How To Meet Your Spirit Guide


Do you have ” spirit guides?” Do you know who they are? And, why you have them?

We all have spirit guides, whether we know it or not.

Our guides are here to help us navigate the physical world and learn the lessons we incarnated to learn.

Here’s an example of “lesson” I had recently with one of my guides:

While in a deep meditation I was visited by Ben, my native American guide.

He pulled me up onto his beautiful white stallion.

We rode bareback galloping through the desert past the red hills of New Mexico.

Ben said, ‘I’m here to teach you to follow the signs just as an Indian guide would.’

He stopped and we got off the horse. He showed me how to read the ‘signs’ by looking closely at the way pebbles were scattered, and cactus leaves were broken.

He said I was to bring this knowledge back and teach others how to read the ‘signs’ in their lives too.


After I meditating I sat without moving thinking about this pleasant vision and the ride I’d been taken on.

It felt right. I resonated to Ben’s message that I was to teach others to follow the ‘signs.’

I understood that by signs, he meant intuition.

I’ve been intuitive since I was a child. Seeing, hearing and knowing things that I couldn’t have possibly have known. I didn’t really understand it then, but I believe my whole life was leading me to this point of teaching others. I’ve had dreams that foretold of future events, have reunited me with loved ones I’ve lost, and communicated answers and guidance to me.

And, you can learn too. We’re all intuitive – this is not an ability reserved for the special few.

To connect with your guide follow these simple steps:

1. Relax in a quiet place. Take a few relaxing breaths in through the nose and release the breath through the mouth. Just try to still your mind.

2. When the breathing becomes “natural” speak to your guides. Silently tell them you want to meet them one at a time and that you’re open to receiving their guidance.

3. Silently ask that the guide you need to meet most at this time make themselves known to you now.

4. Imagine (see in the mind’s eye) that you’re walking up a gentle hill in the beautiful countryside. It’s warm and sunny outside. You feel the warmth of the sun on your arms and face. As you reach the summit of the hill you see a small figure in the distance coming toward you on the road. This is your guide.

5. The guide raises an arm and waives to you. You waive back. The guide is still to far to tell whether it is a man or woman. Don’t have any expectations – it isn’t at all necessary that your guide be Native American. Your guide can take any form and be either sex, or without a specific gender too.

6. You keep walking past trees, a small babbling brook and with each step the guide is getting closer and closer and more details are discernible.

7. At some point you’re able to tell if the person walking toward  you is a male or female although you can’t make out their facial features yet. You see what they’re wearing and can make out the colors of their clothing.

8. Now you’re face to face. You see them clearly. You both reach out and embrace. You’ve met a personality who cares deeply for you and whose only purpose is to safeguard your well-being. You feel the love emanating from your guide.

9. Now the guide tells you their name. It is…….. You hear their voice it is gentle and loving.

10. They explain how they will help you and may even tell you what your purpose in this incarnation is. Don’t be disappointed if at the first meeting all you get is an introduction. The guide communicates to you they will guide you whenever it is needed. All you need to do is practice listening.

11. Stay as long as you need to then return to full awareness of your surroundings.

Don’t forget to write down all the information you were given today. Remember you can return to meet with your guide whenever you wish. You can also meet your other guides this way.

Make your first session introductory. Don’t bombard your guide with questions at this time. Just listen. It takes practice and time to get accustomed to working with your guides so don’t try to go overboard the first time.

One word of caution though, I’d advise you to get used to working with one before you meet the others. The better you get at communicating with the first one the easier it will be to hear the others and not get confused over who is “speaking.”

Have you ever worked with your guides before? How were you first introduced to your guides? Share your experience. We all learn from each other.

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  1. Thanks Angela. I haven’t been a subscriber in the past, but I am now! :). Your response does help. He did tell me that he is not literally “that guy,” he just needs to appear to me in a way that I will pay attention to him and trust him, so this shoe fits quite well. :). Thanks!

    • JJ,
      That’s terrific!
      I think you are very blessed to have such a wise guide.
      Glad you’re a subscriber now.
      All my best,

  2. I’ve had a similar experience similar to Ally’s. The other day I did a meditation to meet my spirit guide. Mind you, I do not normally meditate in this intentional kind of way. I have trouble focusing in meditation, so I do a lot of free journaling, dream interpretation, or just taking a bath and letting my mind wander. I do know that I am very intuitive, and I feel pretty confident that I have a tight bond with my higher self via my journaling and dreams. So, when asking to meet my spirit guide, suddenly, a familiar character named Drake literally peeled himself off the 2-D screen in my head and became 3-D in my head and just said “Hi.” Drake is what I refer to as my life-long imaginary friend and my own manifested version of the man of my dreams, and he is also a character in a book I am writing. Once he appeared to me in this “3D” way, he became very much more his own personality than I had ever imagined him. He was so happy I finally understood what he was, because I was always aware of him, only interpreting him differently. Then he told me tons of stuff, some of it feels right, some I am not so sure of. None of it seems evil or fear-driven, but some seems like my imagination. He said we have a lot of work to do, and that in my life he has carried me much of the way. He is very loving and patient and calming, and an extreme plethora of all kinds of information! I can also talk to him whenever throughout the day, but he told me that if I want to address him about specific things, I should get in the habit of doing so formally through meditation because I need practice with that. Yesterday he appeared to me driving a bulldozer and said I need to clear my chakras, and I need to be completely distraction-free when I do my meditations because our communication can get distorted. He said that some of the stuff I am picking up IS my imagination, but its ok because it takes practice to know the difference, and I will learn if we keep talking. He was helping me to focus during meditation as well as showing me some trust exercises. He demonstrated to me where my trust issues come from, and revealed to me why I find it so hard to trust myself and what it is I need to forgive myself for, which is something I have been trying to figure out for awhile. Everything he says makes complete sense to me. He showed me my shadow-self, and told me that she needs to be seen, heard, understood and loved, and she will vanish. Otherwise she tries to interfere in my life and I get stuck following her guide. There was even a time in my meditation that she was trying to butt in, and he stopped, and said, lets get out of here, so we went somewhere else a couple minutes later. All this is just one tiny inkling of everything he said to me in just 2 days!! So how do I know if he is really my spirit guide or if it is just wishful thinking on my part? I absolutely LOVE that he is claiming to be my spirit guide, but part of me thinks its just my imagination.

    • JJ,
      Thank you for sharing this wonderful comment.

      From what you said it certainly sounds to me as if he is there to give you guidance. If you’re subscriber for a while you will remember that I’ve written about this a number of times. It doesn’t matter what the guide looks like or if we see them at all. They don’t even have to have a name they could just be a presence or a strong sense that we’ve received information from a higher source. All that matters is the quality of the information.

      If the information is valid and makes sense and more you resonate to it and it holds answers you were looking for than trust your gut.

      It’s not your imagination. Yes, sure we may embellish the information we receive and then feel that we didn’t get a “true transmission” but, try to focus on the big picture. If it “rings true” and answers questions in your life than it is coming from a higher source of intelligence.

      Does this help?

      All my best,

  3. Thank Angela I will try that, The memory really gave me fright at first, but now I think of it as a part of me in a way. Thanks again for all your help.

  4. Hey Angela, I had the strangest thing happen to me today. I was at a veterans day assembly and in the middle of the assembly I got a memory of the Vietnam war came to me. Instinctively I jumped into the ‘spirit world’ and skiping all the steps above, I then proceeded to run to a spirit that was walking towards me. He is a soilder in the Vietnam war but thats all I know besides his looks, What should I do I can’t get his memory out of my head.

    • Wow Ally!
      You saw the spirit of a Vietnam soldier – that’s pretty cool.
      I would try to reconnect to him in meditation. See if there is a reason he appeared to you.

  5. hey i have question so i just met my spirit guide today thanxs to your technique. His name is Christopher, i automatically had the urge to call him chris is that weird? he has brown hair and warm brown eyes, he said he is here to guide me daily kinda like a partner in crime i guess lol. anyways back to the question i started to hear his voice as i was laynig down to sleep singing along with the songs on my laptop singing me to sleep can you tell me what kinda conection this is and is it how will i know if he is real or my imagination i would really like to know thnxs

    • Hi Ally,
      I’m glad using my technique worked for you. You know I have an entire album of guided meditations to help you get intuitive guidance? (The Intuition Principle guided meditations).

      If you automatically felt as if you should call him Christopher then that is what is right for this guide and you. He sounds wonderful! I love that he was singing along to the songs on your computer too.

      From what you say, it seems like he is one of your guides. I don’t think it is your imagination. If all the information appeared in your mind spontaneously while you were doing this exercise – than it is real not your imagination. Just go with it.

      • thnxs soo much this helped alot now me and him are partying at school lol. thanxs again but i have another question…. sorry….. but is it strange that i can just start talking to him spontaniosly at anny moment, in my mind of course if it was outloud people would think im ccrazy lol, and talk like im talking to a normal person?
        Ally recently posted…Questions about Hearing Your Spirit Guide?My Profile

        • Hi Ally,
          You’re welcome!
          Many people feel the presence of their guides very strongly in the beginning.
          I would just caution you to be balanced about it. In other words – you are here as a physical being to interact in a physical world.
          There’s a time and a place for speaking with your guide and you should be able to turn it off when you want to.
          Do not allow your relationship with Chris to usurp your time and attention to your physical life and friends.
          I knew a lady who constantly talked to her guides. Every conversation she had she would reply with, “They are telling me to…….”
          This is not what you ought to be aiming for. You have your own mind and you need to maintain control over it. You should not open yourself up so much that you unwittingly turn over control to anything outside of yourself.
          Does this make sense?

          • Absolutley in fact he isnt here with me well he is but you could say we are um how do you but it like reading books but by ourselves so we are together and know it just not interacting.

          • That’s fantastic Ally.

  6. I’m going to try and connect with my spirit guide tonight and hope that I get a response. From the people I know that have met theirs, they say not to worry that ‘sometimes it takes more than one try to meet your guide’. thank you for the info. ~St. Claire

    • Hi Anya,
      Great. I’m sure you will meet your guide.
      Let me know how you make out.
      Good luck.


  8. Hi, I really enjoyed the article – and am going to try this later tonight. I have always felt that I am sensitive to a spirit guide but have previously been too afraid to try and connect with them. However, I’m at a point in my life where I could use them more than ever. Do you have any more advice for a first timer? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Cam

    • Hi Cam,
      It’s best to think of them as wise beings that will offer you their guidance when you need it.
      Most guides have had lives on earth and now want to grow spiritually by working as a guide to someone.
      I would go into a state of relaxation and simply speak to them.
      Explain your problem and ask them to show themselves to you.
      If you don’t see them while in meditation – that’s okay. Just knowing that they are there to help is enough.
      Expect an answer to your problem and you will get it most likely via a sign.
      Have you read my book: Navigating by Intuition: How to Follow The Signs?
      This is a very helpful book to help you understand the guidance we get in the form of “signs.”
      I hope this helps you,

  9. I would like to say that tonight or tomorrow night I’m going to try and reach my spirit guide for the first time ever. I was wondering how long it took some of you to do it and I was wondering if any of you had any tips for me . Thank you (:

  10. Hiya Angela, I have always wanted to know who my spirit guides are, a couple of months ago i tried meditation. On my third attempt, 2 names came to me very quickly, one male name and one female. The names were repeated 4 or 5 times until i repeated them back. I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination or my guides telling me their names. They’re not names i think about and were spoken very rapidly. I love your post and will try the technique as soon as i get some time to do so.

    • Hi Sarah,
      Trust it Sarah. To me it sounds as if you were “given” these names directly by the loving intelligences that wish to assist you.

  11. I have a question. How would I know if I am being told the name of a guide, or if my mind made it up?

    • Hi Amy,
      Trust what comes. If a name came to mind believe that it is the name of your guide. The more you trust your intuition the more readily you’ll get more intuitive information.

  12. Hi Angela!
    I read your post on your blog about spirit guide a few minutes ago…. I would love to meet my spirit guide but I’m too scared….what should I do? Thx

    • Neil,
      Relax, there is nothing to be scared about. Follow the directions in the post. Your guide is a loving being that is devoted to helping you. There is no reason to be scared. Close your eyes and get really relaxed and ask that your guide make his/her presence known to you.
      I hope this helps?

  13. Thanks Angela, for this super wonderful information. I’ve been reading Esther and Jerry Hicks and have watched a few youtube videos. I always wanted to meet my spiritual guide and well, I may even have met him/her. Don’t really know.
    Jaky Astik recently posted…Understanding the stages of grief and angerMy Profile

    • Hi Jaky,
      I’m so glad you found this post helpful. It can be confusing when you hear that everyone’s always saying that they speak to their guides. It’s good to have a technique and know how to go about it. Let me know how you make out if you use the exercise in the post.

  14. I hadn’t thought of connecting with guides before. I’ve heard of guides and know some people connect with them – it just seemed a bit complicated and confusing so I hadn’t looked into it before. I’ve just been staying in the the realm of intuition.

    Your article paints a clear picture of what a guide is and how to access that unique experience.
    Aileen recently posted…Why I Don’t Want to Know your Secret WishMy Profile

    • Hi Aileen,
      I don’t usually do this all that often. Every few months I may feel the need to connect to my guide, but for the most part I’m like you – I just stay in the realm of intuition.

  15. This is amazing, thank you for sharing. This is similar to how I’ve connected subconsciously with a close friend. We would meet somewhere familiar and try communicating like this. Awesome advise, thank you so much!
    Jasmine recently posted…5 Year Anniversary GiftsMy Profile

    • Hi Jasmine,
      Wow, it sounds like you were developing psychic abilities with your friend. I love it! It sounds like an out of body meeting, or lucid dreaming kind of experience. Very cool! I’d love to hear more about it! Feel free to email me anytime.

  16. This is really interesting and powerful, Angela. What a great way to get in touch with our intuition. While I have never experienced a “guide” I can see how it can be a wonderful conduit to communicate with our Authentic-Self.
    rob white recently posted…ROAR-ing Brings CertaintyMy Profile

    • Hi Rob,
      I don’t tune in with great visions like this one on a daily basis. I think the visions arise when they’re needed. I usually just hear or feel very strongly that I should pursue a certain path. When I have an immersion like this one I consider it very special! And, that’s it exactly we are here to uncover our authenticity by going within and unearthing our true selves. I knew you’d understand Rob!

  17. A little known secret of mine Angela is that I used to do some work as a medium at one time and in early development meeting and greeting spirit guides was seen as integral. It never harms to have people on your side in life even if they are on the other side – especially as they are more likely to know what’s going on and what your best responses may be. That’s why they are called guides. Great post Angela, both in lifting spirits and introducing them today.
    John Sherry recently posted…7 Reasons For Cultivating Relationships Not Craving ConnectionsMy Profile

    • Hi John,
      I had no idea you were also a medium. I’m so glad you shared that with us!
      You’re right – how can it hurt to have more “people” on your side to help you in life?
      So true, I never thought of that – yes, I guess that’s why they’re called “guides.” Makes sense!

  18. I am not in touch with my guides. I beleive they are there. I will try this method to reach one. I will take your advice and start with one. It is hard not to have expectations. But I think I can let go of those. Thanks

    • Hi Rosemarie,
      Yes, even if we’re not aware of their presence they are there – always. I’d love to hear about your experience when you do connect.

  19. When I was very little, I remember playing ring-around-the-rosie with six playmates. I also remember how much fun it was, all of us tumbling down in a heap and laughing. I told my mom, and she just smiled and said she was glad I had a good time. She didn’t point out that we were living 52 miles away from the nearest person at the time, and that there was nobody else around, except for my little dog.

    Since then I have had many encounters with my guides and know each one of them. I have been told, same as Anna said, that there is one communicator guide who speaks for the rest of the team. One of the reasons for that is that it is less confusing for the person.

    I was also told that we perceive our guides in different ways: some see them, some just feel them, some listen and hear the small still voice, some have an inner knowing they are there, or any combination thereof. The point is, if you don’t see your spirit guide, for instance, it could be that you are more tuned in to a different perception.

    My guides are my best friends. Sometimes they tell me jokes while I am washing dishes or doing the laundry. I like to sing and sometimes they sing along with me. They seldom offer advice unless I ask or unless I am in danger and would ask if I could. Gahhh, I could go on for hours, but I’ll stop here.
    angel-in-training recently posted…Jake and I – Friendship Beyond the VeilMy Profile

    • Hi Gail,
      I’m glad you shared this with us here. You’re so right to mention that each of us experiences them differently. I happen to experience things quite visually, but that doesn’t mean that someone else won’t have just as deep an experience or connection if they experience their guides strongly as a presence, or through an emotional connection, or just by hearing them speak. Thank you for bringing this up!

  20. Hi Angela,
    I could use a meeting with a spirit guide today! It would make me feel the peace I need to feel before I start what could be a crazy day. I have felt a guide around me before and he did mention a name. It would be good to reconnect and see if I still felt that presence. Thanks for helping me start the day on the right foot!
    Betsy recently posted…I’m the Guest Blogger at the The Bold Life!My Profile

    • Hi Betsy,
      I”m so glad you came across this post today and found it helpful. I want to hear all about it once you reconnect! Please let me know what happens.

  21. Now you are making me wish that mine is a handsome looking guy with chiseled looks and taking me on rides on his white stallion too…LOL! It sounds romantic to be swept away and riding into the sunset!! Then again, not that I am not happy with having met my female Native American guide.

    Love your easy tips to meeting spirit guides!
    Evelyn Lim recently posted…How to Meditate for Beginners- 10 Essential TipsMy Profile

    • Evelyn,
      LOL! You know I hadn’t thought about it but I guess it does seem rather romantic.
      I’m glad you enjoyed this article.

  22. Hi Angela,
    How timely, thanks for sharing your story I know that when I do what you have suggested I get closer to my intuition and what my guides are telling me.

    I did a similar exercise yesterday and was giving an interesting picture of where I am heading with my business and my calling
    love and hugs
    Suzie Cheel recently posted…Discover The Path to Inner Peace and HarmonyMy Profile

    • Hi Suzie,
      Wow, that sounds fascinating! I know your calling is taking you and your business to a whole other level – and I can’t wait to see what you do with it and where you end up! What a fabulous journey you’re on.

  23. Nicely explained, Angela.

    I second the “don’t have any expectations” part – how they show up, what form they take, etc. Just be present and open to what you get. The more you can do that, the more you get.

    Lisa at Practically Intuitive recently posted…The Akashic Records and youMy Profile

    • Hi Lisa,
      Sorry to be so late about replying to your lovely comment. I’ve been away for the last week.
      As always I agree with you 100 percent! Releasing any expectations opens the channels to receive more fully.
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  24. Ha ha, you already know how I met my Daniel. Too long a story for this little comment square anyway! :)

    Great techniques, Angela! I think you’re right to suggest concentrating on the first guide that comes along for a while, then maybe let him or her introduce you to the rest. I believe that everyone has a primary or “gatekeeper” guide who sort of manages and directs the rest of them – probably chosen by us prior to our incarnation here. It’s often easier to work more intensely with that individual, and let the rest pop in as they’re needed. Simpler, maybe.
    Anna Barlowe recently posted…Out Of My HeadMy Profile

    • Hi Anna,
      Yes, you should know, since you have your very own personal guide and a very personal relationship with him too.
      Yes, simpler is best for sure.
      I’m going to keep my comments short as I’m away at a writer’s retreat and am supposed to writing something esle! LOL



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