How to Plug Into The Reality of Our Oneness

Are we really here? And where is here?

Did you ever wake up from a dream and feel unsure of where you were? Many times we travel in our dreams to other realities that are just as real as this one, so that when we wake we have to readjust to being back in our current reality.

Physicists are revealing that what we perceive as reality may not be what we think either.

We may think we are our bodies and our minds, but we would be wrong according to many new findings in science.

Each of us is actually individual states of consciousness that exists within one unified field – the field of consciousness.

I’ve been thinking a lot about consciousness and reality since I  wrote – Constant Craving: The Mystical Experience, and wondering why our perception of the world changes when we have a mystical experience?

Many of you commented that you’d had a mystical experience and felt during it a connection to and love for all of life. As I said in that post, when we have these momentary connections to all life we’re actually plugging-in to the over-arching reality that our narrow every day reality is a fragment of. (Yes, I know it can be a bit confusing.)

To make it simpler for us regular folk to understand, scientists explain our reality as being like different programs all open at the same time on a computer.

For example, say I’m an open program  (my consciousness) on the computer screen. If you were sitting in front of the computer at that time it would appear that I’m separate (my program) from the other programs because mine is the only one on the screen. In actuality though, all the programs are open at once, whether they are being viewed or not, and are all part of the same data base; the same unified field of zeros and ones on your computer.

Because we experience our lives in the context of being in a physical body, we are like that one open program on the computer screen – we experience ourselves as separate from the other “programs.” Our awareness of separateness is a perceptual illusion. Our perception of reality is like the fish in the ocean not knowing what water is.

We are those fish, and when we awaken, even if for a moment to our true reality it’s as if we’ve come up for air – we see there is a vast world beyond the environment of the ocean we’ve been swimming in. We all exist in our own ocean – an ocean of consciousness. And, like the fish swimming in the ocean who aren’t aware of the water, we aren’t aware of the existence of consciousness that’s all around us.

So, why does our perception of reality change when we have a mystical experience?

Because for a split second we’ve transcended the ego and the false fears it uses to hypnotize us. We see clearly that we are pure consciousness when the ego recedes to the background. We’re also intuitively aware that we’re pure consciousness that’s been encapsulated within a body for a short time. When the body dies we rejoin the rest of the ocean of consciousness. Just as a wave cannot be separated from the ocean – each of us is an interconnected thread in the fabric of consciousness.

Just think of how different the world would be if we all tried to plug into that “oneness” more? Would we develop more compassion for one another? Would we fight less? Would wars start as easily? I believe it would make an enormous difference in the quality of our lives. If I know I’m a part of you – and you’re a part of me doesn’t my hurting you – actually hurt me? Yes it does.

So, what can each of us do to encourage more awareness of the reality of our oneness, in order to create a better world?

1. Go within – meditate – everyday. Make it a habit to detach from the outside world and focus your attention on the feeling of oneness. If you have trouble meditating and stopping the flow of thoughts read these simple instructions from my earlier post on how to meditate.

2. Realize that reality isn’t physical or outside of us – it’s created by the thinker within. We create our reality by the thoughts we think. And right now we, the human race is collectively dreaming our reality into being. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

3.  Recognize that the emotion of fear is what reinforces the perception of separation. When we perceive reality as threatening we develop an us versus them mentality which only strengthens the illusion of separateness. This is where you need to face the fears directly to get to their source. Once you alleviate the fears begin focusing on love. Love is the opposite of fear – and always the answer, and as John Lennon said: Love is all there is.

4. Find a quiet spot in nature and with eyes closed focus your attention on the sounds of nature. Listen to the birds chirping, the breezes moving the leaves and branches of trees, the rhythmic hum of cicadas and crickets. Say to yourself of nature, “Teach me.” Allow your higher self to connect to nature and feel the oneness.

5. After your morning meditation remain in a light altered state. Take a notebook and pen and with eyes closed allow your writing to “write itself” and come through you, not from you. Try not to allow your rational mind to influence the writing. Give yourself a directive to write about “oneness.” After you feel this energy wind down go back and read what you’ve written. You’ll probably be astounded by what came out.

What other ways do you know of to develop an awareness of our unity? Do you think fostering this awareness is important in our daily lives? How do you see awareness of “oneness” affecting your life?

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  1. Wow, how powerful metaphor of the computer program and consciousness! Over the years I heard different ideas for the understanding of consciousness, but this is new to me. I’m really impressed by your article Angela…

    As the tips, I like them, I would just like to have more time and opportunity to meditate in nature. :-/

    • Hi Marko,
      Yes, that metaphor was a real eye opener for me. I’m so glad I got to share it with you. I’m flattered that you’re impressed Marko! I’m glad you like the tips. I agree. I wish I had more time for walks and meditation in nature too!

  2. I love this post Angela! You’re very good at explaining difficult concepts in a clear, visual way.
    Every time I think that we’re all connected, the thought calms me down, and makes me feel kinder and more compassionate towards others.
    I love tip no. 4 “Find a quiet spot in nature and with eyes closed focus your attention on the sounds of nature” – every time I do this, I feel as if I just re-charged my batteries!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Cristina recently posted…Living Modern: The sourcebook of contemporary interiorsMy Profile

    • Hi Cristina,
      I’m so glad you liked the post! Thank you for the lovely compliment too.
      Nature is a the greatest anti-anxiety medicine there is!
      I’m always so happy to have you visit and comment.

  3. Hi Angela

    I like the fish metaphor and the idea of waking up and discovering that one are part of something – not separate. Somehow even the idea of connectedness brings me an inner peace that I don’t find anywhere else.

    Nice post. Thank you Angela
    Marion Anderson recently posted…Have you turned into a FrogMy Profile

    • Hi Marion,
      I’m glad you liked the fish metaphor.
      The idea of connected brings me inner peace too.
      I’m glad you liked the post.

  4. Angela, this is a beautiful post! It is true that the separation that we perceive between each other is illusory. We are part of the same psychological organism. Our perceived separation is the cause of our suffering. Your happiness is my happiness.
    Steven recently posted…PsychNews- Oct 17 – 23My Profile

    • Hi Steven, I love your response! My happiness is your happiness! We are truly one organism as you say.
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  5. Hi Farnoosh,
    Hmm, I think you need to start keeping a dream journal and do some analysis on your dreams.

    I love this lady’s eye make-up too!

    You’re so busy with all the early morning exercise classes – I don’t blame you for not meditating. There’s only so much we can do!
    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting Farnoosh. It’s good to see you again.

  6. Dear Angela, can I just say how badly I want to do my eye make-up like this gorgeous lady on the photo first? :)
    Oh Angela, this is one of my favorite topics – you know, I am such a happy person but I usually have awful dreams. I know I am going off-topic a bit but you talked about dreams at the beginning and I am just trying to understand it. My hubby thinks I am constantly stressed. I wake up remembering every detail and it’s always disturbing, anything from being robbed, kidnapped, things stolen, a child messing my stuff up, it’s rather embarrassing because I am a very happy person …. what can I do? And YES I fell off my meditation bandwagon again… Ok recommitting, I am. Lovely to read your stuff again and do keep it up please.
    Farnoosh recently posted…Blogworld Series- The Splendor of CommunityMy Profile

    • Hi, I replied below. I’m so tired lately, I’m a bit out of it.

  7. Angela,

    You have such talent at explaining the topic in a way that is both understood in the mind and felt in the heart. I love that you included time in nature as one of your pieces of advice. There are moments when I am in the forest and everything is so very complete and whole. I love those moments and I love this post. :)
    Clearly Composed recently posted… Success- 7 Questions and 14 AnswersMy Profile

    • Hi Emma,
      Thank you for the lovely compliment! I wish I had more time to spend in nature. Nature is a wonderful healer and is so restorative. I’m so glad you loved the post. Thank you for visiting.

  8. Angela,

    There really is an unseens energy that everyone produces. Have you ever noticed when different people walk into a room how their energy impacts others? There are people who brighten others up and energize the group, and there are others who actually bring everything down and decrease the energy level. It’s hard to stay radiating at a high level of energy, but I certainly love being around people with this natural spirit and frame of mind. Thanks for the suggestions to maintain this self-awareness!
    Joe Wilner recently posted…Get Real- Why Perfectionism Leads to FailureMy Profile

    • Hi Joe,
      Yes, I have noticed that. It’s pretty amazing to feel the different energies that each of us emits. I too love being around those people with this natural spirit and frame of mind.

  9. Angela,

    Thank you for sharing this message. It’s always good to have a reminder. (:

    One way I like to remind myself of oneness is to interact with “other” people in a loving way. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the other people’s actions; I can love them anyway. And in so doing, I reflect myself.

    • That’s beautiful Pace. Thank you for sharing that here. It’s a pleasure meeting you!

      • It’s a pleasure to meet you too! (:
        Pace Smith recently posted…On writingMy Profile

  10. “Just think of how different the world would be if we all tried to plug into that “oneness” more?” Oh how I would love to live in that state of oneness all the time. – I do find meditation to be a gateway allowing me into that state of oneness. Perhaps being there regularly enough will bridge the gaps between.

    I love your example of the computer screen and the appearance of being separate – it’s a great visual
    Aileen recently posted…The Ultimate Factor in Boosting ProductivityMy Profile

    • Hi Aileen,
      I would love to live in that world too! Meditation has so many applications and is the most powerful tool I know of for inner change. I think if we do meditate regularly it does help to foster that awareness of oneness.
      I’m glad you liked the example. It helped me to understand the concept too.

  11. Dear Angela,

    Thank you, your posts always bring me to look inward, where we are looking for solutions and answers outside. Meditating in quite time and listening to our inner voice has helped me many times, but I admit, I do not do it frankly enough as I should.

    I am inspired to follow these steps tonight and follow guide. Thank you for the reminder.
    Zengirl recently posted…Great Classic Books that Everyone should Read At least onceMy Profile

    • Hi Preeti,
      I’m so glad my posts bring you to look inward. I’m definitely a proponent of going within.
      I know it’s hard with your kids around to meditate. Some people meditate at night before going to bed, when the kids are in bed.

  12. Aloha Angela, I appreciate your sound post to bring comfort and deep thought of my surrounding. Viewing your post I feel the calmness, joy and helpful energy your words bring. I believe we all need that oneness time to find us, who we are, so when the time comes to give back to others, it will be from within. Glad I came by. Thanks for sharing!

    PS..come by and share a sweet comment. The benefits are sharing is caring. Mahalo! :)
    Lani Kee – Mind Mapping Techniques recently posted…Do Online Commentators Give Backlinks And PR SupportMy Profile

    • Hi Lani,
      So nice meeting you. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and found calmness, joy and helpful energy.
      I’m glad you see the importance of finding that feeling of oneness.
      I’m glad you came by too!

  13. Good stuff, Angela. I like your comparison to a computer program because I often think of my brain as a computer and files and all that, so I could easily see what you meant by that–good way to put it. Nobody is an island, as the saying goes. Also reminds me of the butterfly effect and chaos theory…and the film Happenstance (Le battement d’ailes du papillon)…it’s a good one, have you seen it? It’s funny but with a serious theme underlying things.

    Love what you say about “what would happen if we plug into that oneness more”…yup, I’m sure things would be different!
    Leah McClellan recently posted…Bullies Aren’t Born That Way–They’re MadeMy Profile

    • HI Leah,
      Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoyed the article and found the explanations clear. I’ve never seen the movie you refer to. I’ll have to check it out – after I move and am settled. Yeah, if we all plugged into our oneness the world would be a totally different place.

  14. You have some beautiful metaphors going on here, Angela. I especially enjoyed the fish in the ocean… Indeed there is sense of “coming up for air” when we glimpse the infinite extent of our relationships. We are all one part of the Universe and our mind is a logical working part of Universal Mind. All minds are localized versions of this One Mind and all minds mingle as one complete, whole field of consciousness.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post Rob and the metaphors.
      I love how you put that Rob, “all minds mingle as one complete, whole field of consciousness.”

  15. “To make it simpler for us regular folk to understand, scientists explain our reality as being like different programs all open at the same time on a computer.”

    This line is brilliant because it’s so clear!

    Hubs and I began studying A Course In Miracles 25 years ago. The goal of the course is inner peace. One of the first things it teaches is the world is an illusion we made up. I remember thinking how weird…but the people in the study group and the daily lessons allowed us to grow, handle our four teens and be relatively peaceful.

    I think unity was taught to me earlier as a child. We were Catholics and attended private schools. Eventually I dropped all of the ideas and beliefs that didn’t hold true for me. What did stick was the compassion we were taught to have for others. It’s in my DNA;) I think it’s impossible to have compassion without believing we’re connected…one!
    Tess The Bold Life recently posted…Momentum Gathering- Katie TalloMy Profile

    • Hi Tess,
      I’m glad you found the explanation so clear!
      I love TCIM! I have tried many times to read the book – but I could never get past the first hundred pages. It is amazing though.
      I think compassion is so important. It’s been proven that meditation increases compassionate. Yes, I agree how can we be compassionate unless we believe we’re connected.

      • Gee, Angela, this is a BIG subject! You did a nice job of presenting a bitsize (oops, I meant bite-size but bitsize fits your computer analogy better, doesn’t it — ha ha) chunk for us. Not easy!

        I want to briefly comment on ACIM because I am like you. I tried MANY times to read it and just couldn’t! But I did read Gary Renard’s “The Disappearance of the Universe” recently. FASCINATING. (It’s about ACIM.) I’d be curious to know what Tess thinks about it since she’s familiar with the original texts.

        As for the main topic, don’t get me going. :-)

        Thank you!
        Patti Foy recently posted…2 Easy-to-Spot “Signs” for Answers and GuidanceMy Profile

        • Hi Patti,
          I’ve read other authors books based on ACIM and loved them. I just don’t have the patience to go through 1000 pages of the original text. Have you read the biography of the woman who wrote ACIM? That’s fascinating! Hmm, I’ll have to look into Gary Renard’s book. Thanks Patti!

  16. Great post Angela! I have trouble finding time to meditate in the morning with kids to get off to school and my own job. But I’ve joined a meditation group that meets every other week. It has really great energy and I’m hoping it will inspire me to do more meditation on my own!

    • Hi Betsy,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Your meditation class sounds good! I can never resist recommending meditation. The benefits are amazing.



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