Does Feng Shui Really Work?

This is a guest post by Tisha Morris for Powered by Intuition.

I oftentimes run into two types of people: those who are feng shui skeptics and those who are feng shui fanatics.

So just how much stock should we put into feng shui?

Clearly there must be something to a 5000-year old practice, right? And why else would Asian businessmen construct buildings based on feng shui principles unless there was something to it, right?

But what about those who have painted their entire Wealth Corner purple with not a hint of change in their finances?

Or those who have placed pairs of pillows, nightstands, and candles in their bedroom just to find themselves sleeping alone?

As usual, the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.

According to Chinese Metaphysics, success or luck is derived from a combination of 3 factors:

  • Heaven Luck
  • Earth Luck
  • Human Luck

This is known as the Cosmic Trinity.

If you divide each of these equally, that means each of these account contribute 33% to our fate.

Let’s look at each one of these closer:

1. Heaven Luck is also known as astrology or our natal chart. We’ve all experienced times when we felt like we were going against a river.

If you are like me, then you’ve probably wondered or even referred to your chart to see what was going on! And then there are other times when everything goes your way.

It’s in these times when we feel like we have little, if any, control of our life and destiny – for good or bad. Is it possible to trump or override your chart?

2. Earth Luck is the Feng Shui aspect of our success. Have you ever lived in a house that just seemed cursed? Perhaps as soon as you moved in everything seemed to go wrong. This is an extreme example of how feng shui can affect our lives.

Generally speaking though, the energy flow in our home will have a direct impact on our own energy flow. This will in effect impact all areas of your life – from finances to love to health.

In fact, the Bagua Map contains nine areas of your life, the energy of which are all contained in your home. Some or all of these areas may be energetically blocked or need enhancing in one’s space, which is the essence of Feng Shui.

Ultimately, we are directly affected by the energy of Mother Earth. The plot of land we live on is our host and we must live in accordance and in harmony with it.

3. Human Luck is our conscious intentions. This is the aspect in which we feel like our life is in our hands. We are in control. We have free will. Our fate is in our hands – at least 33% of it! The more we make conscious choices, intentions, thoughts, the more we will be in control of our Human Luck.

Have you ever come across someone who just seemed to live life in default. They just took what life handed them. This is a case of not using their 33% of Human Luck.

I always encourage my clients to use conscious intentions while applying Feng Shui remedies and enhancements. In doing so, you combine the Earth Luck and the Human Luck to make a much more powerful punch – 66% to be exact.

If you would like to learn more about how to increase your Earth Luck and Human Luck, check out the Feng Your Life eWorkbook now available!

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Tisha Morris is a certified life coach, feng shui consultant, energy healer, yoga instructor, and author of 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home (Turner Publishing). For more information, visit

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  1. I can’t say I disbelieve in Feng Shue, but neither am I totally sold. Hey, I hedge my bets enough to have my desk facing the right direction, keep the clutter under control, etc. But every time I see a reference to how it must work because Chinese businessmen use it – I can’t help but wonder about the millions of poor Chinese because it sure hasn’t helped them much.
    Marquita (Marty) Herald recently posted…The Power of the “Master Mind”My Profile

    • Marty,
      Good point! You made me laugh there! Thank you.
      Yeah, and facing your desk the right way and cleaning clutter can’t hurt either.
      Thanks so much for commenting Marty.

  2. Angela, this is a fantastic choice Guest Post!!!
    Tisha – I really enjoyed your insights. I have red a few Feng Shui books and have done what I can with my home. There are some areas I really felt the Feng Shui working and other areas not so much – so reading about the three factors was truly insightful.
    Aileen recently posted…How Inspiration Created A Golden OpportunityMy Profile

    • Aileen,
      I’m glad you enjoyed Tisha’s guest post.

  3. I knew Feng Shui in a very limited way–about arranging your space. Thanks for all this great additional insights into the practice.

    • Hi Rosemarie,
      This was interesting to me too!

    • Hi Jonathan,
      Feng Shui will work by changing the flow of energy in your home. If you look at the Magua map you can visualize what areas of your home fall under each of the headings. If you’re having problems in a certain area of your life the energy may be stagnant or blocked. So, by changing the energy flow in that part of your house it translates to a positive effects in you life.

    • Hi Jonathan~
      Feng Shui is a voluminous art and science. The Bagua Map pictured above is just one of many tools used. The ultimate goal is to harmonize your space with the Earth’s energy. It’s all about energy flow. Feel free to stop by my website to check out more articles to get you started.
      Tisha Morris recently posted…Just How Free Are WeMy Profile

  4. When I moved to Portland I went out with a realtor the first day to look for a house. I wasn’t in a hurry and thought it would take several months to find the right one. The first houses I saw did nothing for me and I wondered if I had made a mistake coming here. Then just as I was ready to call it a day, I saw a for sale sign. We pulled up in front of the house and before we even walked in, I said, “This is my home.” I could just “see” myself coming home to this house. I bought it that night and I have lived in it for 20 years. I love coming home and walking in the door. I’m not educated about feng shui, but I think there is definitely some feng shui mojo in this house!
    Galen Pearl recently posted…Flu BluesMy Profile

    • Galen,
      I think you must be right from the sounds of it!
      What a great story.
      Thanks so much for sharing it here.

    • Hi Galen~
      Great story! I had a similar experience with a house.
      My goal as a feng shui consultant is for people to LOVE their home. To me, that is the ultimate feng shui goal. Sounds like you’ve found it!
      Tisha Morris recently posted…Just How Free Are WeMy Profile

  5. Don’t know where I fit on the feng shui scale Angela as I’m not a fanatic nor a true blue fan more a curious taster. I tried it a year ago and it brought finance and a better more attractive home environment in a few months so there IS something in it as neither of these had shifted in the decade before. And as they say, give it a try and soon you’ll see why!
    John Sherry recently posted…The Lotion Of EmotionsMy Profile

    • John,
      I love all the rhyming! It’s fun and full of energy. It sounds like Feng Shui was what you needed to shift the energy patterns in your life. Thanks so much for coming by and commenting John.

  6. Hi Tisha,

    It is great to see how well versed you are in Chinese Metaphysics. Not many people could tell me about the Cosmic Trinity of Heaven, Earth and Human Luck. Thus far, I probably have human luck covered with my Yijing divination. The next stage I would like to tackle is Earth luck or feng shui sometime in the future. Like you, I agree that we should combine Earth and Human Luck to increase our chances for success. The problem for me with Chinese Metaphysics is its complexity. But I do intend to explore Earth and Heaven luck one day.

    Thank you for sharing this great article! :)

    Irving the Vizier

    • Hi Irving,
      This was interesting wasn’t it? I’ve used Feng Shui with mild success here and there. I still think there’s something to it, but our inner beliefs have to be aligned with our intentions first.
      Thanks so much for visiting.

    • Thanks Irving and Angela for your comments. I do believe we, particularly in the West, underestimate the power of our Earth Luck. Gaia is our host and we must live in harmony with her. We all process and evolve together as one. And that starts in your home environment. Good luck with your Earth Luck :)
      Tisha Morris recently posted…Just How Free Are WeMy Profile

  7. Eh, I’m not a big believer in Feng Shui, but to each his own. I once spent a year following some of the principles such as putting Wealth statues near my computer, and Love statues, but that year was the worst for me financially, and romance-wise. Never doing it again =)
    Henway recently posted…Vitamin TipsMy Profile

    • Hi Henway,
      Thanks so much for visiting. I think with Feng Shui we have to remember that there are three areas of luck that work together. If we use it and things don’t change we need to examine our beliefs and intentions to see what’s going on with us. I had every conceivable thing in place to attract a relationship, but yet I didn’t. However, I’d gone through a divorce and was quite gun-shy and deep down much preferred to be alone – so my need for companionship was fighting my need to protect myself and the result was – nothing changed. The two intentions were at odd with one another.

      I think you’re entitled to your beliefs Henway and I totally respect them. Thank you very much for adding to the conversation here. It’s a pleasure to see you again.

  8. This is a great feng shui overview! I have read about and studied feng shui quite a bit, and to the extent that I could, I rearranged things in my house and added various feng shui fixes. However, I can’t say I’ve noticed any positive results from all that. The concept fascinates me and makes sense to me, but my experience with it has been less than what I’d desired. I’d be curious to know if that has happened for others and if there is some “troubleshooting” guide. :)
    Ande Waggener recently posted…Are you Misusing Your “I Am”My Profile

    • Hi Ande,
      I’ve had the same experience as you. When bought my house 9 years ago I read about 8 or 9 books on Feng Shui and I didn’t notice anything either~! The money was flowing though – but so was the economy at the time. I think a troubleshooting guide sounds like a great idea. Maybe Tisha will have one or share some tips with us.

    • Great points Ande and Angela!
      I’m a big believer in “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” I use the Bagua Map in cases of challenging situations. For example, if your money isn’t flowing, then I would take a look at the area of your home. Is it missing? Are there blocks? Is it full of clutter? Etc. And then also adding the intention, i.e. Human Luck. Of course, that’s just one facet of Feng Shui. There’s Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing, underground energies, etc.
      Thanks for your comments!
      Tisha Morris recently posted…Winds of Change Sweep Across the Globe and Into Your BackyardMy Profile

  9. This is very useful, thank you Trish for clarifying things. I’m interested in Feng Shui and read a couple of books about it (very basic…) but I never came across this “Cosmic Trinity”.
    I believe in the power of intention, but I also believe in the Earth energy, and in using various techniques to improve your home – not just interior design :)
    Cristina – Positively Beauty recently posted…Design inspiration- creative ideas for original headboardsMy Profile

    • Hi Cristina,
      I’d never heard of the Cosmic Trinity either. I found that very interesting.

  10. I love Feng Shui. When we worked on our house we thought about Feng Shui. But we should probably do it again. It’s funny that a lot of house was already arranged the way the book said. I’ve never heard of the human or heaven luck. Sounds very interesting. I’d love to read more!
    Betsy recently posted…15 Positive Quotes To Brighten Your Cold Winter DayMy Profile

  11. Hi Angela & Tisha,
    I really enjoyed your Feng Shui tutorial. I am not all that familiar with the practice. I tend to put most of my stock in “Human Luck” first and foremost. Seems to me we are all designers of our destiny. Taking command of our mind and 100% responsibility for our lives seems to have the other aspects unfold naturally. I like your balanced approach to the practice of Feng Shui.
    rob white recently posted…Reality Check- Where is There a NO Sitting Firmly in Your MindMy Profile

    • Rob – you are always so practical about everything. I love that! A balanced approach to life is the one I favor too.

  12. That was interesting, thanks. I’ve often felt a little skeptical of how feng shui ws presented in the west. Many of the principles are simply pragmatic: uncluttered, airy rooms and a clean, well lit entryway are simply welcoming, period, not only to good chi.

    But for intance, my back door (which we use) and my formal front door (which we hardly use) are directly across from each other, with a straight, clear path between them, which is apparently very bad. I’ve never noticed poorer energy in that area, so perhaps it is only that 1/3 earth luck thing

    • Hi Shanna,
      I’m glad you never noticed poor energy flow between the front and back doors. I’m sure Tisha will explain further when she comments.

    • Hi Shanna~
      You are correct.
      According to Feng Shui, that is an inauspicious floor plan because it’s too much rushing energy. I had a similar floor plan in my last home, but it seemed like the least of my Feng Shui problems! There are remedies for everything and you may have already intuitively remedied that area by attracting the energy to the left or right of that area.
      Thanks for your comment!
      Tisha Morris recently posted…Winds of Change Sweep Across the Globe and Into Your BackyardMy Profile

  13. To be honest, I have never heard of Feng Shui. How can I determine which area of luck is governing my life?

    Thanks for your help Tisha,


    • Hi Alex,
      Tisha is the expert here, but from her article it seems like we all have three areas of luck in our lives. I doubt one governs your life more than the other – it’s probably a blending of all three. I’m sure she’ll be able to explain more when she comments.

    • Hi Alex~
      Thanks for your question.
      The Bagua Map (pictured above) is one of the tools used in Feng Shui to see which areas of your home represent certain areas of your life. Using the Bagua Map above, just line up the bottom edge with the front of your home, i.e. your front door. From there, see where the areas fall within your home.
      Tisha Morris recently posted…Winds of Change Sweep Across the Globe and Into Your BackyardMy Profile

  14. Yea, my own Feng Shui studies are my next stop after I master I Ching :).

    Still, it won’t make any real difference because of my flat situation, as I rent only a small room – can’t make any real Feng Shui here :).
    Nathan recently posted…Chakras 101 – Part 1My Profile



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