature of our lives. I do think the time finally may be right for me to openly discuss my psychic work.
      The coin was my first “apport.” I believe it came directly from spirit. I have no other “earthly” explanation for how the coin appeared in my briefcase!

  30. This for me is your best post ever Angela! I’m a major observer for signs and the one thing I would add is that once you become more proficient in quelling the mind and activating your finer sharper senses the signs are noticed even in hassling or trying events. When someone is giving you a hard time they may be pointing in another direction or shining light on something you’ve missed. You also amazingly witness tiny little messages others never spot and this fine tuning leads to some fine living. Signs are wonders and when you spot them you need not wonder anymore. The answers will be there.
    John Sherry recently posted…Lift Your Eyes- Lift Your ConfidenceMy Profile

    • Hi John,
      Thank you John. I’m sure you’re a major observer of signs!
      Yes, to take it a step further “signs” about your growth and development as a human being are to be found in your day to day interaction with others, for sure. I love that: Signs are wonders and when you spot them you need not wonder anymore!
      Thanks so much for coming by and commenting John.

  31. Angela,

    When I notice the signs that are around me it is because I have decided to pay attention and make this a part of my focus. We are probably always being given the resources we need and answers to the questions we ask for, though we tend to think they’ll appear at a certain time and in a certain way. Developing the receptive, open, and aware mind that signs could come from anywhere is a key in my opinion.
    Joe Wilner recently posted…How to Live a Confident- Empowered- and Balanced LifeMy Profile

    • Hi Joe,
      Yes, I agree. We are given all the tools and resources we need to solve all problems in our lives, we just need to be open to receive this guidance. Not having expectations of how and when something will appear is key too. When we ask for a sign – it can come from anywhere!

  32. I love the way you take the “mystery” out of the intuition conversation, Angela. The signs and feedback we get from the universe are always practical and maybe a bit mundane — yet absolutely important. If we do not learn how to listen the smallest decisions can turn into tumultuous ordeals.
    rob white recently posted…The Quantum of MoneyMy Profile

    • Hi Rob,
      I’m a very down to earth and practical type. I don’t care much for hype.
      I’m glad you found this post useful.
      It’s true if we ignore our intuition small problems can snowball into large dilemmas.

  33. I completely agree with “recognizing the signs” and not ignoring them. My grandmother would always say that our guardian angels circled us especially when we had a dilemma – and we had to be tuned to “listen” to that inner voice we call intuition. I’ve benefited from this inner voice enough times to believe and have faith in it. Mostly, it is important to believe the voice.
    Vidya Sury, Freelance Writer & Blogger recently posted…To laugh or to cryMy Profile

    • Hi Vidya,
      What a wonderful and wise grandfather you had!
      He instilled the value of listening to your intuition – how lucky you were.
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  34. Hi Angela,
    Thanks for this post. We need to ‘be aware’ & open. A closed mind is just that, ‘closed’. Trusting your gut takes practise & confidence however it rarely lets you down. The little subtelties(non obvious) in Life are beautiful, aren’t they?
    be good to yourself
    David Stevens recently posted…It’s hard enough being Me- let alone someone that I’m notMy Profile

    • Hi David,
      Yes, being open is the key. Your intuition is always there working like a busy beaver – all we need to do is trust and learn to listen!
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  35. Hi Angela,

    I always loved that story about the man and the flood. But it is true, our intuition doesn’t always come to us in an obvious way. This is why being aware of the signs is so important. There are so many events out there that we have no way of knowing. But despite not knowing, the world still goes on and these very events could well have a good or bad impact on our lives. Even so, we need not be totally clueless to it. If we know how to be aware of our intuition, we will be able to pick up the signs that warn of these events beforehand.

    As such, it is very inspiring to read about your own personal story and how you received your confirmation that you should be more open about your psychic and mediumship abilities. While these are not skills that I am familiar or have experience with, I firmly believe that we all have our unique roles to play here on Earth during our lifetimes. There is always a reason for things to happen and I am sure in that event, your skills will come in most useful when you cross paths with the right people.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article on signs!

    Irving the Vizier
    The Vizier recently posted…The Vizier on the Importance of TimingMy Profile

    • Hi Irving,
      So nice to see you. Yes, you don’t have to a practicing psychic to avail yourself of the signs.
      This is easy and fast and anyone can do it.
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting Irving!



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