Intuition: Developing X-Ray Vision & A Remote Viewing Experiment

We all know that Superman had “super” powers.

He could stop a speeding bullet.

He was faster than a locomotive.

And, he had X-ray vision and could see through walls.

Well, let me tell you: Superman ain’t got nuthin’ on us mere mortals!

We have our own kind of X-ray vision.

I attended a MeetUp for the Skeptical Psychic Society of NY & NJ in Nyack, NY. Nancy du Tertre, the founder of this society is also a psychic detective and author. I’d recently interviewed her about her new book, Psychic Intuition.

For some ‘strange’ reason, I was the only member who made it to the MeetUp. As I was replying that I would attend I suddenly got a “feeling” that I’d be the only one there.

Lucky for me though, since I have a burning desire to learn how to be a psychic detective – I received a private lesson from Nancy for 2 whole hours.

We, meaning, I practiced psychometry with objects and photos supplied by Nancy.

Psychometry is an “object reading.” It’s the art of being able to to divine the history of, or events connected with, a material object from touching it or being in close contact with it.

I’ve practiced psychometry in the past, but I’ve never used it in connection with psychic detective work.

It’s a staple in mediumship training used to gather insight about the deceased. It can also help you to connect telepathically to the deceased, or what we call getting a direct “mediumistic link.”

It’s also used in psychic development as method to develop clairsentience (picking up the emotional states of others).

Differences between mediumship communication and receiving psychic information:

When you connect to the deceased mediumistically they willingly communicate directly with you using telepathy – which is mind to mind communication. When you’re reading someone psychically you’re reading what’s in their energy pattern, or their aura, and it’s not a “communication” as with a mediumship reading.

To be honest, I’d never found psychometry all that exciting. Connecting to someone, or a former someone, by reading an object when I could just close my eyes and connect directly with the deceased mediumistically seemed like an extra step.

Nancy explained that in psychic detective work sometimes the deceased doesn’t cooperate like they do in readings. (Aha! I hadn’t thought of that.)

They may be still be traumatized and confused about what has happened to them and not be able, or even interested in communicating telepathically with the medium. When this is the case we need to have another tool to gather information about them by reading the object that belonged to the deceased.

It just goes to show you that context is everything, and the meaningfulness of these skills is directly related to their “application.”

Nancy handed me a small square box that looked as if it might have originally contained a piece of jewelry. I held it in my hands and closed my eyes. My first thoughts were those of logic: It must contain jewelry.

I closed my eyes and the following images came to me:

  • A gold pin I have of a musical clef followed by a red and green striped candy cane Christmas pin I own. (I didn’t mention this to Nancy as I felt my logical mind was then repetitiously inserting images of pins I own).
  • A Roman soldier/guard/gladiator
  • An image of Superman.
  • A sheaf of wheat – which immediately made me think of “The Staff of Life” – that I ignored, and failed to mention to Nancy, assuming it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with what was in a little 3 by 3 inch box.

Nancy kept asking me to connect the images – which I couldn’t. I finally gave up saying I thought it was a gold pin of some sort.

When I opened the box it contained a small silver luggage lock and key.

How on earth did my images relate to what was in the box?

How could I have been so wrong?

Nancy explained that I wasn’t wrong at all:

  • In French the word clef means “key.” Seriously, wow! I learned to read music as a child and remembered that we used to refer to the clef as “the musical key.”
  • She said when I’d told her I was seeing Superman and the big “S” patch on his chest she immediately saw this shape as the bottom part of the lock without the lever portion.
  • Hmm!
  • Nancy also said she thought the Gladiator and Superman were connected by “strength,” as locks are strong – and might be used on a “strong-box.”

After “sleeping on it” I added a few interpretations of my own:

  • I kept seeing my “gold pin.” I didn’t understand that the “gold” might have been a symbol for a metal object, and not literally a gold pin.
  • The candy cane pin is shaped like the lever portion of a lock.
  • A sheaf of wheat is considered the “Staff of Life.” A staff, the way I “saw” it when that statement came to mind, was shaped like a cane; the lever portion of the lock.
  • The function of Roman guards/soldiers and Superman is to “protect.” And, this is also the function of a lock. Those who break the law and are caught by these two are “locked” up in jail.

My mind was hard at work trying to tell me what it was perceiving in the box – even though I was unable to correctly interpret the images it gave me. It was like playing a game of “Pictionary” with yourself.

Why doesn’t our mind pick up and show us the exact image?

I believe that since I couldn’t physically “see” what was in the box my mind gathered information about its function from the energetic memories associated with the object.

How your mind creates clues using symbols and images:

Interestingly enough, when I got home and looked at my pins the musical clef pin was actually a (fake) diamond encrusted french horn. The candy cane pin was actually two cloisonne candy canes crossed over one another forming an X.

My interpretation of this distortion is that my mind took things I owned and re-imaged them to create more specific clues for what was in the box. That’s not random if you ask me.

This was the warm up for what was to come: reading photos related to a crime. (stay tuned for part 2)

To be a psychic detective you need to be able to read objects that belonged to the deceased and pick up on the energetic memories associated with it. You also need to be able to look at, and hold photos of deceased, their family and possible suspects and then make a thorough list of all the impressions that come to you. This is in addition to possibly visiting the crime scene. I know there’s more to it, but this is what I gleaned from our first sesson.

We humans have amazing powers far beyond the 5 senses we use each day.

Our perceptive abilities are extremely sensitive and pick up much more than we realize because our logical mind is always at work “filtering” the impressions we receive. It’s a matter of being conscious of this filter, attuned and receptive enough to work with energy, and trusting enough in what we get, plus continual practice to be able to “receive” this information.

Would you like to participate in an experiment?

It’s actually more of a Remote Viewing experiment, since you won’t be able to touch the object, but it works based on impressions in the same manner. (Remote viewing is being able to perceive information about something at a distance – it has been used extensively by the CIA for spying purposes)

I’ll put something(s) in a 9″x 5″ box and each of you close your eyes and see what impressions your receive. Then send me an email: giving me your impressions. Don’t sensor yourself  by rationalizing like I did. Every image, thought and feeling that comes to mind is important!

It will be anonymous. I won’t publish your name – unless you want me to! I’ll tabulate all the findings and reveal what was in the box a week later. Send me an email and let me know if you’d like to participate.

C’mon give it a shot! It’ll fun and a great way to expand your sensing abilities.

Do you see any other applications you might apply psychometry to? If you had been given these images what other associations might you have come up with? If you’ve ever practiced psychometry what was your experience?

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To read more about Nancy de Tertre go to:
If you live in the Nyack, NY area her MeetUp is every second Monday of the month. C’mon on down! You can buy her fascinating book on Amazon.

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How a Psychic Detective "Sees Without Seeing"
What's in The Box? Outcome to A Remote Viewing Experiment



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  1. Wow , that was amazing to have that special time, I have never done this but would love to learn more
    So what I got when I closed my eyes and didn’t sensor
    First a bracelet, then a gold watch, a clear crystal quartz wand, my crystal manifesting bracelet that I haven’t taken off in months since a reader sent it to me and a sunbeam- ray of light?

    thanks for sharing
    with love
    Suzie Cheel recently posted…Monday Inspiration- ChoiceMy Profile

    • Hi Suzie,
      Yes, it was amazing how the Universe arranged things for me wasn’t it?
      I’ve added your impressions to the experiment Suzie!
      Thank you.

  2. Back in the days when ESP was a dirty word, my friend Anne and I experimented with various “games” to try and figure out how it all worked. We tried sending pictures to each other and guessing what they were. It was fun, but it seemed rather randon to us. Sometimes we got it and sometimes we didn’t. Anne’s husband Peter was much opposed to ESP and didn’t like what we were doing.

    This one time, Anne was sending the picture of the sun over the ocean. I got the picture of the sun over a waving wheatfield, which was close enough, but I kept seeing a big black ball that looked like it was going to block out the entire scene. Anne was confused and insisted she hadn’t sent anything. Finally, Pete sheepishly owned up that he had been trying to interject a big black ball between Anne and me to block our transmission. All three of us were stunned by this revelation. Pete was more of a believer after that.

    I love your site, Angela. So much so that, with your permission I have reblogged this article on my own site, along with a little anecdote about my adventures into the Power of Intuition.
    Sandra Bell Kirchman recently posted…Yesterday’s fantasy is today’s reality – “Intuition- Developing X-Ray Vision…”My Profile

    • Hi Sandra,
      Wow, that’s amazing that you picked up the black ball your husband’s friend was trying to block your transmissions with. I’m sure it must have made him wonder a bit!
      I’m happy you posted the article and are sharing it with your readers.
      Fantasy fiction is a special love of mine, so your site is really fascinating to me.
      I loved your story about your NDE too!
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting Sandra.

  3. Got to agree Angela that we have phenomenal untapped powers that need understanding, welcoming, and utilising. Not least our own intuition like yours that knew you’d be the lone person at the Meet-up. How many people never trust theirs prefering regular logical thinking? Too many!
    John Sherry recently posted…The Right LinesMy Profile

    • Hi John,
      Not trusting intuition is a big problem for many people. That’s why I think an exercise like this one can help show people that they are receiving valuable information they should be trusting.
      It’s so nice having you visit us here John.

  4. Hi Angela,

    I have not read all of the comments attached to your post, but wanted to share something with you about your psychometry experiment with the box. Here’s what I feel is happening…there are two types of clairvoyance: pure clairvoyance and archetypal clairvoyance.

    What happens when you harmonize with the object and its contents is that you receive pure signals as information. That is, the pure signal is raw information. But to understand it you have to translate the signal into something that the left-brain can understand. The usual forms for expressing our intuitive experiences are numbers and words.

    In the word realm there are many archetypes that we are all familiar with and that we use to help our understanding and interpretation of the world. When we take the raw intuitive signal and bring it into consciousness it is frequently filtered through archetypes. That’s why you had some classic archetypes in your verbal understanding of your signals. Here I am referring to gold, superman, etc.

    This is an indication that your intuition needs some refinement – that is, it is too left brain. The left brain uses archetypes to translate right brain feeling sensations to aid in translating the vast, multi-dimensional information from an intuitive process.

    One way of honing your skills is to begin to practice describing the essence of mundane objects around you, like an apple or a counter top, as poetry. See if you can begin to harmonize with the essence of the object and not invoke archetypes to communicate the essence.

    For example, in describing the apple, if it is yellow, intentionally do not describe it as golden. For the counter top, if it is granite, intentionally do not describe it as adamantine. That is, steer clear of the sorts of adjectives that a fiction writer would use. See if you can describe these things objectively, yet still capture the felt essence of it.

    There are more exercises that you can use. In fact, check out my book The Intuitive Investor: A Radical Guide for Manifesting Wealth for more examples.

    Jason Apollo Voss

    • Hi Jason,
      Thank you for this great explanation. And, yes, my intuition works through archetypes, and I do have a very logical mind! Great idea for an exercise for developing the right brain thinking. Thank you. Thanks for suggesting your book too.
      I’m glad you came by and added to the conversation here Jason.

  5. Angela,

    What wonderful and intriguing story. I am almost too tempted to be there physically and attend the meeting with you and Nancy. I think psychic ability in us works best when we channel the inner self.

    I am too distracted right now, so I am going to try that experiment with box later when I am ready. Looking forward to results! Intriguing post!

    Zengirl recently posted…Car-Free or Car Owner – Finding A Happy Middle GroundMy Profile

    • Hi Preeti,
      I’m glad you find it fascinating. If you visit your relatives up here anytime soon – do come to the meeting!
      Yes, I’d love for you to participate in the experiment. I’m tabulating all the responses.
      I’ll be opening the box tomorrow afternoon and taking a photo of what I put in there, so do try to get your impressions to me tomorrow.

  6. How fascinating, Angela! So fun reading all these details.

    My first teacher in the ’80s was a psychic in CA (Kathlyn Rhea)who was a consultant for the San Jose police dept. She had her advanced students work on crimes with her. It was a little creepy – but very satisfying!

    Just like you with the jewelry box (fun reading your process with that – I like to do that with presents), she taught us that we are always getting the info from somewhere. And almost always, as we investigated further, we would discover that we had gotten a hit after all, even if our logical minds weren’t sure how it fit. I’ve never forgotten this and it’s been on of my most important lessons of all.

    We also did some of the kinesiology. I was a natural at it and still find it fun to this day. But I usually work remotely so don’t have much of a chance to use it.

    Thanks for this amazingly informative post. How fun for you — and now for us!

    Looking forward to part 2.
    Patti Foy recently posted…The Final Word on Ophiuchus and Astrology SignsMy Profile

    • Hi Patti,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. I hope you decide to participate in the experiment too!
      Wow, you worked with a consultant to the police who was a psychic detective? Awesome!
      You know, I think I really learned a lot from this simple lesson as to how to interpret the symbols I got.

      Are you referring to moving objects with the mind? That’s something I haven’t spent too much time on, although I do find it quite fascinating. Patti we should Skype sometime!

      • OMG, can you tell I wrote my comment late at night? First, no, I didn’t mean kinesiology (muscles testing) nor psychokinesis (moving objects with my mind). I meant psychometry, like you were talking about! Sheesh!

        And then I forgot to say: yes! I think your experiment sounds fun! I will do it and send an email. I don’t know the techniques of remote viewing per se (I understand they are fairly elaborate. I have Russell Targ’s book “Limitless Mind” but have barely cracked it open.) But I’ll do “my thing” and see what I get. Cool!

        As for Skype, alas, I live in a remote canyon and only have a satellite connection — not adequate for skyping. But if/when I find a good DSL somewhere (a coffeshop, perhaps) and get up to speed with that, I’ll let you know. I would really like that. 😀
        Patti Foy recently posted…The Final Word on Ophiuchus and Astrology SignsMy Profile

        • Hi Patti,
          Yes, I thought you were referring to psychokenisis as well. No problem!
          Oh too bad about Skyping from home. Okay let me know when you find a good internet cafe then.

  7. Maybe next month I will skip Yoga and come tho this. Will you be there?

    • Yes, I’m going to go next time as well. I’ll skip my mediumship class that night to go.

  8. So sorry I missed you that night. Sounds like a fascinating two hours. Yoga ended at 9:00. I peeked into your room and saw you were the only one. But you were clearly in a zone not to be disturbed.
    The trick, and I guess, it is what a psychic detective learns to do is deciphering all those images you get. I love this stuff.

    • Hi Roe,
      Me too. I know you would have found the evening thoroughly fascinating as well.
      I know – deciphering the images is the hard part. I could only come up with the explanations for the symbols I got in hindsight. You’re right – there’s now way I would have ever put them together to say there was a lock and key in there.
      One thing though – the lock and key we used was a personal item of Nancy’s & not related to a crime, so there was really no context associated with, or any strong emotions either. I think that made it harder.
      I know you love this as much as I do!

  9. I agree, I don’t believe it’s random either but I have a feeling that the skeptics will always see the matching of those shapes as a coincidence.

    I’ve always been fascinated by remote viewing and reminds me of that film ‘the men who stare at sheep’.

    I may have to try it out also!
    Amit Sodha – The Power Of Choice recently posted…Living Consciously – A Path For Warriors- Not WussiesMy Profile

    • Hi Amit,
      Thanks so much for coming by. I read the book, “Men Who Stare at Goats,” and found it was a fascinating look into the secret psychic spying branch of the CIA. I’d l love to do something like that.
      The skeptics will never see what we see – they’re brains have a hard-wired bias against seeing what we believers see. (I wrote about this in my previous post).
      Please do try it. I’m putting in everyone’s findings anonymously.

  10. Angela,
    That’s amazing that you were the only one there and had the teacher all to yourself. Yeah for you!

    In the box:

    A pencil, a safety pin and a small box of matches is what I saw in the box. I didn’t filter. How weird is that???

    Tess The Bold Life recently posted…62 Tips to Create Your Own Love StoryMy Profile

    • Hi Tess,
      It is amazing, isn’t it? It just goes to show you when the student is ready the teacher appears!
      Thanks for sending me your impressions of what’s the box. I’ll include them!

  11. Very interesting stuff, Angela. Your experience with the session (and how cool is that that you manifested a one on one? :) ) reminds me of the Silva seminar I attended several years ago. We were supposed to remote view the health issues of a person that our partner had in mind. I actually got 80 percent of my subject right, which BLEW MY MIND. :) I LOVE this stuff even though I haven’t pursued it as much as I like and later efforts to remote view a room I’d never seen before weren’t as successful.

    You make a great point that your mind uses images you’re familiar with to give you the information. I find that true in dream interpretation too, and the meanings vary from person to person too–which is why I think the books dream images and what they mean universally are marginally useful.

    I would love to be part of your experiment. Sounds like fun!!
    Ande Waggener recently posted…Transform The Winter Blues- 15 Ways To Go From SAD To GLADMy Profile

    • Yay! That’s great Ande. It is going to be really fun.
      I’m a Silva graduate too! At one point I was going to become an instructor, so I repeated the basic lecture series 11 times. I basically can do the whole seminar from memory.
      Our mind’s are all connected so we have access to an infinite amount of information – which is why we can detect little teeny tiny objects in boxes we’ve never seen before!

  12. Hello Angela – I’ve noticed that I have a common theme when commenting on your blog…”this is all new to me”. And that theme still stands! I love the exposure to new ideas, areas of life that are completely new to me. I’ve never heard of things like photometry, or had interest in its surrounding subject matter…but for some reason, I find it absolutely fascinating now. I think it’s because I’ve open my mind to new ideas of life; areas that have proven that I know very, very little. Thanks for the eye opening topics, that spark my interest!
    Jk Allen recently posted…Stepping Forward Towards ProgressMy Profile

    • Jk,
      I’m so happy to be able to introduce to so many new things you find fascinating.
      I have an idea – why not participate in the experience and see what a genius your mind really is?
      I promise you’ll amaze yourself. C’mon give it a shot since you’re trying so many new things.

  13. How exciting!!!
    It feels like the physic world definitely wants you to be a full time permanent participant. How amazing you had this one on one time with Nancy. I’m so excited for you.

    I will participate in the remote viewing. Looking at the comments, it looks like you have the box something is already inside – so I should concentrate on it today and email you tonight-ish – is that right?

    I don’t know how “well” I’ll do …. but I’m participating!
    Aileen recently posted…Dared to be Awkward and Fulfilled a DreamMy Profile

    • Yay! I’m glad you’re going to be part of the experiment Aileen.
      I was elated to have the 2 hours to myself. It was terrific!
      Yes the box has been sealed!
      Yes, please concentrate on it and see if you can get 5 different feelings, impressions, or symbols in total at the least. Write down whatever comes to mind, or draw what you “feel,” or see. Then see if there is a unifying theme that comes to mind.
      Don’t worry about being wrong – there is no wrong.
      Just have fun!
      Great. I’ll look forward to your email.

  14. Hi Angela,

    As I think I mentioned awhile back, I used to play a remote viewing game on an online forum, and lots of us would get very close in exactly the way you describe (or someone would get it). This was interesting reading since we never really talked about it much, though it was clear how some “close” readings were related to the actually object as you say.

    I read this earlier, and I was sitting downstairs and suddenly something popped into mind. I don’t mind saying here. I got something curly, wound up like a slinky. Could be a little bamboo plant curled up in a little vase. Could be wire, a small statue sort of thing, lots of curls or curves, not hard angles.

    Well I’ve been wrong before! But I’ve also been pretty close too.Guess I’ll email you later to make it official lol :)
    Leah McClellan recently posted…Declutter Your Mind- 3 Tips For More PeaceMy Profile

    • Hi Leah,
      Yes, I remember you telling me that you used to do remote viewing with an online group. I was hoping you’d want to participate. That’s great!
      Don’t let your rational mind dictate what it could be – just yet.
      Definitely send me your impressions.
      Try for at least five different symbols, or impressions including the ones you’ve listed.
      Then see if you see a common theme or get a hunch as to what it could be.
      Don’t worry about being wrong!!!! TRUST in what you get.
      Terrific – send the email when you get a chance.

  15. Wow Angela. I do so love coming here for your mind opening conversation. I love that you take what we sense about our intuitive nature and take it deeper and deeper. Thanks for the introduction to psychometry!
    rob white recently posted…Is Your Survival Instinct Destroying Your FutureMy Profile

    • Hi Rob,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the article, and the introduction to psychometry Rob. There is so much to learn about the limits of our intuition.
      What I’m learning is that there really are no limits – we too have our own kind of X-ray vision!

  16. I consider myself to be an intuitive individual but I’ve never done psychometry before. I’d like to play this game! Will do this some time in the next couple of days and email you! :)
    Lindsay recently posted…How to get out of a bad mood and stay outMy Profile

    • Hi Lindsay,
      Great! It’s a pleasure to have you onboard. I think it’s going to be fun.
      Take your time and see what feelings and images you get. If you can try to connect them to see if they are clues for what’s in the box. I’ll look forward to your response.

  17. Hi Angela,

    Fascinating article! I know about psychometry from reading comics like X-Men and Star Wars but it is really thrilling to be able to go through the actual process step by step.

    I firmly believe that context is everything and anything that is taken out of context loses its meaning. I never thought that psychometry worked by inference. I always imagined that the images appeared as it was in the box. But reading your experiences and Nancy’s explanation reminds me a lot of the way that I interpret my divination readings. Whereby I have to look for hidden and related meanings from the words and images I have and apply them to the question at hand.

    I do not believe what you imagined was random. I think with practice you would make a fine psychic detective. I agree with your assessment. Logic usually interferes with our ability to sense things beyond our 5 senses.

    Haha, during my spiritual journey, before I found the I-Ching, I did read about remote viewing. But I never really got into it since I could not fathom what practical use it would have for my life. I have personally met and know a few people who can see and commune with spirits, but I have never seen any spirits myself and have chosen not to dabble in such matters since there are too much things I don’t know about it. I have watched my spiritually aware friends though. They are not coping well at all because they lack the proper mindset and wisdom to cope.

    Hmm let me think about the remote viewing thing. My ability to visualize was never very good to begin with.

    I have a question though. With psychometry and the picking up of emotions associated with objects and the deceased and so on, won’t you need to have great self-control to avoid these alien emotions from overwhelming you?

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article! I look forward to part 2! :)

    Irving the Vizier
    The Vizier recently posted…Never Give Up Never Surrender!My Profile

    • Hi Irving,
      I don’t think the images I got were random at all either. They seem random until you string them all together.

      Learning to correctly interpret the symbols, feelings and images you get is the hardest part of doing a reading. When we let logic into our mind when we do a reading it’s like popping a balloon – the reading goes flat. We have to allow all these senses to string together a set of images and feelings first – then when we put them all together see what the overall feeling/interpretation is.

      Yes, I think you have to be careful if you’re not trained properly when doing mediumship readings and psychic detective work, not to let the emotionalism of the circumstances engulf you. You must be in control of your medimship which is to say that you shouldn’t be a person that goes around saying you see and hear dead people all the time! You have to be able to turn it off – and it can be done – it’s simply an intention. When you’re working as a medium you see/hear them – and when you’re not – it’s shut down 100 percent. Anyone who goes around doing the latter is not trained, or in control and it is very dangerous to their mental health. A person who does this is either untrained, or does it for one reason only – attention. I wouldn’t go to any medium who says that.

      Psychometry doesn’t have to be based only on receiving images. I happen to be very visual – my strongest sense is clairvoyance, but many people who were in the CIA psychic spying program worked by getting feelings about things – not visuals. Don’t be put off by how your psychic sensing works. I haven’t focused on Remote Viewing either because I couldn’t think of a practical application for it. I’m all about being practical, so if there’s nothing useful about it I won’t do it. If someone came to me and said I’m worried about my summer house can you take a look and see if it is okay – I guess that would be a practical application you could apply Remote Viewing.

      In mediumship & psychic readings many times holding an object brings in the feelings of the person who owned/owns it. You’re able to detect their personality and emotional state from the object, so don’t discount the power of clairsentience. It’s a hugely powerful sensing mode to be able to connect to the inner workings of another person. What if the person is completely depressed and contemplating suicide and their mother asks you if her son it okay? You might be able to alert the parent to take their child to seek help, so I would say developing all your sensing abilities is very important.

      Thanks so much for your wonderful thought-provoking comment Irving. I’m glad you enjoyed the article and are looking forward to part 2!

  18. What an interesting post and how lucky were you to get to spend the hour on a ‘one to one’ basis with Nancy!I was just about to go back to your interview with her to comment, because it was really informative and enjoyable but then I spotted this post…you’re just too fast for me Angela. ;D I’ll join in your challenge to guess what you’ve put into a box, but I just need to clarify something first. Are we to assume it’s a small square box like the one that Nancy gave you or do we need to guess the size and shape of it? I have to tell you that the first thought that came in to my mind was HAIR! Now where did that come from…maybe it’s a play on the word HARE so could it be a rabbit or something small and furry??? Hey! Thanks Angela…This is fun.
    Rosemary recently posted…Are You Afraid of Your Authentic SelfMy Profile

    • Hi Rosemary,
      Yes, I was actually quite happy no one else came!

      I’m so glad you’re going to participate!

      Good question! The box is rectangular in shape. The dimensions are: 9 inches long by 5 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep.

      That’s interesting about the hair Rosemary, but I have only just put the box together now. I would say you ought to start fresh.

      Don’t “try” to guess. Close your eyes and imagine the rectangular box for a moment then let go. See what comes to mind. If you get one image – jot it down, then try to get another image, or word, or feeling. Try to get at least 5 different pieces of information. Then see if you can connect them.

      Great – glad to see you’re on board. This is going to be so fun!
      Angela Artemis recently posted…Intuition- Developing X-Ray Vision &amp A Remote Viewing ExperimentMy Profile



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