How to Walk Through Walls

“Angela, would you come in here, please?” I heard my boss calling from her office.

“Uh, sure, be right in,” I replied hesitantly.

My boss wanted me in her office, but the problem was that her office was located in-between the walls, and there was no door!

I must be dreaming, I thought. How am I supposed to get in there? On some level, I was aware that I was asleep and dreaming.

I heard her call me again, so I had no choice but to “enter” her office. I focused my eyes straight ahead and walked steadily up to the wall, all the while wondering if I’d really be able to pass through it and – promptly smashed my face into it.

Ow! That’s not working, I thought rubbing my sore nose.

Then I realized, as I’d walked toward the wall I’d been skeptical about whether I could really walk through it.

I took a few steps back and then began walking toward the wall again. This time I heard myself thinking, I want to do this. I can walk through that wall!

The next thing I knew I was aware that my body had penetrated the wall. It was a strange spongy sensation something like walking through jello. I got my head through then pulled the rest of me through, and I was in. Her office was spacious and luxuriously furnished. Sun drenched the room through huge windows lining the walls – not what I was expecting to find in 4 inches of empty space between two sheets of dry wall.

I was curious as to what dimension we were in? The astral plane, the etheric dimension? But, all she wanted to do was talk business. She acted very matter-of-fact about it too, as if offices located in-between walls were as common as finding staplers on desks.

I woke up soon after this, and couldn’t get the dream out of my mind.

An interesting post I read by friend and fellow blogger, Scott Dinsmore (, came to mind.  Scott’s article titled, “The Beginner’s Guide to Being Congruent,” is about how we easily achieve our goals when our emotions and beliefs are aligned with our intentions.

I realized my dream wasn’t about the physicality of walking through the wall, but about dealing with inner conflict when we’re trying to accomplish something. To achieve  our goals our desires, intentions, emotions and beliefs must all be aligned – or what Scott refers to as “congruent” in his terrific article.

To illustrate this, think of something you’re trying to achieve and read the terms and their meanings below.

Desire – wish, want, a longing, yearning, craving, need, aspiration. You have to really, really want this.

Intention – meaning, purpose, aim, intent, goal, target, objective. It has to give your life meaning and captivate your soul.

Emotions – feeling, sentiment, sensation, passion. You have to feel good about doing whatever it is you’re doing.

Beliefs – attitude, viewpoint, idea, thinking, way of life, values. You have to truly believe it’s possible for you to achieve.

Can you see how important it is for all four to work together instead of against one another? Think of a table with four legs – if one is missing the table top will rock unsteadily. It’s the same with us when we decide to accomplish something. Inner conflict will cause us to be unsteady and waiver – thwarting our efforts to achieve the goal.

As all of this flashed through my mind – I realized that my dream had answered a question I’d been been repeatedly asking myself lately: Why wasn’t my house selling?

It occurred to me that I’d been vacillating on my decision to sell my home. One minute my desire was to stay and then next to sell. Consequently, nothing seemed to be happening. My going back and forth on what I wanted was canceling out my intention to sell. I realized I’d have to become very clear and steady about what I want. Only then would there be any progress.

The other key part of my dream was questioning my boss about what dimension her office existed in. I understood this to mean that when we decide to do something, with no underlying emotional conflicts or doubts about it, we’ve actually entered another dimension. In this dimension resides the Truth that all possibilities already do exist, and that we are the creators of our reality. Once our consciousness is harmonized, and we’ve internalize this truth – the goal cannot help but manifest in our lives.  The more we understand this, and allow our consciousness to reside in this other dimension, the faster things will manifest in our lives too.

In my dream, I wasn’t able to penetrate the wall until I truly desired and I believed I could, in other words, when my emotions and desires matched my intention and beliefs. It’s the same with anything else we undertake in our lives. No matter what you want to accomplish if your desires, emotions and intentions and beliefs aren’t in alignment – no amount of trying is going to make it happen. Just like my dream, you’ll smash into the wall until all these elements are harmonized within you – and then, and only then, will you find you that you can walk through walls!

By the way, as soon as I had a good long talk with myself and re-aligned my desires with my intentions about selling my home – I got an offer!

What walls have you been able to walk through once your emotions, desires, intentions and beliefs were in alignment?

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  1. For what it’s worth, I’m in a bit of a predicament as I’m expected to learn telekinesis, walk through walls, etc.. on a regular basis and I have no clue where to start. It gets even stranger if I had to explain who expects this of me lol. Practice huh? I do practice very often on the other side and spoon bending was like laffy taffy so I can understand how a wall would be like jello :) But I don’t know if I found any answers today or possibly left a few. intent is key but seldom seems to manifest results on its own. Peace+Love

    • Hi Calvin,
      Thank you for your very interesting comment. I’m not sure what to tell you though?
      In my dream, I was aware that I was dreaming, and I walked through the wall by realizing that I needed to accept and believe I could.
      Are trying to walk through walls during astral travel? Or, are you practicing lucid dreaming? Remote viewing?
      Yes, intent is key, but also relaxing about it and not trying to so hard is key too.
      Perhaps you’re getting to tense over it? Just be gentle with yourself and continue to practice – it’ll happen.
      I’ve enjoyed chatting with you. Let me know how you make out, okay?

      • Thank you for the response and kind words. I’m not really sure what exactly it is I’m looking for. But, I’ve been getting constant dreams of telekinesis, other people walking through walls, etc… they (military, drifters, etc..) keep saying I better learn. I think now we are getting to a point were other realities are starting to merge with this world and/or some of us are starting to experience an enhanced perception that will eventually become an everyday truth of life. I guess it’s true what they say, just ride the wave! Peace+Love

        • Hi Calvin,
          Interesting. Do you think it might be symbolic? As in overcoming the obstacles in your life?

          • Unfortunately no, I think everything is presented in a very literal sense of reaching our full potential in all aspects of our lives. I don’t believe the message is for me alone but for anyone willing to accept a place in the infinite.

          • Thanks so much for commenting Cal. I think you’re right. We’re all here in this physical plane of existence temporarily to learn and grow through dealing with problems and challenges. Finding the creative means to solve problems and get answers is part of our growth.

  2. Congrats on your offer on the house! We took ours off the market for a little while. I always enjoy your dream posts. I’m working on keeping my eyes closed when I wake up and remember.

    I mentioned you in my post today…

    • Hi Betsy!
      Thank you!
      I’m glad you liked my dream post.
      Definitely keep your eyes closed and don’t move either, and you’ll remember more dreams.
      I saw you it was your Blogiversary – congratulations!!

  3. Thanks for this, Angela. This is a great reminder. I get stuck. Alignment is he answer. Hard to do, isn’t it, becasue of all the bad stuff that gets in the way. But like you, I believe that postive energy is the answer. And that can’t happen without alignment.

    • Hi Roe,
      I’m glad you liked the post. It’s so true we have to be in alignment in order to make things happen. Yes, we need more positive energy – that is the answer.
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  4. Hi Angela,
    Wow..thank you..this is so affirming to the current stage I’m in..thank you! I *know* how to walk through walls, yet this whole week I’ve been wondering what is my resistance, why am I unable to carry my entire body through in this instance.. You helped me to See the missing link: I’m not fully behind my steps 100% because my heart is not in it yet…And that is key for thank you! This time I’m unable to walk through the wall because I don’t really want to..and that is awe-some to know so I may adjust accordingly:)
    Joy recently posted…Wednesday Wisdom- Sharing Treasures…My Profile

    • Joy,
      I’m so happy that this was so helpful to you!
      You have no idea how good that makes me feel.
      Just helping one person break through something – is reward enough!
      Thanks so much for visiting and sharing.
      I hope to hear you broke through that wall next!

  5. Angela:
    Wow…great post and great insights. I think you really explained the need for harmony and congruence with your desires, intentions, emotions and beliefs so well and made everything so clear. I think it is easy to lose sight of the need for this consistency and congruency and so we have to really find a way to keep it top of mind when we are trying to accomplish anything. Your dream about walking through the wall and also the real world example of selling your house were both great examples and pointers to the truth that just makes so sense. Thanks for sharing your insights. I thought this was a really, really great post.

    • Hi Sibyl,
      It’s such a pleasure having you visit here!
      I’m glad you found the post so meaningful too.
      I know it really helped me put what had been happening with my house into perspective.
      Thank you so much for such a lovely compliment too!
      I really appreciate it.
      And, thanks for adding to the conversation here too Sibyl.

  6. I love this line, Angela, “No matter what you want to accomplish if your desires, emotions and intentions and beliefs aren’t in alignment – no amount of trying is going to make it happen.” There is such truth to this. Thank you for sharing your dream and your lovely spirit with us.
    Katie recently posted…A Simple Guide to Living Life with Wild AbandonMy Profile

    • Hi Katie,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. It’s my pleasure to share my dreams with all of you!
      Yes, this was a particularly meaningful dream.
      If we’re in inner turmoil the outer world will reflect it right back to us.
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  7. Hi Angela,

    When we were buying our house we were pretty clear about our intentions. In fact, we got everything we wanted… including a view. Although the “view” is of the apartment building behind us… not exactly what I had in mind! I remembered this after reading what you wrote about selling your house.

    You know, I started thinking about a couple of things actually. While my view could have been a mountain view had I been more specific, is it a good idea to be super specific when setting intentions? I really like what you wrote about being “able to walk through once your emotions, desires, intentions and beliefs were in alignment”.

    When those elements are in alignment the universe will provide… although it may not be delivered in the exact way we expected. Make sense?

    I love your story about the dream… especially getting your head through and then pulling the rest of your body through! lol!
    Thanks for a great post.

    Theresa Bradley-Banta recently posted…Sorry… What Was Your Name AgainMy Profile

    • Hi Theresa,
      It’s a pleasure to meet you!
      I’m laughing as I read your comment about the “view” you got! Yes, we do have to be pretty specific with the Universe. I caught my self saying recently, when am I going to get a break! Then I it occurred to me I might be setting myself up for a broken bone, or something and I quickly clarified the statement.
      Yes, you make a good point – we can never know exactly what we’re going to get from the Universe. Sometimes, it’s exactly what we were hoping and working for, and other times something a bit different!
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting here.
      It’s been a pleasure chatting with you!

  8. Desire, Intention, Emotions, Beliefs.

    I dig the simplicity of it and yet how entwined they all are. Those four words are a great focus for when examining what’s working for you and what’s not in terms of getting what you want. I love that you use dreams to tune into knowledge to be used on this plane. Excellent post. I will be working with those words. :)
    Clearly Composed recently posted… Nutrition Spotlight- JuicesMy Profile

    • Hi Emma,
      I’m glad you liked the article and found it helpful.
      Those four words really do create a stable base to build your dreams upon, don’t they?
      I’ve always had information given to me in my dreams.
      It’s why I started recording my dreams when I was a teenager.
      Thank you so much for visiting here and commenting Emma.

  9. Love your title- so catchy!

    I once had an out of body experience and I was trying to stand up but my legs were like rubber- I kept grabbing for the counter top to pull myself up but kept “falling”.

    I finally told myself to wake up and did!
    Carolee recently posted…AccountabilityMy Profile

    • Hi Carolee,
      Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
      I do think the dream was an out of body dream.
      I did feel as if I had walked through something – whether it was a wall or not, I’m not sure.
      So, you were astral projecting and lucid – wow! That’s quite an accomplishment.
      If you have any more interesting astral projections please do come back and share them here.
      Thanks again for commenting.

  10. Congratulations on getting an offer on your house!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is such brilliant words of advice, I’ve printed it out.

    I know this won’t sound odd to you so I’ll tell you. Moments ago I needed a mid-day mediation because of career/life/etc… and although things were moving just swimmingly for me for several months I’ve been in stiff mud for the last several weeks with stagnation. In my mediation I asked universe, “if you were to send me an email, would I get your message?” …clearly feeling disconnected……I clicked on the link to this post from my email 20 minutes later and read this post of yours. & I’m now keenly aware of the mis-alignment of Desire, Intention, Emotions, Beliefs.

    Thank you universe through the words of Angela.
    Aileen recently posted…The Leg­endary John Wooden Series- IntentnessMy Profile

    • Oh my God Aileen,
      Isn’t it amazing how the Universe does point us in the right direction when we ask for guidance?
      I’m so glad the post helped!
      And, it doesn’t sound odd at all!
      There are many times I open a book and read about exactly the thing I need advice on!
      And, thanks for the congratulations too.
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

    • Hi Marion,
      I’ve been recording my dreams since I was a teenager.
      I always got so much information and intuitive guidance
      from them, that even then I found them important.
      I wrote a post about how to remember your dreams. I’ll attach the link here: Want Intuitive Guidance? Start Remembering Your Dreams.
      It’s become such a habit that if a few days go by and I don’t remember my dreams I actually get upset!
      Let me know how you make out!
      Thanks so much for commenting Marion.

  11. Hi Angela,
    Its no coincidence that once you had all parts of your mind aligned you received an offer on your home. A great example of the awesome creative power of the mind. Most people don’t get what they want out of life because they are lazy… it takes a sincere effort to get our desire, intention, emotion & beliefs aligned.
    rob white recently posted…Creating Money Matters – Not Reacting to ThemMy Profile

    • Hi Rob,
      Yes, it’s pretty amazing how things work if you follow the right steps!
      It’s easy to “fall off the wagon” though. We get lazy and go back to our old habits easily.
      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  12. Angela,

    Congratulations on getting an offer for your home. I can imagine inner struggles and dreams you described. Sometimes, I am get dreams about going back in school and taking exams and it has been always about inner struggles in my current life. Thanks for sharing.
    Preeti recently posted…Enlightment- An Awareness and UnderstandingMy Profile

    • Hi Preeti,
      Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the article!
      It’s definitely not easy to align our desires, emotions, intentions and beliefs.
      It takes focus and dedication for sure.
      So glad you stopped by!

  13. When you have a dream you separate yourself from the masses. We all have dreams is just about following through and working your inner magic.

    Actions , affirmations, visualization and gratitude. When you do this, you’ll reach your dream in no time.

    • Hi Jonathan,
      Thanks for visiting here!
      I appreciate your comment.
      Yes, I agree: Actions, affirmations, visualization & gratitude are also key for manifesting!
      Thank you so much for adding that information here.

  14. The first time I walked through a wall in a dream felt like jello to me as well. :)

    • Jonathan,
      Were you astral projecting? lol!
      Thanks for visiting here Jon – It’s a pleasure to having you here!

  15. Very good story – and the dialogue drew me in, Angela – I love a good story – and what I love more is dreams and even more, interpretations of dream! Of course you tied it beautifully to reality as you always do. To align our emotions to our goals and our dreams. It really is common sense but to me sometimes it’s so intangible and because it’s so invisible (all of these abstract concepts), sometimes I find me on auto-pilot doing something that is NOT aligned to my emotional state. Awareness is a great thing and you do that very well in this post!! Thank you!
    Farnoosh recently posted…A Movie Contest- Why do You Love your Favorite FilmMy Profile

    • Hi Farnoosh,
      Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and got something out of it.
      Yes, even though we already know the things I mentioned in my post – we all need a reminder once in a while. It’s too easy to slip back into our old ways of thinking.
      My dream – actually another aspect of my intuitive wisdom – was trying to warn me that I was sabotaging my goal!
      Thanks so much for adding to the conversation here!

  16. Excellent article and great insight into your dreams. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dear Caileagh,
      Thank you so much for visiting my blog.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the article.
      It’s pleasure to share with you.
      I look forward to seeing you here again.



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