5 Exercises to Tap Into Your Intuitive Genius

Listening to intuition often brings us answers and solutions to problems that we’ve been grappling with for a while.

Albert Einstein addressed this when he said: No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

What he meant was that you have to enter a more creative and relaxed state of mind to solve the problem. If you’re tense and your fearful thoughts repeat in a loop over and over about the situation you’ll never get the answer. You need to release your brain from the vicious cycle of worry to come up with a new an innovative solution.

Hosts of studies on creative problem solving advise generating many new thoughts by either brainstorming, or mind-mapping the problem as a means to derive solutions. The next thing most advise is to sleep on it, or relax and step away from the problem for a while. Both of these suggestions also foster intuition – which is another mode of creativity. So, what creativity experts are really advocating is that you develop your intuitive faculties.

When you get clear and think about this, it’s problems that slow down our progress, so wouldn’t it be nice if you could just ask for an answer to a problem and get it – without spending days, or weeks, or months worrying and reviewing the problem over and over? We seem to think that the harder something is to accomplish the more valuable it is, but that’s justy our cultural bias. Let’s be honest – wouldn’t it be nice for things to be easy?

How would you like to be in a state of flow where things go your way more often in your life? That’s what intuition is offers. It doesn’t mean we never have problems to deal with, because we always will. Intuition puts us in touch with something much greater than the 3 pounds of gray matter in our skulls to solve problems at the genius level.

To think like a genius and make problem solving easier try stimulating your intuition with these 5 mind exercises:

1. Sit in a quiet place and use whatever method you like to relax. If you’re interested in meditation, which develops the intuition like nothing else, read my post on a simple method of meditation here. With eyes closed and feeling relaxed state the problem mentally; try to be as concise as possible. Tell yourself you’re going to count backwards from 10 to 1. Visually see each number as you count. On the count of one you’ll receive the solution to your problem. On each count affirm that the answer is now being formulated and moving closer to the surface of your awareness.

2. Again sit in a quiet place and use whatever method you like to relax and then mentally state the problem as concisely as possible. Visualize that you’re walking down a beautiful country lane in the Fall. The leaves are turning and you hear them crunch and rustle as you walk toward your destination. In the distance you see lovely public building. As you get closer you see that it’s a library. You walk through the door and see row after row of books. Something pulls you toward a specific book on a shelf in the room. You walk to it and take it off the shelf and open it. On the page is written the answer to your problem.

3. Again sit in a quiet place, relax and mentally state the problem. Visualize yourself floating in a hot air balloon up in the sky. You’re watching the beautiful scenery below. There’s a quaint town with lots of houses and a village center with lots of activity, stores and people. Slowly the balloon starts to descend. It brings you to large green lawn of beautiful well maintained home. You walk through the front door and into a beautiful foyer. You take the stairway to the second floor where you enter a bedroom. In the bedroom you see an armoire. You open the doors – it appears to be empty except something catches your attention way in the back on the bottom shelf. You bend down to pull it out. It is just the thing/tool/symbol you need to solve your problem.

4. Sit in a quiet place and relax and close your eyes. Mentally state the problem. Visualize yourself walking in through a beautiful sunlit wooded area. You follow a path and walk up a hill. When you get to the top you see a shimmering lake surrounded by hills. You walk down the path toward the lake. As you get closer you see there are some large flat stones you can walk on out into the water. You hop from stone to stone until you get to the last one which is out in the middle of the lake. You lay down across on your stomach and look down at the water. The water begins to cloud and then a scene emerges that holds the answer to your problem.

5. Get quiet and relax with your eyes closed. Give yourself a directive that you’re going to be shown the answer to your problem within 5 days. Tell yourself the answer will either appear in a dream, or in something you read, or hear. It can also be a symbol that you interpret. Reaffirm this each night before you go to bed and upon arising. Keep a notebook on your bedside table to write down your dreams, and with you at all times to jot down any ideas you get. You’ll be amazed to see that you do get the answer within 5 days.

You don’t have to do all 5 exercises to get the answers. I’d pick one or two that “feel” right for you and the problem you have in mind. I use the counting backwards from 10 to 1 a lot, especially for yes or no answers. I also ask for answers in my dreams – and get them frequently. I also like the one where you open a book and see a word or sentence. The more you practice the better you’ll become at tapping into you own inner genius.

Do you believe, as I do, that we are much more than our physical bodies and brains? Have you ever tapped into the Universal Mind, or genius mind for answers before? What happened?

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  1. Very well written article Angela! I follow the 5th exercise and it always works for me :)

    • Hi Leon,
      I’m glad you found the article worthwhile!
      Thank you for visiting.

  2. There’s defintely a quiet place going on here Angela! Not so easy for those in mad metropolis mayhem but worth attempting. I have used intuition a lot and simply try to open up a dialogue with myself and learn to read what the answers are for a while until I truly register what the intuitive response is. Quite right to find a quieter zone to do that which can be in your car at the car park for 5 mins or in the bath or on a break at work in an unused office. Ask and you shall recieve a famous book once said. So Amen to that and your super post!
    John Sherry recently posted…If You Want To Be Happy Be Thoughtless and CarelessMy Profile

    • John,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  3. I think once, you place yourself in a position where you can sit down and relax. You can organize your thoughts and at the same time free your mind.

    • Hi Jonathan,
      You’re right – relaxation is key.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  4. Loved this one Angela and I totally agree with you that we can tap into our genius. I think it is important to realize we have this ability and then have a method that we can continually rely onto tap into our genius. I thought this list you shared was amazingly helpful and had a lot of good techniques to try. It is so true that the answers will always come as long as we are looking and open ourselves up to really listening. Thanks again for all the great tips.
    Sibyl – alternaview recently posted…What to do When “Everything Happens For A Reason” Isn’t Really ComfortingMy Profile

    • Hi Sibyl,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. We most certainly can tap into our intuitive genius! To be a genius – you have to think like one!
      I’m glad you’re going to try these techniques. I’ve developed them over the years through a lot of trial and error.
      Yes, I do agree with you Sibyl – the answers will come as we’re open and looking and listening.
      Thanks so much for coming by and commenting. If you try the techniques please come back and share your experience.

  5. Hi Angela,
    Great post!! I did exercise #5 and had the most amazing dream. First of all, I’m getting ready to launch a new book. I’m wondering how it will do all the time. So I had a dream that I was pregnant and at the hospital and the baby had not come. Outside, it was a bad neighborhood where people were shooting other people. Inside was just a wonderful place to have a baby. I woke up before I had the baby. I decided that the baby represented the book. Writing it is the “wonderful place” (the hospital) but the outside world where people were shooting other people represents my worry over how the book will be received. I woke up feeling good about everything though and totally amazed at the dream.

    • HI Betsy,
      I’m so glad you came back to tell me all about your experience. Yes, isn’t it amazing how a little “programming” works?
      You’re dream is awesome. So full of marvelous symbolism. I think you’ve analyzed perfectly too.
      I’m glad you woke up feeling good about everything – and totally amazed at the dream! Keep on asking for dreams and you’ll get them. It’s so awesome & and I’m so happy for you – that’s what I want everyone to know. How great we really are when we put our intuition to practical use!
      Thanks so much for this great report on your dream Betsy!

  6. These are great, Angela. I’ve never had a planned sort of exercise as you describe for getting intuitive answers to questions; they just seem to come to me. But that’s because I usually have plenty of time for meditation or awareness and being open etc, and I’ve always spent a lot of time alone walking and so on…so stuff comes to me.

    But lately I’ve had a couple complicated dilemmas, and solutions aren’t coming easily. Or maybe they have but I don’t like the solutions lol In any case, I think it’s time to make a conscious decision to actively find the answer, and I think I’ll try one of these. Why not? I’ll let you know how it works out :)
    Leah McClellan recently posted…Bullies Aren’t Born That Way–They’re MadeMy Profile

    • Hi Leah,
      I’m like you. When I’m calm and I have the time answers come spontaneously. When I don’t and am stressed – like NOW, with my move, I need to make a conscious decision to actively find the answser, as you say. Yes, please let me know how they work for you. I’ll very interested to hear.

  7. Such great advice!

    I teach journal writing and we do a week on dreams- actually we work on them all 4 weeks (at home) and share and try to analyze the dreams on the last week. We give the directive that we will remember our dreams upon waking. I like the idea of solving problems, too!

    I usually do a meditation like the sunny wooded scene, but having formerly worked in a library, I like the exercise about finding the right book- I’ve had that happen in reality.
    Carolee Sperry recently posted…Make your blog an easy readMy Profile

    • Hi Carolee,
      I’m a huge journaler! I still have all my notebooks back to when I was about 10 years old. I love that you teach journal writing. Getting everything out on paper is helpful for clearing your mind. Just tell yourself to have a dream to give you the answer to a problem – it works!
      I’m so glad you liked the exercise to find an answer in the book at the library!
      Let me know how using these exercises works for you.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Carolee.

  8. Everything in this post is spot on. There are many more answers found in the silence than from banging your head on the wall trying to get them in the same way that has never worked for you before! I have had great success with guided visualizations in the past and will be trying the ones you mention here. Thanks for another tool for my toolbox. :)
    Clearly Composed recently posted… Nutrition Spotlight- SoupMy Profile

    • Hi Emma,
      I’m so glad you found the post “spot-on.” Yes, we need to get out of the melt-down mode to find the answers, for sure!
      I love guided visualizations too! They never cease to amaze me! I’m glad you’re going to try them. Let me know how they work, okay? It’s my pleasure to add a tool to your tool box Emma!

  9. Hey Angela, I came by after visiting Joy’s blog. I like Albert Einstein’s quote too and find it to be really true. It’s hard to come up with a creative solution when we are hot and bothered. Meditation or relaxation techniques are very helpful for problem solving. Thumbs up to your post!

    • Hi Evelyn,
      What a pleasure it is to “meet” you! I’m glad you enjoyed the post and Einstein’s quote.
      Absolutely, we won’t get answer until we learn to calm our minds down – for sure!
      Thanks so much for the “thumbs-up!” It’s a pleasure having you stop by and add to the conversation here.

  10. These are great meditative experiences. When I ask for a solution, I also remebmer something Helen Hadsell said. She said there is no such thing as failures there are only delays. So if we don’t get the answer immediately, know it will come. Just don’t give up.

    • Rosemarie,
      Oooh, I love that! I will remember that from now on. Thank you so much for stopping buy and commenting.
      I hope all is well with you?

    • Hi Preeti,
      I’m sure you value your peace and quiet time 10x more than you did before you had kids!
      I’m so glad you found the article helpful. If you ever use any of these visualizations let me know how they work for you.

  11. Hi Angela,
    These are fantastic visualizations for tapping into one’s intuition. I used to do something similar where I saw myself walking into a room, sitting in a chair, and then my guide or higher self would sit down in the chair opposite me. I’d ask “What do I need to know?” And then he/she would tell me. I’ve also done some “automatic” writing (for lack of a better term), where I ask the same questions, “What do I need to know?” Then I just start writing whatever comes to mind without thinking about it. When I go back and read it, it’s amazing! Thank you for this wonderfully useful post.

    • Hi Barrie,
      So nice to have you visit here!
      Meeting with your higher self, or guides is another terrific way to access answers!
      Automatic writing is very powerful for getting answers. I know what you mean about it being amazing when you go back and read it too. I’m so glad you found the post useful. It’s a pleasure having you visit and comment.

  12. Great post Angela! I’m going to try that in a dream tonight! Ever since I’ve followed your advice and kept my eyes shut before waking up completely, I’ve been really remembering my dreams. Had the strangest one last night about my mother in law!

    • Hi Betsy,
      I’m so glad! Aren’t dreams fantastic? I had one I’m struggling to remember from this morning – my cat jumped up on me and start licking me which sort of knocked back down to where I was trying to remember it from. I think it was really relevant though. I hate when that happens!

  13. Angela,

    This post is book worthy. I think each one is amazing and the quote is one of my favorites. I think that’s why so many families are in conflict at times. They keep doing the same thing over and over. With your five steps families could become peaceful and communicate on a different level. Of course this is true for everyone I just happen to think of families because as a therapist I’ve seem so much conflict over small issues.
    Tess The Bold Life recently posted…Fabulous Female Bloggers that Are Changing the WorldMy Profile

    • Tess,
      What a lovely complement. Thank you!
      I’d never thought of using these techniques for dealing with family issues. Brilliant idea!

  14. Hi Angela
    It’s almost as though intuition is educated out of us.
    And yet we’ve all had that euraka moment when something pops into your head and you wonder where it’s come from.

    Perhaps your five exercises will give us all more of those eureka moments.
    Keith Davis recently posted…Facts tell… emotions sellMy Profile

    • Hi Keith,
      You’re absolutely right about intuition being “educated out of us.” That’s why I wish our public schools taught kids to meditate. Meditation fosters intuition like nothing else does. When you go within and get quiet, ironically that’s when you “hear” whatever it is you need to know, or learn.
      I’d love to know if you try the exercises Keith. Let me know what your results are.
      Thanks so much for coming by and commenting.

  15. Yes, Angela… I am a big believer in Universal Mind. All minds mingle! Your mind is mingling with Albert Einstein’s mind right now. Any problem can be solved when we learn how to access universal mind. That elevation on consciousness that Einstein spoke of requires being in the “mood of the solution” rather than the “mood of the problem.” When we elevate our consciousness to the “mood of the solution” we can access the infinite intelligence that is readily available.

    • Hi Rob,
      I love that my mind is mingling with Albert Einstein’s right now!

  16. Hi Angela,
    I like your exercises..and your encouragement to All to Listen…the answers are always within when I am quiet enough to allow for them…
    In my life, I walk or run by the water’s edge..or I take to the hiking trails..I look to the sky, listen to the trees, absorb from the water..I turn off my mind and allow my senses to experience, and the Answer is always there..
    I also know if I am “struggling” to find the Answer it is usually because I Know it, but don’t necessarily ‘like’ it..
    Joy recently posted…Wednesday Wisdom- Luxurious…My Profile

    • Hi Joy,
      I’m glad you like the exercises. You’re right all of our answers are already within – we just need to uncover them. I love how you said: “I turn off my mind and allow my senses to experience, and the Answer is always there.” Simple and beautiful Joy!
      Another gem too: “I also know if I’m struggling to find the Answer it is usually because I know it, but don’t necessarily like it.”
      Wow, such great wisdom you’ve shared with us here. Thank you!

  17. Oh, Angela, what fun and unique exercises! I love them, and will try them out when I need a little extra steam. It seems certain ones might match certain circumstances better than others, and they all have something a little different to offer.

    I also thought you said a mouthful in your first few paragraphs. And it’s so true — sometimes intuition is such an easy way to get an answer that it’s almost hard to believe it could even be right. I hadn’t thought about it before but I bet a lot of people fail to recognize their intuition exactly for that reason. Oh, we are trained to trust in struggle, aren’t we?

    Thanks a bunch! I’m looking forward to playing with these.

    • Hi Patti,
      I’m so glad you find the exercises to be fun! You’re so right – each one is different and can be applied to different situations. I like the counting backwards for yes and no answers. Opening the book – gives immediate insight into the problem. Finding the hidden item in the armoire is usually symbolic and requires interpretation. Seeing the scene in the water is normally a directive for what to do next. And, the last one shows you how to solve the problem.

      I’m glad you caught that. We are so indoctrinated toward struggle in our culture. It’s like a badge of honor. I think that’s why a lot of people don’t hear their intuition – they don’t believe that they already have all the answers inside. It’s too easy!

  18. Angela, I love these 5 different exercises. Like you suggested, I won’t try all five right away. Walking mediation seems to give me great insights, but I like trying new ways. You’ve inspired my journey of finding and understanding my intuition and it’s getting clearer.

    I’m going to start with the first one, counting backwards.
    Aileen recently posted…Sometimes Life Gives Us Second ChancesMy Profile

    • Hi Aileen,
      I’m glad you like the exercises! Yes, try them at your leisure. Walking is a great way to relax and get the ideas flowing.
      I’m so glad you’re on a journey to understand your intuition.
      Let me know what kind of results you get! Thank you so much Aileen.

  19. Angela,

    brilliant exercises. What I wanted to add is that it isn’t really necessary to be relaxed. Just yesterday I was doing my daily work out, I was running for about 25 minutes by that moment and was probably mostly concentrated on moving my legs and exhausted, when suddenly I’ve a great idea about my business. :) It’s funny to see how that was scribbled into a notepad by exhausted guy :)

    My point is that you don’t really need to be relaxed, you just need to make sure your brain is free from hard thinking and there are no bothering thoughts. That’s why some great ideas come in shower or while cooking, walking, etc.. :)

    Thanks for the exercises.
    Slava recently posted…Learn blogging by being a copy machineMy Profile

    • Hi Slava,
      I’m glad you like the exercises!
      Thank you so much for bringing up this excellent point. I should have made that clearer in the article~! You’re absolutely right; you can be physically active and get answers as well. It’s doing something different and taking you’re focus off the problem that allows the mind to scour and search through your brain’s data bank and beyond – to pull in the answer. I often get answers when I take a walk or am in the shower! Answers come when you stop over-thinking and forcing the brain to go over the problem again, and again. Thank you so much for adding such insight to the conversation here Slava.

  20. Thanks for sharing these exercises Angela! I feel drawn to the library visualization, the count-down one, and the dream ones. I’ll sure give them a try.
    Cristina recently posted…Design Basics Series- ProportionMy Profile

    • Hi Cristina,
      I’m glad you feel drawn to a few of them. I use all of them at different times for different problems. When I wasn’t sure if selling my house was the right thing – I opened the book in the library and the word I got was, “freedom.” I also looked in the armoire and saw an “egg-beater.” I interpreted that to mean I felt – “beaten and whipped” by trying to keep up with the maintenance of this house.
      Try them and let me know how you make out~! If you need help interpreting any symbols – I’d be happy to help.

  21. Very good advice from a very smart man. I agree. To solve the problem at hand requires shutting out the day’s noise and distractions. The guide you provided here Angela gives specific strategies for getting this done.



    • Hi Alex,
      Yes, who could argue with Einstein? Not me!
      Exactly, there are other ways of getting in touch with your intuitive genius such as doing something completely different and letting go of the problem for a while. It’s sort of like when you’re trying to remember something and it won’t come to you – if you say, “it’ll come back to me later,” it usually does.
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting Alex.

      • Einstein created his own technique by riding alongside a bolt of lightening. It helped him develop his theory of relativity.

        You’re exercises also remind of one of Carl Jung’s dreams where he is roaming through an old house with many floors. As he goes down further and further into the basement he discovers new artifacts from his “collective unconscious.” He believed these represented the archetypes of human history.

        I have another technique of my own where I imagine myself gardening in the middle of this huge meadow. The state of the garden/flowers/plants reveals to me the state of my mental health. It’s a practice that builds intuition, and it can give you some insights that you may be hiding from yourself.

        On top of all these, I REALLY like your exercises too. The one with the ponds and the stepping stones sounds the most interesting. I am going to try it out later today (I will try to remember to report back!)

        Thanks for the great read. Looking forward to reading more soon!
        Steven recently posted…PsychNews- Oct 3 – 9My Profile

        • Hi Steven,
          I never knew that about Einstein. How fascinating. Thank you for sharing that here. I like your exercise with the meadow and the flowers too. It sounds like a marvelous gauge to see how we’re feeling on the inside.
          I’m glad you like my exercises. I love the one with the pond – it’s like scrying only in the mind!
          Please let me know how you do with the exercises! Thanks so much for visiting and adding to the conversation here Steven.



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